Chapter 61 – The End Of The Event


… Seems like I have been blown pretty far away. Once my view cleared out, I found out that I wasn’t in the Beginner’s City, but instead stuck on the branches of a tree. I would have been in danger if Yamada and everyone else hadn’t protected me just before our attacks collided.

After dropping down to the ground, I started saying, “I’m glad I could kill Hannes in a way that gave our fight a proper conclusion…” After checking the UI just to be sure, Hannes’ name was listed as one of the people I killed, as well as the points I earned for defeating him, “I’m satisfied from this.”

It really was awesome. ‘Playing’ with him made me very happy. For the most of the event I ended up holding back to avoid showing all my cards, but I’d surely be regretful if I died without going all out, but I felt nothing like that while ‘playing’ with Hannes.

That said… “Where are you going, Yuu?” I said while plunging my hand into the snowy ground and lifting him up by the neck.

“T-this can’t be happening… I was sure I had escaped you, but then you suddenly came flying out of nowhere…” He said dejectedly.

“Such a pity, isn’t it?” I said while giggling.

I kept a tight grip on his neck to stop him from escaping, and then whispered to him, “Hey, Yuu…” He blushed furiously and made an incomprehensible sound at that, “I didn’t know you were so good at ‘playing’.”

“Eh? Well…” He seemed to not know how to reply.

I was really surprised, to think he could survive an encounter with me… But above all else, “You frustrated me quite a bit, you know?” I mean, what even was that <Toxic Twitter> spell? Could that even be called magic? “Well, are you ready this time around?” He gave another unintelligible reply, “Then, let’s ‘play’ some other time again, alright?” Following that, I squeeze his neck hard enough to kill him.

Now, I wonder if I can survive until the event’s end. I’ll spend the rest of the day in this tree to recover from my wounds and penalties from my skills, and then I’ll decide what to do next.


Wow, they really don’t stop coming… It’s the last day of the event now, and I kept on killing the players that came after me time and time again. Their numbers are large, the time interval between attacks is short and there really is no end to them.

“Can we really take on the Genocider?” One of them asked their comrades.

“I don’t know, but we have to try!” Another said.

“There is no way we can do it…” A more realistic one claimed.

I grabbed a spear that was coming from behind me and used it to pierce the neck of an enemy that was approaching from the front. The spearman was surprised by this and lost his balance, so I used the opportunity to kick his neck and kill him.

“Damn it!” One shouted.

“Slacking off means death near the Genocider, stays sharp, everyone!” A leader-like person said.

… They’re really persistent. Just where is their motivation even coming from? I don’t even know them, but they seem to resent me for some reason.

Besides, while this would be a troublesome situation if I was surrounded by top players like Hannes, right now, even while still suffering from penalties, I think I’ll be fine…

“Thank you all for your participation. The first event has now ended, so we’ll now prepare the announcement of the rankings of the top players and factions. Please wait for a small while.” Suddenly, I was teleported to the beginner’s city and heard this announcement. Seems like the event ended in the middle of the fight, so we’ll now get its closure… There are a lot of people here though, far more than when I first logged-in… It’s crowded.

“I was so close!” A guy that I was about to kill said.

“Don’t lie now…” One of their comrades said.

“I survived to the end!” Bystander A said.

“Hannes really did an amazing job, didn’t he?” Bystander B said.

“It was a really amazing fight.” Bystander C said.

“What was that <Net Magic> anyways?” Bystander D said.

“I wonder if anybody knows that…” Bystander E said.

Seems like everyone is discussing their impressions of the event. I can’t find Yuu amongst the crowd though, so I didn’t have anyone to talk to. I ended up just loitering around by myself until the announcement resumed.

“Hey, everyone! It’s the management team!” That bald guy from the event’s start said from the screen.

“Boss, please be more serious.” One of his coworkers said.

“It’s better like this than to be too stiff! Anyways, we will now announce the rankings!” The bald said. He seems to be quite the relaxed person.

More importantly though, let’s check the rankings.


From: KSO management

Subject: Final results of the first official event

Details: The individual rankings and party rankings will be analyzed both per karmic camp and in comparison to all other players. We’ll only announce the top 5 of each category, but you can still check your own rankings in your status screen.


Individual Ranks:



#1: Sumeragi <54000 Points>

#2: Luna <52000 Points>

#3: Dark Priest <48000 Points>

#4: Aaron <45000 Points>

#5: Hannes <42000 Points>



#1: Rena <318,000 Points>

#2: Jet-Black Fallen Angel <52500 Points>

#3: Eetan <52000 Points>

#4: Hymn’s Guru <49000 Points>

#5: Bau Bau <42000 Points>



#1: Absolutely Inviolable Area <351,500 Points>

#2: Blooming Flower <49800 Points>

#3: Myra <45000 Points>

#4: Harold <42000 Points>

#5: Leader of the Swimsuit-Stockings Alliance <41500 Points>



#1: Absolutely Inviolable Area <351,500 Points>

#2: Rena <318000 Points>

#3: Sumeragi <54000 Points>

#4: Jet-Black Fallen Angel <52500 Points>

#5: Luna <52000 Points>

#5: Eetan <52000 Points>


Party Rankings:



#1: Lightning – Leader: Hannes <285,250 Points>

#2: Moonchildren – Leader: Luna <284,500 Points>

#3: Nature’s Light – Leader: Aaron <268,000 Points>

#4: Holy Imperial Knights – Leader: Sumeragi <257,000 Points>

#5: Dark Path – Leader: Dark Priest <254,000 Points>



#1: I Want Points – Leader: Rena <318,000 Points>

#2: Lost Paradise – Leader: Jet Black Fallen Angel <297,000 Points>

#3: Genorers – Leader: Bau Bau <295,450 Points>

#4: Hymn’s Classroom – Leader: Hymn’s Guru <274,000 Points>

#5: **tan – Leader: Eetan <268,500 Points>



#1: Untouchable – Leader: Absolutely Inviolable Area <351,500 Points>

#2: Northern Flowers – Leader: Blooming Flower <298,000 Points>

#3: Swimsuit-Stockings Alliance – Leader: Leader of the Swimsuit-Stockings Alliance <294,000 Points>

#4: Hopeless Youth – Leader: Cultural Festival <262,550 Points>

#5: Crusaders – Leader: Pope Urban II <261,500 Points>



#1: Untouchable – Leader: Absolutely Inviolable Area <351,500 Points>

#2: I Want Points – Leader: Rena <318,000 Points>

#3: Northern Flowers – Leader: Blooming Flower <298,000 Points>

#4: Lost Paradise – Leader: Jet Black Fallen Angel <297,000 Points>

#5: Genorers – Leader: Bau Bau <295,450 Points>


The final rankings of each karmic camp are as follows:


#1: Chaos

#2: Neutral

#3: Order


That will be all. We’ll distribute rewards everyone according to points earned, and extra rewards to the top rankers. You may also use your points to redeem special rewards, though do note that the points will expire one week from now.

– From the KSO management team.


That was unexpected, I didn’t get first place. I wonder who this Absolutely Inviolable Area is…

“With this out of the way, there were two pretty crazy players out there, right? I was laughing out loud while watching the event.” The bald man said.

“Regretfully, I have to admit I share the boss’ opinion.” His secretary commented.

“Why put it that way!?” The boss seemed sad.

“To think that neither of them hid nor run at all in the middle of the Hidden Tag game, it certainly made the premise a lot less interesting…” The secretary complemented while ignoring her boss.

I really didn’t hide, but that was only because I’d get more points like this. It couldn’t be helped.

“Ah, and the Order faction has the highest number of players, for the record. Please try harder next event, you all!” The bald said, and then was punched in the stomach by his secretary “I’ll really get hurt if you keep this up…”

“Rather than that, please wrap this up already.” She said.

“That? Alright, don’t forget to use your points. See you later, everyone!” He said.

“… My deepest apologies to all viewers, rest assured that I’ll soon dispose of this garbage.” The secretary said.

“I-isn’t that a bit too much!?” The bald exclaimed.

“Then, everyone, please continue enjoying the game.” The secretary finished and then closed the transmission… Is it really alright for that bald guy to be the boss?

Well, whatever, let’s just exchange my points and move on. I wonder what’s available… There’s quite a lot of things for sure. I guess I’ll upgrade my equipment first and foremost, and… I still have way too many points?

Let’s exchange everything else for materials and SP… Alright, done, now to leave this place since I have nothing to do here anymore.

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