Genocide Online
Chapter 239 –  Earthquake, Thunder, Fire, and a Middle-Aged Man





Maria, who was wearing a cute swimsuit, was a complete mess… She was being grabbed by her bangs and brought up from the ground.

I don’t really understand how things turned out this way, and I don’t mean to pry on other people’s playstyles, but… seeing those important to me and those I idolize getting themselves pummeled is not really the cup of tea of an otaku like me.


“Hah, hah… Take your filthy hands off Maria… Wait, I can’t… hah… hah… I can’t… Owowow”




I thought that I had made quite a brave entrance, but it appeared that my body was already at its limit… After learning that Maria was being attacked, I’d used so many items and skills to run all the way here without stopping for a second. And now I don’t have a single sliver of stamina left.

As a matter of fact, my ears had sustained quite a deal of damage, probably because I’ve been running at an unreasonable speed without having ever stopped to check on them.

It felt even worse than what would happen whenever I got on a rollercoaster with my real body, probably because I was moving at a speed that wasn’t right for my current level.


“*cough, cough*”




“…What’s this?”


It was even more embarrassing to realize that my face was completely pale, and I was sweating and spitting so much that it seemed as if I was about to collapse like some tuna that washed up ashore.

I couldn’t help but laugh after seeing the “WARNING” and “Logout advised” signs that were covering my field of vision.


“I’m okay, I’m okay, I can do this, I’m quite energetic, you know?”




“…What is this?”


He was making a horrible noise while rattling his teeth and repeating the same words over and over like a broken record.

I could see that the Red Crow was feeling very uncomfortable after looking at me and seeing Maria crying.


“[I want to be a shellfish]”




I transformed into a huge bivalve, swallowed the two of them, and then swallowed some seawater so that I could activate my [Water Spout].

This would allow me to eject the Red Crow along with the seawater I had swallowed.


“…I’m sorry I dragged you into my attack.”


“I know that you’re serious about that, but I can’t see anything.”


“[I want to be a shellfish]”


“Have you really turned into a shellfish? What am I going to do now…?”


Well, strictly speaking, I clearly didn’t have the same aspect as an actual shellfish… But Maria was inside my mouth, so she couldn’t see anything.


“And also, it reeks of fish in here!”


“What?! That doesn’t mean that my mouth smells, it’s the shellfish itself that smells like fish, okay?!”


“What? I’m inside your mouth right now?! You’re gross!!”


“What else did you expect?! I’m a shellfish now!”


“[Magical Girl: Seven Days of Foolishness]”




“[Turn into cheeky loli–”


“W-W-Whoa! I-It’s gonna get rough from now on, s-so you should stay put, Maria!!”


How does Maria know I like that?! It’s supposed to be hidden deep down in the far corner of my mind!!

Shit, if the fact that I have a fetish for my childhood friend is exposed, I’m gonna die… But I can’t think about that! I gotta forget about that now!


“[Shell Heap]!”


I caused my own transformed body to burst into a large number of smaller shells, which rained down and piled up in the surroundings.

Then I carried Maria around while the shells not only disrupted my opponent’s field of vision, but also allowed me to tell his position and movements relative to mine by sensing the fine vibrations that traveled through them.


“It’s gonna be a bit of a shaky ride.”




Listening to the sound bouncing between each of the small shells, I was able to confirm something… He was using his [Parry] to nullify small attacks, but when it came to large-scale attacks, he would instead burrow underground.

Perhaps he was able to use a skill that allowed him to dig tunnels, or even a consumable item called a “mole claw”.

In any case, it was nice to know that he would try to escape some attacks by burrowing underground.




The [Parent and Child Magic] spell, [Pester], caused a giant mother and child to suddenly appear on the spot.

Watching the smaller, child-like giant hold something in his hand and show it to his mother’s giant and say something to her, I activated my [Caste Magic] spell [Foundation] to float in the air in preparation for the upcoming shock.


“Mama! Buy this for me!”


“No, we have one of those at home already!”


“Noooo! Buy this for meeeee!”


Immediately after that, an earthquake… or rather, the giant boy started to  stomp violently on the ground.


I figured that by causing the ground itself to shake, that guy would be crushed from all directions, so there would be no way for him to avoid being damaged.


“…All right, now… [Enrage]”


Since I used a spell to enrage the giant mother, instead of “buying” it for her child, she suddenly became very angry.


“I’m done with you! Stay here for the rest of your life for all I care!”




As a result of being left behind by his angry mother, the child started to throw a tantrum.

That guy shouldn’t be able to return to the surface under these conditions, and even if he were, I wouldn’t want to do that if I were him.

So, what is the Red Crow going to do now?


“…[Fatal Strike]”




…Well, sure, I guess he could do that.

To erase any disturbing enemies from the battle by killing them on the spot.

I’d do that if a boss monster summoned minions… but that might have been a bad move this time.


“…You surprised me.”


The giant mother, who had been watching events unfold, turned into a demon and rushed towards Red Crow after seeing her child getting killed.

Then I activated [Voice Over] to speak to the giant mother using her child’s voice to further amplifying her anger, followed by a [Praire] onto Red Crow to restrict his movements.


“[Butterfly Sting]”


That’s a skill that consists of 5 total evasive maneuvers followed by 5 stabs that deal double damage… I don’t know what his class was, but Red Crow’s fighting style seemed to be that of some kind of light warrior.

He gently landed on the ground while watching the mother giant, who was easily defeated.


“You’re an interesting one.”


“What I think is… interesting… is this game’s skill design.”


He must be wondering how normal for a game must be to have skills that allow one to summon noisy children so that they can create earthquakes.

While picking my sleeves with my fingers and looking away from Maria, I activate my next skill.




Well, since he finally came out of the ground for us, I figured I’d freeze the beach over so that he couldn’t dive underwater.

I placed Maria on the ground behind me and then broke into a dash while promptly ignoring the Red Crow’s grunting, which vaguely sounded like some false apology one would make from an alternate account.


“[Unexpected Misfortune]”


“What are you – ow!”


It was only a slight harassment, a small lightning brought forth by a current of static electricity that was generated on the handle of the Red Crow’s short sword. It also caused him some leg cramps. Since this place was getting a bit cold, there was a high chance that static electricity would be generated.

This caused the desired effect of drawing his attention to his sword long enough for me to unleash a bit of [Flame] at the grass that was still attached to him, and then activated [Offensive Replies] to keep a certain distance from him.


“Do you really think it’s okay to do that?”

“Look at that tacky plague mask you’re wearing lol”

“Still going through puberty, aren’t we? lol”

“Should’ve added a #ThisIsWhatHappensWhenYouMakeMeAngry tag”

“Attack of the Enraged Teenager”

“What’s with that fake apology of yours? Your tweet is too good to pass up!! Can I retweet it? I’ll save it on my Favorites list! Sorry for the sudden reply! Please forgive me! I’ll do anything! (I won’t though lol)”

“This is so going to my next meme compilation video”

“You think you’re so cool doing that, don’t you? You must not be studying enough.”


After activating my skill, a group of white comment bubbles surrounded the Red Crow, and I could see that they were bothering him enough to not allow him to move either forward nor backward.

The giant mother and child’s earthquake, the Unexpected Misfortune generated static electricity’s lightning, and the fire burning the grass on his body… I guess there’s only one thing left to try since we’re here.


“…[Summon Harmful Beast]!”


Now, experience the horror of a monster that cannot be summoned unless an earthquake, lightning, and fire are generated in some way!


“…What is that?”


Along with an intense light, a small creature that looked like a miniature middle-aged man with round glasses, a little mustache, and a comb over appeared… Then it opened its mouth.


“…Oh, is that the sea over there? I sea!”


At that moment, a heavy snowstorm covered the entire surface, freezing the sea itself as well, and turning everything into a sheet of ice.

As a result, the Red Crow had been turned into an ice sculpture along with the comment bubbles that were clinging onto him.

The intense cold had caused him to be afflicted with the [Frostbite] status effect, and the forbidden technique that causes damage over time was so tremendously effective that it had affected several other players that just happened to be within its large range.

…They might have been trying to rush here to help Maria… I’m sorry, guys.

Anyway, I hope this is enough to beat him… If not, I’ll have to take this even further beyond once again.

The combo of earthquake, thunder, fire, and the middle-aged man actually takes a hefty cut of my MP, so I’m hoping this is enough to take him down.


“…Did you get him?”


“Hey, Maria?”


“Eh? …Oh! I’m sorry!”


Maria then set a flag that didn’t need to be set at all, and at the same time, the ice sculpture in front of her shattered.

Seeing that, I put my hand on my forehead and looked far away, cursing the fact that no resource should’ve been spared in this fight.





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