Genocide Online

Chapter 177 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part fourteen


As we ran towards the royal castle, a strong man that was over 2 meters tall stood in our way and exclaimed, “Stop!”

“Who are you?” I asked him.

“I’m the Supreme Commander of Hermagne’s Royal Guard. The name is Adolf M. Southcloud.” He replied.

“Oh, a supreme commander?” That’s exciting! It’s been a while since I’ve fought a strong NPC.

However, Hannes and Ranka were already readying their weapons, this is a bit troublesome…

“What business do you have with us?” I asked him.

“I’ve come to put an end to the scum that spit on the honorable history of this country.” He said while also readying his weapon. Seems like he is willing to fight to the death.

I really want to have him for myself, but with everyone else here… What should I do?

Oh, right! Yuu and Maria did tell me about some lines that should be used in this kind of situation.

“Leave him to me. You all go on ahead.” I told them.

I’m relatively good at copying others’ behaviors, so this should have been good enough, right?

“Hey, Ichi… I mean, Rena… Will you be alright?” Hannes asked me.

Success! Just like Yuu and Maria said! The ‘No, I can’t leave you behind’ scene! In that case, the follow up is… “Do not waste my efforts! Hurry up! I’ll be fine even if I die!”

“Just what kind of ‘play’ is it this time…?” Hannes sighed when he said this.

… That’s a bit troublesome. This was supposed to be the part where they had an internal struggle over going or not, right? I don’t really know what to do if he doesn’t follow the script.

“What makes you think I will let them pass this easily?” The Supreme Commander asked. To that, I giggled, “What’s so funny?” He asked me next.

He advanced the scene for me! Does this mean he also wants a single combat? This is so convenient, let’s keep on going like this then, “Ah, well, it’s just… Your righteousness is making me remember the dying faces of the king and of the crown prince.”

“Oh… So you… I see… So you are the devil that ruined this country.” He commented.

Just as planned! If the enemy says something like, ‘I won’t let any of you escape’, then all I need to do is taunt him, so that he only cares about me!

And right now, the eyes of the Supreme Commander were filled with anger, and focused entirely on me.

Now, for the finishing touch, “Well, that’s how it is.” Then, without taking my eyes off the enemy, I said, “Hannes, there is a reason you wanted to come to Hermagne, isn’t there?”

“Ah, well…” Hannes started saying, but I didn’t wait for him to make a proper sentence.

“I don’t mind dropping out of the event here, because this looks fun. This ridiculously strong Important NPC. The Supreme Commander of Hermagne… He is mine, so you go on ahead.” I told him.

Moreover, it seems like the management team decided to greatly increase the strength of the NPCs after I killed Alexei, Ronove, and caused a lot of Chaos here in Hermagne. Not to mention how NPCs are supposed to naturally increase in power as the players advance through the game… So, right now, this NPC right in front of me must be a real challenge.

“I mean… Is it really alright to raise so many death flags?” Hannes asked.

“We should go! We cannot waste her efforts!” Tapiocaman suddenly exclaimed, then he picked up Hannes and started running ahead.

“W-what?! What are you doing, Tapiocaman?! Stop this!” Hannes exclaimed, but Tapiocaman did not stop at all… Perfect! Just like Yuu and Maria said it would happen! This was quite the important knowledge that they taught me.

“I wonder who will win… the Genocider, or the Death Flag army that she raised… Not even a Guru like me can know that.” Hymn’s Guru said that while following Tapiocaman.

“Let’s ask for Buddha’s grace to guide her path.” Ranka said while moving after them as well.

“What are you all even saying!?” Hannes asked.

“Listen up-!” Tapiocaman started saying something, but I couldn’t hear them anymore… I was a bit worried that they seemed to be arguing, but I guess it’s fine for as long as they get inside the Royal Castle.

… Wait. Did Hymn’s Guru just run in a completely different direction? Where is he going…?

“Did you finish talking, evil little girl?” The supreme commander asked me.

“That’s so kind of you to wait… Though if you weren’t so slow to act, maybe your lord might still be alive.” I told him.

It truly is wonderful that the enemy really does conveniently wait for us to finish our conversation. The trove of knowledge that comes from Yuu and Maria cannot be underestimated.

Now all I need to do, is make sure that he is fighting without holding back, going all-out to kill me, “Or rather, both lords might still be alive.” I told him.

“I’ll apologize to them once my time has ended and I join them in the afterlife.” Then, as soon as he said that, he rushed towards me and swung his Naginata.

He was quite fast, and I was almost unable to react to it, but I parried his attack with my shortsword in the nick of time.

I giggled once more, “Been a while since I felt like this… I’ll enjoy this battle.”

“I’ll destroy you so thoroughly that not even a corpse will be left.” The supreme commander said.


Important NPC

Name: Adolf M. Southcloud Lv.121

Karma: 0 <Loyal>

Class: Commander of the Black Dragons; Second Class: Knight of the White Panthers; Third Class: Strategist of the Green Owls


Avenger: <Attack Power increases when fighting for revenge: Large>


Former Head of the Southcloud County.

Supreme Commander of Hermagne’s Royal Guard

General of Hermagne’s Army

Strongest Person of Hermagne

Cool Old Man


He really is quite strong. It’s my first serious battle against an NPC since Ronove… So exciting! How should we ‘play’ today? We have big difference in level, so I’ll have to be creative here.

“Let’s enjoy this!” I exclaimed.

“I cannot deny that I am enjoying the opportunity of avenging my lord.” The supreme commander replied… Well, it’s fine if I’m the only one excited.


(Maria’s PoV)

Me and Yuu were silently walking back to our home country, Hermagne, while carrying NPCs from another country with us… The silence was painful. I want to make up with him already, but it’s so hard to be honest about it after fighting like that…

I didn’t really mean to get into this big quarrel, but when Yuu said he was tired of being with me, I just… No, no! Not like that! I can’t make up with him with this kind of thinking!

Let’s do this! I can’t let this quarrel go on any longer!

“Uhn…” We both said in unison.

“Ah, I mean, that is…” We both said together again.

… And now we were silent.

Yuu also wants to make up, right? He’s been glancing my way for a while now, but… My courage just disappeared after this last exchange…

We sighed. Both of us sighed at the same time.

It’s always like this. It can’t be helped that we quarreled, but to take this long to make up is ridiculous… No, I can’t let our relationship remain like this! I’m not going to let this quarrel stand in our way any longer!

“Hey, Oda! No, Yuu!” I exclaimed.

“W-whoa?! W-what is it!?” He asked me.

Shouting seems to have worked at least. Even if it startled him, it’s fine… I can’t say if this is the ideal way to make up, but… “I just… I just wanted to say I might have said too much… And that… That I’m sorr-”

“I’ve come to save you, Saintess Maria!” Suddenly, I heard a loud shout, and I was now being dragged away from Yuu at a very high speed.

“Wh-what the!? Who are you!? Why are you carrying me like this!?” I asked him.

“Oh, lady Maria! Please allow me touch your beautiful pure body!” He exclaimed.

“Wait, what!? No! Stop that! That’s sexual harassment! Get me down!” I have no idea what was happening, but somehow this guy was flying away with me! Why!? And why is he calling me ‘lady’ of all things!?

“What are you talking about, my lady!? Players can also be kidnapped in this event!” The kidnapper said.

“Eh!? Ah… You’re right…” I replied. I was so caught up in my fight with Yuu, that I totally forgot that the people that were having the best scores in the event would also become kidnapping targets…

“And because of that, I can legally save you, Saintess!” He exclaimed… Scary. Shivers ran all over my spine… This should just be a normal event kidnapping, but why am I getting goosebumps when listening to this guy, “Ah, to think that this lowly Hymn’s Guru would be able to touch lady Maria directly… What a blessing…”

Okay, that’s it. This guy is crazy, “Let go of me! <Sacred Flame>!”

“Oh! What an honour! To think that I could be directly touched by lady Maria’s sacred flame! My body will forever remember this wonderful sensation!” The pervert exclaimed.

“What!? Why!? Why didn’t it work!?” I couldn’t help shouting. I really did cast the spell for real! Does he have immunity to fire damage or something!?

“To be burnt by lady Maria’s love is truly a blessing.” He said… Why did I have to get kidnapped by a pervert…?

“Yuu! I’m sorry! Please help me! Please help me right now!” I shouted as loudly as I could… When I was in trouble, dealing with something that was too much for me, he always helped me out… Please help me out again.

I was already crying and hitting the back of the head of this pervert, but not only it seemed to be ineffective, but he also seemed to be happy about it… Why!?

“Do not worry, for I won’t harm you, my lady.” He told me.

“I-is that so…?” I asked.

Coming to think about it, this is just a kidnapping for the event, so… Even if this guy is perverted and scary, it should be alright for as long as the event’s rules are followed. I’ll probably just be taken to his home country and that will be the end of it… Right?

“Hymn’s Pledge number eighteen! They hide out of timidity, so look over them and love them!” The pervert exclaimed.

“Yuu! Please help me!” I shouted once more.

I’m sure I was horribly pale now. I don’t care if things go worse, or if the NPCs near me get hurt, I just need some help… I wouldn’t even mind if Rena came and destroyed everything in our surroundings in the process, just please save me!

“Hymn’s Pledge number…” The pervert continued talking… Please shut up and let me go already…

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