Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl

253 A Crazy Person

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“Your Majesty! These are the documents concerning the Meffy Estate!”

“I’ll get to it.”

Haa, I didn’t even have the time to catch my breath.

I was under constant terror of that woman of calamity.

If I told her to stop the war, she’d use a conspiracy to take over a country, and would wage a war against the mayor of Belzenstock City, which was supposed to be our base of support, along with the priest of the Sea God.

…Seriously, what goes inside that mind of hers?

“Your Majesty, this is the sample sent from the Sekondia Industrial City.”

“Alright, leave it there.”

With the quelling of the Meffy Commercial Nation, we were able to form an alliance and accomplished many things. But at the same time, my workloads increased along with the issues.

Regardless of how bright that woman was, it was a region that had just been incorporated. As such, even if she had collared it with various means of divide-and-conquer, internal affairs, and surveillance, it wasn’t completely secure.

It cost money to infiltrate the security, and if she were to topple a country at super speed, the vigilance from the northern countries would become extremely high.

“Aah, truly…”

“You must’ve been tired.”

“It’s because of that foolish woman.”

Similar things happened when Sage Ron and that woman attempted to kill each other.

…Why would she do such a thing?

As I thought, I’d never understand.

What was more, as soon as I chided him, he told me, “Please prepare a swimsuit.”

Hey, don’t start killing each other for fun.

“What a son of a bitch…”

“You hate him that much, huh?”

“Well, obviously? He’s making it harder for me… Huh? Wait—”


“—Is that so?”

Oh, damn.

She had nonchalantly appeared beside me.

Are you kidding me?

Even if I was distracted, how could she get behind me so many times?

Also, was she crazy? She should’ve entered through the front door! Why did she even bother to sneak in through the windows and ceilings, I’d never know.

“Well, sit down for now. Let’s hear what you have to say.”

“I have to go to war.”

“—I said sit down!”

I’ve mentally prepared myself, y’know!? So don’t barge on me like that!

Besides, are you kidding me!? Before, didn’t I tell him that we can’t afford another war!? What did he just say!?

Fuu—… fuu—… Alright, I’ve calmed down. I’ll prepare the tea, so please be patient.”

“This time, it’ll be an all-out war. As such, I’ll require all the manpower we can muster.”

“—Just wait for the tea!!”

Like I said, I need to prepare myself mentally! Don’t just drop a bomb like that!?

—Again, are you kidding me!? Wait, I’ve been saying that for a while now, haven’t I!? Even though I already told her to sit down!!

Fuu—… fuu—… Alright, I’ve calmed down. You aren’t exactly giving me too much of a choice, here. Keep in mind that the national treasury doesn’t have much to spare.”

“Then, what is this?”

T, this girl!? Hey, listen to what I have to say!!

Damn, I had to calm down. Besides, this might be an opportunity to divert the conversation and persuade her to change her mind at once.

“Oh, that’s a new prototype presented by the Sekondia Industrial City.”

“Does it have any bullets in there?”

“Yes, but I took them out—hey! Don’t point that thing at me!”

While brushing off the muzzle with my hand, I faced the woman once again. With a big sigh, I laid out the documents prepared by my subordinate.

The document described in detail the current economy, industry, tax revenues, and expenditures of the United Kingdom of Barrens.

Based on that document, I was going to dissuade her. After all, we couldn’t utilize something we didn’t have.

“As you can see, this is the current financial state of this county—like I said, don’t aim it at me.”

I explained to her while pointing to a part of the document. In the meantime, my other hand was blocking the muzzle that was aimed at me.

“The expenditures clearly exceed the incomes, and we’re even in debt.”

In addition to the country’s income, there was also the illegal income of the Moonlight Family gang, which had expanded its scale of business. However, it wasn’t possible to put all of it into the national treasury.

Fumufumu, dominating the entire Meffy Commercial State isn’t enough, I see.”

“…Well, some of that money needs to go to governance, too. Again, don’t point that thing at me.”

While brushing the muzzle that was pointed towards me, I spoke sense to the woman who had just uttered some disturbing things.

‘Dominating the entire Meffy Commercial State isn’t enough,’ she said…

…What? Is she going to invade more countries?

While it may be beneficial in the long run, when you ate something, it took a lot of physical strength to digest it. In the short term, that idea would be dangerous.


“What is it?”

“Could you stop pointing that muzzle at me?”

…I had been having a hard time talking to her for a while now, considering that I was being held under gunpoint. I didn’t fail to notice that she did that every time I tried to persuade her otherwise.

What the hell is this crazy bitch thinking?

Wait, you’ve got to be kidding me—


“—Are you kidding me!?”

Suddenly, she pulled the trigger continuously! While slamming the papers to the floor, I yelled at her with all my might.

She, she isn’t seriously trying to kill me, right? Even though there’s no bullets in it, I’m still scared!

“? I thought you said that there was no live ammunition in it?”

“Even so, it’s still scary! Are you crazy!?”

“? Haa…?”

“Why are you acting like I’m the crazy one, here!? If you want to go to war so badly, then do it yourself!”

Why did she stare at me with such confusion!?

Am I the crazy one!? You’re joking, right!? She’s definitely the one with some screws loose!


“—Hey, stop that!!”

Not only did she point the gun at my head, she also pulled the trigger numerous times.

Am I going to be okay!?

“? Haa…?”

“Again, why are you acting like I’m the crazy one, here!?”

Did I say something strange!?

Utterly terrified, my subordinates refused to come near me. After all, more than the fact that she was pointing a gun towards me, her madness scared me the most.

“I see, so there’s not enough money in the treasury…”

Haa, she finally understands…

…I feel completely exhausted.

“Then, let’s establish a bank.”

“…Spare me already.”

I was honestly terrified of that girl. Not to mention, she seemed adamant about it.

Give me a break…


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