Chapter 71 – Ah… I, well… Being friends with… Aaah!


(Hagiwara Mai’s Point of View)


“Sowwy… Reawwy sowwy…” I repeated.

“I don’t think she can hear you.” Oda said.

We were walking along the eastern road as I continued to apologize to miss Ichijouji. To think I’ve made such a horrible mistake, how could I possibly let the miss Ichijouji that I have always admired see such tomfoolery between me and Oda!? I’m ruined! Ruined!

“… So, weren’t you going to ask her to be your friend?” He asked me.

“It’s not time yet.” I answered.

“I see…” Oda was pressuring me, but I’m way too scared to make this kind of request! I’m here right now because Oda said I could accompany them, so I need to earn credit with her on this trip!

“By the way, doesn’t Rena seem to be in a bad mood?” I asked him.

“Is she now?” He asked back.

“Yeah, I mean, she was clearly annoyed at school, but right now she seems… Mentally unstable?” I clarified.

“Isn’t that alright though?” He asked.

“Is it?” She must have been tired of all the talk at school since she isn’t used to dealing with all that, but for her to be even moodier right now… There must be a lot of emotions swirling on her head, maybe something happened on the way home? “Well, she is a bit scary right now…”

“You don’t know how to feel about that?” He asked.

“Pretty much…” I answered honestly.

“Got it got it.” This cheeky brat is already getting back into his old habits… “Well, I don’t know that much about her either in all honesty…”

“Then don’t try being all cheeky with me!” I told him.

“… I don’t know if she is in a bad mood or not, her mood changes are somewhat subtle, really.” He continued.

“Don’t ignore me!” I shouted.

“Okay, I heard you, I heard you!” That stupid Oda! Talking like that while the topic of our conversation isn’t here! Although that’s just his usual playfulness… “In any case, Rena is usually very blunt and direct in regards to words at the very least, she can’t avoid landmines in conversations because she doesn’t know where the mines are in the first place.”

“Oh… I can relate to that!” I exclaimed.

“I don’t think you two are comparable, but I guess that’s alright.” I can’t fully understand miss Ichijouji because of her vague aura, but I can guess what she is feeling from her mood… It’s a tough technique to master though.

“It can’t be helped that I’m not perfect at it yet, even if I’m such a skilled guardian…” I concluded.

“This again…” The worm spoke.

I want to get along with miss Ichijouji, but it’s hard to get closer right now… “But to think she really was the Genocider…”

“Yeah, shocking, right?” Even now, she is currently massacring her enemies right in front of us, so I’m talking to Oda as a form of escapism.

“Mercy!” One shouted.

“Please help me!” Another begged.

“Gah!” One screamed.

The smell of blood was nauseating, together with some other smell that was probably from her poisons, but that was faint enough to only make me slightly uncomfortable… And all the colors spread everywhere, red, pink, white, and a small bit of skin color…

“Don’t let her escape, she took my important-“ Another died.

“Y-y-you monster!” A dead man said.

“A-a-a-a-aaaaaaaaaah!” A dead woman screamed.

She’s still quite ruthless for sure. The man, and his wife begged for mercy and she thrust her knife at their mouths.

“Y-you will pay!!!” A soon to be dead man shouted from the darkness.

“Gyah!” And now he shouted again. No matter where they approach from, the result is the same, their bodies only nourish the earth.

“Ugh…” It really is nauseating…

“You alright?” Oda asked.

“I’ll handle it… I just ended up looking at it directly…” It’s hard to keep up with it because we ran out of topics to talk about, so now I’m paying more attention to what she is doing…

“Shouldn’t you turn on the filters then?” He asked.

“No, I want to get along with miss Ichijouji, so I should learn to handle this much.” I answered.

“I see.” He answered.

Because miss Ichijouji created a total mess in the administration of both the Beginners’ City and Belzenstock City in quick succession, a lot of chaos issued afterwards. Add to that the now weakened security that came from the chaos, and bandits started running rampant.

“… Player actions really can affect the whole game now, can’t they?” I asked rhetorically.

“Yeah, even now, those deaths Rena is causing are probably making a difference. One thief that she killed was a farmer before for one, there are surely many more that are in this kind of situation.” Oda answered anyways.

“Your info is always so ridiculously accurate, as expected of the verification team.” I praised him for a change.

“Thanks!” He said. I guess what he is saying makes sense, it’s unusual to see such a large bandit group come out of nowhere after all, so they’re probably after Rena. “And now, because she is going wild, merchants can’t do business, which will make it harder for them to sell their goods, which can affect the shippings for Belzenstock city…”

I guess that it’s not that surprising that everything went upside down when she killed a bishop, overthrew two governments, and even killed the tutorial guy. Many that had their livelihoods secured were now forced to go into thievery, which made security worse, which allowed more bandits to sweep in, and then a downwards spiral started…

“It’s really quite graphic… Ugh!” I mentioned as I stared at the carnage.

“… Are you really sure you’re alright?” Oda asked again.

“I’m alright…” I replied.

“Your eyes are tearful…” It’s just hard to look at it, okay? She even throws children as weapons, and then she emotionlessly pierces both parents and children in one go. Not to mention all the time she makes them explode… “You still want to get along with her?” Oda asked.

“Y-yes!” I replied.

“… Can I ask why?” He asked… I stayed silent. “Well, I won’t force you to answer.”

I mean, what can I say? It’s because Miss Ichijouji…

“I’m done, you two.” Miss Ichijouji suddenly said.

I left out a silent scream at her sudden appearance.

“That was fast.” Oda commented.

“Was it now?” She replied. To think that she’d suddenly come out from behind like this, I almost had a heart attack…

“By the way, Rena, she wants to ask you something.” Oda dropped a bomb.

“E-eh!?” Was all I could say in return… Seriously!? Oda!?!?

“… Sure, what is it… Maria?” Miss Ichijouji said.

“Y-yes, miss Rena!” She actually remembered my username! This is so precious, I can die in peace now…

“So…? What is it?” She asked.

“Ah… I, well… Being friends with… Aaah!” I couldn’t say it!

Miss Ichijouji stayed silent. She seemed confused.

Oda on the other hand sighed and said, “She’s no good after all…” Shut up! Can’t you read the surroundings a bit!? How can I say it while being pushed right in front of her like that!? Especially with her current mood… And right after she made this slaughter! “Fight on!” He shouted.

“Die, you worm!” I shouted at him back.

“Uhn…” Miss Ichijouji murmured.

Ah! I-I need to do my best! Come in my courage, I can do it! “We-well, you see… I… I uhn… Ah… Ah… It’s impossible! I’m sorry!” I said while bowing to her.

“Oh… Uhn, it’s okay… Alright?” Miss Ichijouji vaguely replied.

I’m sorry, I’m really sorry! I just can’t do it yet, please forgive me! Right now it’s enough if I just breathe the same air and stand in the same space as you!

“… So that’s the limit for an Otaku, I’ll keep it in mind.” Oda commented… Shut up!

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