Chapter 76 – The First Princess’ Trip


(First Princess Ferra’s Point of View)


As I sneaked through the corridors to leave the castle and reach the city below, I heard a voice calling me from behind, “Your highness Ferra, Where are you going?”

“Whoa!” I exclaimed and turned around, only to see my personal maid looking at me with a troubled expression, “Oh, Annabella, this is… Well… It’s not what you’re thinking!”

She seemed exasperated, “You know that his majesty specifically said that you were not to leave the castle…”

I know… But both of my brothers left to do something! Why am I the only one that has to remain locked inside!? “Please, just for a little bit! I’ll be back soon after having a bit of fun outside!”

“As your personal maid, I cannot allow that.” She said.

“Why are you so inflexible…?” I replied while pouting.

She held my hand and said, “Now, let’s return.”

“I’m sorry for sneaking out! Pretty please let me go!” I begged her, I really can’t stay inside here anymore!

She sighed, “I suppose it should be alright if I’m by your side, we don’t stay out for long, and warn his majesty about it.”

“Alright! Thanks, Annabella!” I said while hugging her. Now let’s head off!


“Wow… There are so many people here!” I exclaimed. I haven’t been to town in a while, yet it’s still filled with this many people. I’m happy that father’s rule is wonderful enough to care for all those people… “Let’s go over there!” I said while running.

“Your highness, please refrain from having such unruly behavior.” Annabella said sternly.

“Ah, right…” If I go out of line, dad will get angry at me, so I should control myself, “Then, Annabella, I’ll go over there, alright?”

She giggled and said, “Of course.” Her smile was really strange right now, but I’m feeling pretty good at the moment, so let’s not mind it!

“Uncle, I want this!” I said to the owner of a stall.

“Sure thing, Missy, wait just a bit!” He said as he prepared some skewers for me. I specifically chose the ones that looked the least ladylike as payback against Annabella… Fufufu, it’s so fun to do something wrong!

“Your highness, please don’t eat too much…” Annabella said worriedly.

“I know, I know!” She’s going to scold me if I eat so much to the point I can’t have dinner, so I won’t go that far.

“Here you go, Missy!” The stall owner said as he gave me the skewer.

“Thank you!” I said and immediately took a bite, “This cheesy taste is just irresistible!”

“I’m glad you like it, Missy!” He replied.

“Thank you again, Uncle! I’ll come again if I have the chance!” I said while walking away.

“I’ll be waiting!” He replied cheerfully.

I love eating cheap food like this from time to time. The food at the castle isn’t bad of course, but I get bored of it if I eat it every day…

Wait a minute… “There’s a sweet smell coming from that direction!?” I said while walking towards another stall.

“Your highness…” Annabella seemed worried…

“I know, I know! I will save enough space for dinner!” I said as I reached the stall, “What kind of sweets are those?” I asked the owner while pointing at them.

“Oh? That’s ice cream.” She replied.

“Please give me one!” I asked her.

“Of course, here you go.” She took one out, and gave it to me with a smile.

“Thank you, auntie!” I replied and then took a bite… It’s cold, and sweet! There has never been anything like this at the castle, it’s so yummy! “It’s wonderful! You should try it too, Annabella!”

“I’m sorry, your highness, I can’t…” She started replying, but I cut her.

“It’s alright! You can eat it because it’s you! Come on, come on!” I understood it. A maid shouldn’t eat her master’s food… But it’s Annabella! It’s obviously alright!

“… Then… Just a bit.” She said, and gave it a small bite.

“How is it? How is it?” I asked her.

“It’s cold and sweet.” She said with a big smile, the ice cream completely broke through her usual cold expression!

“I know, right!?” This is great! I’ll have to tell the chef at home to serve it often once we’re back!

“You can take your time eating the rest, your highness, but we’ll be going back as soon as you’re finished.” Anabella said just as I took another bite.

“Eh!? Already!? Why!? What’s happening, Annabella!?” Everyone at the castle is more nervous than usual, my brothers are super tense… Just why!?

… She stayed silent. “I get it… A 10 years old child has no need to know those things… And you can’t tell me even if I ask because my second brother explicitly ordered you not to, right?”

“… I’m sorry.” She replied.

“It’s alright, it’s always like this anyways…” That brother of mine… Annabella is my maid, not his! I don’t care if his authority is higher than mine! She’s my maid! He can’t order her like that! It’s not fair to make her unable to disobey him like this! It’s sickening!

I took a deep breath to calm down, and then gave her my best smile, “It’s alright. You’re my maid after all, so I’ll forgive you!”

She was wide eyed for a second, and then started giggling, “Thank you.” She said.

“Then, let’s go home as I eat!” I told her and started walking back to the castle. I was not going to let this ruin my good mood, I was going home with a smile on my face, eating this delicious ice cream and-

“Oops.” A person said as I bumped into her.

“Kya!” I shouted.

“Your highness!” Annabella said while hurrying after me as I fell on the ground…

It’s alright, it doesn’t hurt, let me just… Wait, where is my… “My ice cream!” I exclaimed as I saw it on the ground.

“Ah… Sorry?” The woman I bumped at said… She… Her… Her foot ate my ice cream!

I was about to start complaining, but when I took a good look at her face, I saw how beautiful she was, and became unable to say anything.

“Rena, you alright?” A guy behind her asked.

“I’m alright.” She said without even looking at him, and then she offered me a hand, “I’m sorry for ruining your ice cream, Miss.”

I think I blushed a bit, “Ah, ah… I-it’s okay!” I tried replying properly, but ended up stuttering… How embarrassing!

“Miss Ichijouji, please excuse me.” A woman that seemed to be accompanying the one I bumped into said.

They both seemed to be very amazing and virtuous people, they must be on the Order faction… A beautiful woman is having her legs wiped by a napkin held by a saintess… The saintess seems to have something coming out of her nose, but I must be just seeing things.

“… If that’s alright, I can reimburse you for the lost ice cream, so you could please show me around the capital?” The beautiful woman said.

“Of course!” I instantly replied.

“Yo… Young lady!” Annabella shouted.

“It’s alright! They seem to be good people, don’t they? And I want to play a little more… Please? Pretty please…?” I asked Annabella.

“… Only for a little while.” She gave in.

I hugged her, “Thank you! I love you, Annabella!”

“Ah… Al-alright…” She seemed embarrassed… I love how kind she is to me!

“Age gap with a difference in status to boot… That’s definitely the best kind of yuri.” The man accompanying the beautiful women said something weird, so let’s ignore him! I’ll show them around!

“Well, first of all, there’s an ice cream shop over there!” I told them as we walked… This is of course, nothing more than my duty as a member of the royal family though, as we should always pay attention to the opinions of those below us… So I must ask them lots and lots of things!

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