Chapter 80 – The Maid’s Will (Part 3)


The maid was panting… “You finally gave up?” I asked her who could hardly stand on her own.

“I’ll repeat it… As many times as needed… Just who will give up!?” She answered.

“… Is that so?” Why does she love the princess so much? How can she possibly care for her this much without being her mother?

She took a deep breath and said, “<Oath, I’m the one who, without expecting any compensation> Gyaa!”

“You really won’t live much longer if you keep this up…” I told her as I hanged her upside down with a thread that I had tied around her ankle.

She coughed blood a few times before being able to reply, “Oh, you’re worried about me?” She asked sarcastically.

“… I just want you to surrender?” I told her… She is no mother, yet she has such affection for the princess… Why? It’s not right. She’s not her mother…

“<Give all of my> Agh!” As she continued her chant, I punched her defenseless stomach.

“You’re persistent.” I told her as I broke her ribs with my punches.

She shouted in pain, yet refused to give up… It’s frustrating. “<Oath… without compensation… Give all… Love!>” She shouted.

“… You really finished it?”


Important NPC

Name: Annabella Verdi Lv.45 <+30>

Karma: 15 <Neutral>

Class: Royal Maid; Second Class: Gardener; Third Class: Royal Guard


Devotion: <HP recovers at a rate of 2%/5s for as long as you’re fighting against one specific opponent>

Maid’s Manners: <INT increase: Extra Large; AGI increase: Extra Large>

Maid’s Dignity: <STR increase: Max; DEX increase: Extra Large>

Royal Guard: <VIT increase: Extra Large; Max HP increase: Large>

Oath: Absolute Loyalty: <INT increase: Max; DEX increase: Max; Constant HP decrease: 3%/1s>


Second daughter of Marquis Verdi

Exclusive maid of the First Princess

Loves without expecting compensation


As she finished it, she tried to attack me with a hidden knife, but I parried it with my fist and kicked her face. She refused to give up however, and used the knife to cut the thread around her ankle, got a bit of distance, and then started using magic, “<Pure Light Barrage>!”

I had to block her attack with a wall made by mixing <Black Magic> and <Bright Magic>… Though I wonder if it’s alright for her to use such a big spell in this narrow alley, is she trying to call for reinforcements?

Moreover, she somehow kept attacking me with her knife while her magic was active. It was an impressive skill set for a maid… I kept parrying the attacks anyways though.

“Your HP won’t last much longer…” I told her. Then, as soon as there was a small break on her magic barrage, I rushed forward, dodged her knife, and tied her up with my threads, preventing her from moving.

“… So even this isn’t enough?” She said.

“Have you finally ran out of tricks?” I asked her, “You’re almost dying…”

“I’m aware…” She replied.

“Any last words?” I asked… And somehow, she still resisted by trying to stab me with a knife while being tangled up, but I parried it… I’ll still listen to her last will though.

“Your highness, please grow up as a cheerful and splendid-“ She tried to say more, but she started coughing blood.

“I got it.” I answered her… And then, she shouted and jumped towards my neck, biting it with all her might. “What the-!? Why won’t you give up even in the face of death!?” I shouted as I punched her face over and over again, breaking bones, spilling blood everyone, dying her skin red… Until, eventually, she fell.

She did not stop until she died. She kept fighting until the very end… Even Alexei and Ronove gave up when faced with the inevitable end, but she just wouldn’t stop… I even lost a lot of HP because she was biting a vital area.

She really used the entirety of her life for the princess, in the truest sense of the word… Why couldn’t she just give up? She wasn’t her mother, it would have been quicker if she had just given up, even gaining time was pointless, so why did she kept trying? To the point of even using Oaths…?

I don’t get it… Though I’m not as annoyed as I was before… I suppose I should chase the princess now, I should at least deliver this maid’s last words for her.


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