Genocide Online
Chapter 257 –  The Three Apex Weirdos



“S-S… top…!”


I grabbed the mother –who up until a few moments ago seemed to be enjoying a peaceful chat with her daughter– by the hair as I walked around the imperial capital of the Bourfoin Empire.

No matter how fast we go about it, it will still take a considerable amount of time to introduce such a large-scale reform –and what would be a new concept as far as NPCs are concerned– so I thought I’d kill a bit of time.

I really wanted to go and fulfill the promise I made with Old Man Ron to kill those sisters, but… I have no idea where they are now, so I have no choice.


“M-my daughter…! S-Spare my daughter…!”


“Children have no physical strength of their own, you know? She’s already dead.”


I used my free hand to casually throw a small girl’s hand at her.

Mothers are creatures that concern themselves about their children’s safety… It’s a shame this one hadn’t taught her own daughter about the dangers of this world.


“How dare you…! How da– Gaah!”


After forcing another dose of poison into the noisy mother, I observed her condition while checking my map. …Was I halfway there already?

It would be boring to just wait until the reforms were over, so I thought of visiting the Grand Duchy of Carmelia, where Jeru seems to be based. But I’ve never been there before, so I still had to check my map every now and then.

This imperial capital is located right in the middle, on a straight line connecting Beginners’ City and Tsubaki, the capital of the Grand Duchy.




“W-what do you think you’re doing!?”


After letting go of the mother’s body –which was by now bleeding profusely with pus after the warts that had begun to cover it had all burst–, I threw two thin knives at the soldiers in front of me, piercing through their heads.

I was just passing through this checkpoint, but these meddlesome NPCs had to come and start getting all weird on me. Sheesh.


“Die! Genocider!”


“I’m not going to let you do whatever you want!”


Oh? So even players were taking part in this battle? It seems that they hate me.

It makes me feel a bit sad, but oh well. I’ll just kill them I guess.

I kicked up the spear that the bothersome soldier was holding, causing it to spin rapidly as it rose up to the sky. Then I jumped up and kicked it back down, shooting it straight into the skull of one of those players.

As I landed, the players had encircled me, but I quickly found an opening, and after dodging their attacks, I started cutting the throats of those around me left and right with my dagger and knife.


“You basta– Gah!?”


I immediately adjusted my posture and pulled a string placed at the feet of the player who was about to run towards me, knocking him down before using Inoue’s “Localized Quake” to pierce through his head, and at the same time, impaling another one of those player’s head with my knife.

Then, I immediately threw my dagger up into the sky so that both of my hands would be free, and I used them along with my mouth to manipulate the steel string, activating the trap I had laid around using the surrounding buildings as a fulcrum.

As a result, the tensed-up steel thread caught the gaps under the armpits and between the legs, entwining itself around these joints and binding them together, wrapping themselves around the bodies of every player and NPC around me, effectively disabling their movement.


“I-I can’t move…”


I tightened the thread I had on my hands and mouth even more, tying it around a pillar of a nearby building, lining everyone neatly around it, and then grabbed my dagger as it fell from the sky.

I’ll enjoy cutting their heads off while they cannot move.


“Aaaaat a-one, aaaaaat a-two…”




“N-No, wait! Waaaait!”


Leaving the NPCs aside, won’t players be resurrected anyway? So there’s nothing wrong with me just killing them, right?

So I went ahead and finished them off as I tilted my head to the side, confused by the players’ strange behavior.


“Well, well, Jeru’s supposed to be here too, right?


“Oh, looks like we were thinking about something similar, huh?”




I casually grabbed the hair of a frightened female player as she cried and begged for forgiveness before lifting her face up and cutting her throat in one stroke, and at the same time as I was being bathed in the blood that spouted out from the wound, I turned around towards the south to face Jeru, who had just arrived at the scene.

It seems that we were thinking about the same thing, as we ended up meeting here in the square of the Imperial City.

He had the same white hair with black highlights and those sky blue eyes that seemed to be always smiling.


“Really? What were you planning to do? I was thinking of throwing herbicide into the irrigation channels.”


“Well, I was on my way to destroy the highway that connects the metropolitan area and the countryside.”




Indeed, just as it would be fatal for Jeru –who’s focusing on agricultural development– to have his farmland and water polluted, being cut off from traffic would be fatal for me, since I’m trying to develop an economy by actively moving people, goods, and money.

It seems that we both understood each other quite well, and as a result of both of us trying to boycott each other, we ended up clashing here in the Imperial Capital.


“Oh, is that so? Well then, I suppose I’ll have to kill you so I can easily start polluting things around here.”


“Haha, that’s right. But I’ll tear both you and the arteries of this country up right here and right now.”




While still holding the dagger, I casually wiped the blood that had fallen on my face with my right hand, and then rubbed my dagger against the clothes on my left forearm to wipe the blood on it as well while turning straight to face Jeru.

He seems to be using some sort of magic skill from his large, pure white weapon, which seemed like a rustic mixture between a greatsword and an ax, to wash away the area.


“By the way, Jeru…”


“What is it?”




Before we start fighting each other, there’s something that’s been bugging me for a while now.


“Doesn’t it sound like something’s coming this way?”


“Yes, I can hear it too.”





Both Jeru and I turned to face the wall of a nearby building to confirm the source of that sound…




And it turned out to be the Pervert Gentleman, breaking through a wall and jumping out with his eyes closed, his cheeks puffed up, his whole body shining with a strange gleam, and his hands outstretched.




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