Genocide Online

Chapter 166 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part three


(Hymn’s Guru’s (new character) PoV)

“Oh, Lady Maria, where are you Saint Maria!?” I exclaimed while I kneeled on the ground, put my left hand on my chest, and extended my right hand towards the heavens, “I wish to once again see your beautiful body! To see your wonderful hair being moved by the wind! Oh, please, wonderful goddess who has a smile as bright as the sun, let me protect your lovely petite body!”

As I professed my faith to Our Lady Maria, I could see that the nearby NPCs were staring at me with troubled expressions, but that was irrelevant. They just don’t understand her glory… and therefore it is even more important that I continue spreading word of our faith in Our Lady.

“Oh saintess who has a motherly smile that comes out of a little girl’s body, please grace us with your unbounded kindness that is only befitting of Our Lady! Let us gaze at your gentle lovely plains as you bless us with your holiness! The miracle that is your existence shall forever be remembered deep within our hearts!” As I continued professing my love for her, I figured it was about time to change the topic to our greatest enemy.

“However, there is a darkness that constantly tries to taint Our Lady’s sacred light! The treasonous devil who ruins her perfect smile, yet keeps standing by her side no matter when and where! This disgusting being that must be purged, let his name be known, and his soul receive the divine punishment, for you will not escape unscathed this time… Yuu!” I exclaimed, holding my fist up high.

“Please wait, Saintess Maria, we will rescue you from this foul fiend, we swear… Hear our pledges, and believe in our faith in you!

“Hymn’s Pledge number one! We will accept all of your love!

“Hymn’s Pledge number two! We will not deny your words!

“Hymn’s Pledge number three! We will forever praise not the mountains, but the beautiful plains!

“Hymn’s Pledge number four! We’ll put our utmost into fulfilling your dreams, in order to let you fully spread your love to all who deserve it!” As I continued chanting the hymns to spread the love for our Saintess Maria, I could see that some NPCs were calling the guards, but the guards understand. They all had a very troubled look on their faces, it was clear that they understood that this was an important ritual that should not be interrupted. No matter how many NPCs call me a weirdo, no matter how many of the NPC children cry to their mothers, I will not let the faith of our lady Maria be unheard of! I’ll spread it to every corner of this world!

Even if some of those NPCs say that their children shouldn’t look, or that they shouldn’t let themselves be contaminated by madness, they simply don’t understand… But I do. I understand their incapability of truly appreciating the beauty of Our Lady Maria, and therefore, I will not stop, I cannot stop-!

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