Chapter 43 – First Part Cleared (Part two)


(Ronove’s Point of View)


I took the creepy girl with me and left the town. I might die today… And even if I do win, I doubted I would be that satisfied, just because I killed some crazy woman…

“It’s pretty far then?”

“… Yes. I want to keep the casualties at a minimum.”

I had gone out into the town square and seen Ziggy and Saram’s–the quiet one and the loud one– bodies, and then I was sure of it. This woman is too dangerous….

“You worry too much…”

To be honest, even though I knew that she wouldn’t attack me yet, I was scared to show my back to her.

“… I don’t want to give you any weapons.”


In a flash, all the hairs on my body seemed to stand on end. I knew that I was right. This person… without regret or hesitation… she would involve and use those around her.

“We’re almost there.”

“I see.”

We left the town, walked through a forest path and reached our destination. There was a steep cliff up ahead and the forest was behind us. Below, I could see the raging waves of the sea. You would not survive if you fell down there.



“It really is secluded…”

There was nothing but the trees behind us.

“It is here where I can kill you for sure.”

“You must really hate me then?”

“I don’t hate you.”

“Is that so? Surprising…”

Aye, I didn’t hate her. Ever since we met, I saw that she was liked by children, including those two sisters. Also, she was rather ideal in appearance… However…

“I… as the next Krebskulm high priest, have a responsibility to slay you who are a devil that has been taken by chaos.”

And then I raised my fists. Upon seeing this, she unsheathed her shortsword and then held a throwing weapon in her other hand.

“I will not forgive you… the force of chaos.”

“… I’m not sure what you’re going on about. But I just want to ‘play.’”

That was the last thing she said as the conversation ended. Slowly, our will to kill grew stronger…

“… Shhhh!”

—I dodged the needle that came flying with minimal movement, and then lunged towards her. The shortsword thrust right between my eyebrows, but I blocked it with the back of my hand and sent my other fist into her jaw—but she leaned back into a backflip, dodging the attack and slamming her foot into my jaw instead.


While I could barely see, I jumped back in order to avoid a follow up attack. Her sword cut through the air where I had been standing a second ago, and then an iron ball shot towards me at a frightening speed.


Unable to dodge it, I blasted it with my right fist and stood my ground. That’s when more long needles came flying.

“Oh? Did I get that wrong?”

“No, you didn’t.”

I really could not understand this woman. And that was why I had to kill her no matter what. If left to her own devices, she would become the enemy of order, not just in this country, but the whole world.

“Now it’s my turn to go.”

“You don’t have to announce it.”

Then I won’t hesitate! The ground cracked under my feet as I shot towards her with tremendous speed. I watched her surprised expression while unleashing <Palm Heel – Wave Pattern> at her long tail!!


She flew backwards as blood sloshed out of her mouth. As a follow up attack, I unleashed <Flying Fist – Waterfall> at her…but then I heard a ‘bang!!’ from the direction she had gone, and then a iron ball shot towards me at such a speed that my eyes couldn’t follow it.


And so I attacked it with <Bluish Black Five Chain.> A terrible explosion sounded, liquid and smoke seeped out of the destroyed sphere. It was clearly bad for me.


It was just as I was moving back to avoid it, I felt the impact of something hitting me from behind, and I was blown away. Apparently, she had moved around me while I was distracted with the iron ball… Long needles were neatly lodged into the back of my right arm and leg joints… And judging by how weak I was starting to feel, they must have been poisoned. She just never lets her guard down, huh…?

“… Didn’t you know? You should never hit a woman in the stomach.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t see you as a woman…”

“I see. That’s a hurtful thing to say.”

She said without any expression on her face… Perhaps she had never experienced what it’s like for a man to see her as a woman. While her face might be beautiful, inside, she was… well, it was clear that most men at least had the ability to escape the danger.





We had enough of talking, and it was time to go back to killing. I blocked her thrust with a backhand, jumped over her leg swipe, turned my head as she tried to crush my eyes, and when she slashed at my throat, I lunged forward while dodging it, simultaneously unleashing <Fist Strike – Great Strength>…

“… Pervert.”

She took a step back, grabbed me by the wrist, and threw me over her shoulder. I had to cross my arms above my head as she stomped over it.


I somehow managed to stand up and blow her into the air, but… what was this incredible strength!? How could it exist in such a frail-looking body!! When I looked down, I saw that the ground had sunk around us… It was a good thing that we had left the town.

“Hehe… I guess you’re quite heavy?”

“… Are you trying to make me mad?”

“I was joking…”

“… Really, why would you want to anger your ‘playmate’?”

“I said it was a joke… but this has also been going on for too long.”

And so I decided to use my trump card…

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