Genocide Online

Chapter 175 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part twelve


“Hey, what are you planning on doing with all those guys?” As we moved towards the capital of Hermagne, Hannes asked me this question while pointing towards the soldiers that were walking behind us.

“I have also been wondering about this for a while now…” Ranka commented.

“Oh, them? They’ll be doing guerilla warfare once we get inside the capital. They don’t have enough training nor numbers to fight against Hermagne’s army head-on, so we’ll just drop them inside and let them do their own thing. Most of them were previously members of the Moonlight Family gang, so they should be able to manage this much.” I explained.

“Wh-what?!” Hannes exclaimed.

“What is the problem?” I asked him.

“I mean… I get the idea, but there are way too many of them. There’s no way that the capital’s guards will just let them go inside easily. We’ll be seen from the people on lookout on top of the walls and they’ll be waiting for us with the entire army of the capital ready for battle…” Hannes said. Ranka also nodded to his comment, seeming to agree with his view.

And well, they were right about the fact that it was unreasonable to barge from the front door with this many soldiers behind us, but… “That’s not a problem.” I told them.

“… Then how are you planning on getting inside the capital while having a mini-army behind you?” Hannes asked.

“Yeah, even it’s Geno… Even it’s Rena, there shouldn’t be a way to get this many people inside the city safely.” Ranka commented.

“Well, the main problem is that capital’s lookouts will see us from above while we’re still far, so they’ll be able to properly prepare their defenses by the time we get there, right?” I asked them, to which they nodded, “Therefore, all we have to do, is to invade from even further above, where their eyes won’t catch us.”

“Are you stupid…?” Hannes asked after a small pause.

“Oh wow… So that’s what the Genocider is like…” Ranka said.

I’m not stupid though, I’ve been pretty diligent with my studies.

… I don’t get the resigned look in Ranka’s face though.

“Oh, beloved Maria! Soon enough, we’ll be together! Please wait for me, I’ll show you all the love that you deserve, Saintess Maria! Let me fully devote my worship to your infinite grace!” And that’s the kind of thing that Hymn’s Guru was saying while we were talking about the soldiers… He is kinda annoying.


(Lily’s PoV)

After everyone left to Hermagne, I ended up having nothing to do, so I took care of some leftover work… However, Lily is really worried about Tapiocaman, so even if she knows that she might cause trouble, she ended up deciding to run after them, for the sake of being together with her very precious person.

Hannes will probably sigh at it, but Reina actually seems to be in a pretty good mood, so I think she’ll forgive me for it… And even if not, it’s fine if I just enjoy myself, right? Lily is a good girl who even taught Hymn’s Guru what he needed to do in order to achieve his goals, so of course everyone will be happy to have Lily by their side, right?

Then, onwards! To Belzenstock City!

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