Genocide Online

Chapter 186 – The Second Event – Collapsing Kingdom – part twenty-three


(Maria’s PoV)

Shortly after putting Hymn’s Guru hair on fire, Yuu appeared and shouted, “Maria!”

I couldn’t be happier to see him right now, “Yuu!” I exclaimed. To think I’ll finally be free from this hell! Thank you for coming to save me, Yuu!

… No, never mind, can you go away, actually? I mean… “Why did you bring this pervert, of all people, here!?” I exclaimed.

“I’m not just a pervert, I’m the Perverted Gentleman!” That hellspawn behind Yuu replied. Just why? Why!? Did Yuu think that only a pervert would be able to defeat a pervert or something!? That’s not how those things work! Take him away!

Ranka started screaming when seeing the Perverted Gentleman… See!? Her shock was so great that she even stopped reciting her Buddhist prayers that allowed her to escape reality!

“Did you come here to robe me of our Saintess!?” Hymn’s Guru asked Yuu.

“She’s not your Saintess…” Yuu replied.

Meanwhile, some NPCs started screaming as they saw the Perverted Gentleman. Some guards seemed to be pretty troubled about what to do as well… Why did you have to bring that hellspawn here, Yuu!?

“The Saintess presence has granted me salvation.” Hymn’s Guru said some nonsense.

“Maria isn’t the kind of person to save anyone.” Yuu replied with a really rude comment.

And the Perveted Gentleman was just showing off his body to any onlookers.

Both me and Ranka were in disbelief at this crazy development… “Is this some sort of punishment game that Yuu decided upon…?” I mused.

“Of course not, this is his selfish love for you burning brightly!” As the Perverted Gentleman said that, his body started shining, highlighting his barely covered private parts… Disgusting, “This boy who doesn’t know what to do with his emotions is desperately trying to gain the attention of his most loved girl!”

“I don’t think that would ever work?” Ranka commented.

“I just wanted to make up with him…” I said.

“I like everything about her, so please give up.” Hymn’s Guru told Yuu.

“Sorry, but I can’t.” Yuu replied.

“You see!?” The Perverted Gentleman blew a kiss to nobody in particular as he said that.

… And now a child started crying, a carriage overturned, the veins of an old woman started popping… And an old man that seemed to have fainted woke up from the pure pain caused by the existence of the Perverted Gentleman… This hellspawn is truly a terrifying creature.

“Then I have no choice. I, Hymn’s Guru, the head priest of Saintess Maria’s faith, will defeat the devil, Yuu!” Hymn’s Guru exclaimed while raising his fists.

“As Maria’s childhood friend, I’ll help her.” Yuu simply replied while raising his wand.

At the same time, the Perverted Gentleman raised his arms, he seemed ready to start fighting too… Scary.

“Hey, Ranka, that pervert might come for me, can you please stop him?” I asked her while casting some buffs on her.

“I won’t let you touch a single finger of Maria!” Ranka exclaimed while readying her naginata.

Then, Hymn’s Guru rushed towards Yuu while chanting his weird tenets or whatever.

Yuu also started casting a spell to counter his attack.

And then, the hellspawn came closer, “Holy Flames” I hurriedly casted.

“Samsara!” Ranka also used a skill.

“Adults will take the passion of children head on! Come at me with all you got!

“Though don’t worry, I won’t do anything to minors.” The Perverted Gentleman said.

“Shut up you pervert!” Both me and Ranka said in unison.

“Such tough love!” The pervert exclaimed.

And like this, the battle started.

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