Genocide Online

Chapter 163 – The start of the second event – part two


Just as I reached the plaza of the Beginners’ City, a screen appeared on the skies above, projecting the image of the head developer that had announced the last event, “Hey everyone, it’s me! You remember me, right?!” The developer said.

“Boss, please take this seriously…” Someone that wasn’t visible on the screen said.

“Alright, alright! Been a while since the last event, right? Some players even made an unofficial event of their own while waiting for this!” The ‘boss’ said.

“Please explain the event to them already…” Someone behind the screen also said. Seems like their boss is as carefree as usual.

“Anyways, your menu should now have a button related to the event in it. Please click it.” The ‘boss’ told us. I clicked the button as he instructed and saw a menu to choose the country I’ll fight for. I chose the ‘Emergent Wallace Kingdom’, of course… It was nice to see it there, as well as the ‘Lord: Eren Wallace’ part, which showed who was the leader of the country.

After a small while passed, everyone seemed to have chosen their country, so the head developer said, “I want you all to remember that your Karma won’t affect who will be your partner in this event, so be ready for anything! Now let’s get this event started!”

And then, the screen went white.


<Your partner will be decided in 20s>

In the white space, this system message appeared, together with a menu that told me some extra information about the event. It seems that as soon as the partners are decided, everyone will be teleported to the capital of the country they chose to fight for.

And the number of players that chose the Wallace Kingdom is… Pretty small. It’s only in the double digits, but that much is fine.

<Your partner will be decided in 5s>

I wonder who my partner will be. It’s a bit of a shame that I can’t see who chose to fight for my kingdom, but I guess I’ll just have to find it out once the event properly starts.

<Your partner will be decided in 2s>

Besides, I’ll probably have fun no matter who my partner is. Worst comes to worst I just have to tie them up somewhere in case they try getting in my way.

And then, my partner was teleported to my side.

“You!?” Hannes exclaimed.

“To think my partner would be Hannes.” I replied while giggling. I’m happy with it, but it’s a shame that partners cannot kill each other in this event.

“Unbelievable…” Hannes sighed.

“I wonder if the system truly ignores karma for the partner choice. Perhaps the higher rank players were purposefully put together with someone on the other faction, in order to make it harder for them to behave as members of their own factions.” I commented.

“Considering the personality of the head developer, I wouldn’t doubt it… It could also be some sort of balance decision to give the lower ranked players a better fighting chance, since we’ll be getting in each other’s way.” Hannes replied.

“Well, please take care of me from now on.” I told him.

“It can’t be helped…” He said while sighing. It’s a bit sad that he really seems to dislike being my partner in this event…

“Mmmmm… Handshake! Give me a handshake!” I suddenly told him.

“Ah… Alright, I guess? Please take care of me too.” He said as he shook my hand. This feels a bit better, but… Well, regardless of how he feels about this, I’m gonna enjoy this event together with Hannes! “I’m not gonna let you do whatever you want though, so be prepared.”

I giggled, “Then please try stopping me with all your might!”

“Don’t mind if I do!” He replied.

<Returning to the game’s field>

Seems like everyone was finally paired up, so we were teleported back to the capital… And now, I’ll have some time to ‘play’ with this somewhat violent person as my partner.

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