Chapter 74 – The Frontier’s Expedition Force – Part 3


As I killed the escort of the crown prince, I broke through the carriage’s door and said, “Please support me.” to Maria and Yuu.

“G-got it!” They answered in unison.

Outside the carriage, I could see the furious soldiers waiting for me. “Did you see it? His highness had to use a Teleportation Feather! Let’s take her down!” A soldier exclaimed.

“She’s a villain! An enemy of our country! We will avenge our fallen comrades!” Another shouted.

As the commanders gave their orders, I started assessing the situation… Even after all the damage I caused, there were still a lot of soldiers, there were probably over a thousand at the start. I better take this seriously now that they’re surrounding me.

“<Body Enhancement – Slaughterer’s Organs>” I started.

“Get ready, she’s coming!” One of them shouted.

“<Devilish Telepathy>” I continued.

“Prepare yourselves!” They exclaimed.

I didn’t go all the way with the strengthening, but Yuu and Maria also gave their support, so this should be fine.


Race: Human

Name: Rena Lv.48 << + 15 >>

Karma value: -234 << Evil >>

Class: Assassin; Second Class: Demons’ Master; Third Class: Evil Doctor

Condition: Possessed <Kageyama>

Slaughterer’s Organ: <STR increase: Extra Large; AGI increase: Extra Large>

Devilish Telepathy: <INT increase: Large; LUK increase: Large; Strengthening enhancement efficiency increased for servants: Large; Strengthening enhancement efficiency increase from servants: Large>

Attributes Granted to attacks: <Fire: Max; Wind: Max; Light: Max; Dark: Max>

Holy Offensive: <Light Attribute to Attacks: Medium; Attack Power Increase: Medium>

Holy Protection: <Increased Light Resistance: Medium; Increased Defense: Medium>

Enhancements: <STR increase: Extra Large; VIT increase: Extra Large; AGI increase: Extra Large>

Enhancements: <Slash: Large; Blunt: Large; Accuracy: Large; Dodge: Large>


This should be alright. There are more than enough enemies to cap the bonus of the Slaughterer Title, and even after their numbers are decreased, the Carnage Tyrant title won’t let my AGI fall much. The battle might still take a while though, so I didn’t use <Self Alteration: Evil Medicine>, as the HP degen might make it not worth it for this situation.

“It will be fun to ‘play’ here.” I said to nobody in particular.

“Charge-“ The commander started saying, but I beheaded him, stuffed his body with explosives, and then threw him.

As his body exploded, his troops took that as a signal to start the attack. I ran right to their middle while deploying my steel threads everywhere.

“Stop her!” One said.

“Don’t let her get near the rearguard!” Another shouted.

I held the incoming spear with my armpit, held the arm of its wielder from the elbow and twisted it around, forcing him to drop it, then kicked his jaw, killing him. Next, I swung the spear behind my left shoulder to kill another attacker, ducked to dodge another one, then used the recently stabbed person as an umbrella to protect myself from the incoming rain of arrows.

“Don’t let her-“ Another started shouting. I hooked his leg with a thread and pulled it, making him fall. Stepped on his neck, put a bunch of explosives on the still stabbed soldier, tied the spear with threads, then threw it far away for another explosion.

“Seems like it’s safe to assume everything Rena throws is always poisonous or explosive…” Yuu commented.

“Yeah…” Maria answered.

As they talked, I piled up bodies to make a makeshift barrier, made spears out of thread, poisoned them, and started throwing them at the archers, who were either killed by the spear itself, or incapacitated by the poison.

“Don’t let her act freely!” A solider shouted.

“We can’t touch her, damn it!” Another yelled.

Having freedom to attack from a distance was nice, but they already closed up on me again. I avoided a thrust from the side, and pierced the head of its wielder with my shortsword. I then threw it on the ground to collide with someone that came from below with some sort of skill, then freed my shortsword and used it to kill this attacker as well.

Turning around, I strangled an attacker with my threads, used his body to intercept some incoming magic, jumped on top of a nearby soldier, stabbed his throat with my shortsword, pulled it out, pulled another closer with my threads and then pierced his head too. Then, I threw a poisoned needle at the person who seemed to be one of their commanders, so as to break their command chain.

“M-monster…” One soldier said while shivering.

“Hii!” Another made this weird noise.

“D-don’t be scared!” A third one said.

“The punishment for desertion is severe!” A fourth one exclaimed.

Seems like their morale fell quite a bit from this. Let’s break it for good then, “Don’t think you can run away this easily.” I said while giggling.

“A-a-aaaaaah!” One shouted while running.

“You…” Another said desperately.

As the first one started to run, others started to follow suit. Then, the rearguard who can hardly see what’s happening started turning their backs as well… And like this, it’s easy to wrap things up.

“<Blood World>” I casted. All of the pieces of my Darkness Thread that I had spread started returning to me at once, cutting through whatever was in their path. Some were stuck on soldiers’ corpses and brought them with itself, others got stuck into living soldiers and brought them too… The result was that a mass of bodies from the entire army were brought together and clashed at high speed high up in the air. Weapons flew from their corpses as their blood flowed down or evaporated into a bloody fog, making everything nearby be tinged red. It was an amazing sight.

The soldiers stopped moving and seemed to be despairing… Originally this move was supposed to work as a simple trap to capture enemies, but the affected area was so big, and the number of enemies was so large, that it ended up having an amazing side effect. I did need quite a bit of STR to do this, but it was doable with Inoue’s help and the strengthening bonuses from myself, Yuu and Maria.

“B-blegh…” Maria made a weird noise.

“You don’t need to look at it, Maria. You don’t need to get used to this much just yet…” Yuu said.

“But… Alright.” She said.

The soldiers seemed to have lost their will to fight after this, so I suppose it’s a success? Though it’s boring to deal with stunned soldiers, so let’s end this quickly. I threw a needle at a far away one, kicked another’s neck and pierced the next one’s head. “The rest of you… It’s not interesting if you don’t fight back, so why don’t you just go back to the capital and report today’s occurrences?” It’s fine if they don’t though, as I’ll go there anyways.

<Your Level has increased>

<You earned Skill Points>

<Your Karma has dropped significantly>

<The level of existing skills has increased>

<Skills that have reached a certain level can now evolve>

<New title: Enemy of Mankind>

<New title: Slayer of a Thousand Knights>

<New title: Wanted at the Entire Kingdom of Hermagne>

<New title: Army Slayer>

<The level of your servants has risen>

<World Announcement: The player named Rena is now wanted throughout the entire Kingdom of Hermagne and its temples. All cities and temples will consider her a wanted criminal, and a permanent request for her head will be hosted at the Adventurer’s Guild. Players may get rewards from both temples and from the kingdom if they catch or kill the target.>

… That’s a bit more than expected.

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