Chapter 78 – The Maid’s Will


(Annabella’s Point of View)


That woman took me away from her highness and into a back alley. I tried to make a surprise attack against her back a few times as she walked, but each time she just turned around and gave me a warm gaze… It’s impossible after all.

“… How far are you planning to go?” I asked her.

“I wonder how far would be good enough?” She answered vaguely.

To think that she not only had such negative emotions on her, but she also knew that her highness was the princess from the get-go… I have to protect her highness.

“Are you doing this because his highness Jural offered you money?” I asked her. Maybe I could try offering more to save her highness…

“Ju…?” She seemed confused, so it’s probably not that… Well, then I suppose I should at least try buying some time. Maybe her highness will notice something is wrong and escape if I end up taking long.

“Then, as unlikely as it might be, could it be his highness Gillian’s fault?” I asked her.

She seemed equally confused by this statement, as expected.

I wonder if this woman’s companions would help her highness, they’re wild factors to this matter. They might be able to help her now that they’re separated, but not if they are unaware of this woman’s true nature… However, I don’t think they’d be willing to harm children, even if she is royalty. Hopefully that might be enough to save her.

“Then, could you be an agent of the Empire?” I asked her.

“Empire? Aah…” I wasn’t sure what to take of this answer… But considering what happened to the frontier city, it shouldn’t be hard for them to infiltrate the kingdom…

“Wasn’t the empire supposed to stay quiet for a few more years?” She asked… What’s that even supposed to mean?

“The empire was going to stay quiet?” I asked her back.

“I think so…” She answered… It’s hard to read her, she’s always so expressionless… And she doesn’t talk much to boot. Still, she seems to be planning to at least kidnap her highness, this is a heavy burden for a maid, but I will have to stop you somehow.

“Then, why are you even doing this?” I asked her.

“Because it’s interesting.” She answered instantly.

“… I suppose I shouldn’t have expected you to answer seriously.” Although I guess this situation would be interested for the empire…

“Well, I guess it’s fine over here.” She said and stopped moving.

Seems like this is it. I wonder what will happen to me now…

“Can you cooperate with me? Or at least not be a hindrance?” She asked directly.

“I cannot betray her highness.” I answered.

“Is that so?” She said, and then the alley went silent… Until she charged at me that is.

I tried stabbing her with my hidden knife, but she dodged it, stopped her charge, held my wrist and twisted it, forcing me to drop the knife.

As I screamed in pain, she kicked my belly, then my knees, and then grabbed my neck and hit my face against the wall.

“Do you understand the difference in our power now?” She said. It’s frustrating, but painfully obvious that she was right. She didn’t even pull out her weapons, nor did she show any expression whatsoever…

“I suppose I do…” I answered her.

“Then, don’t-“ She started speaking.

“Don’t underestimate her highness’ maid!” I made a strong push against the wall, enough to make her let go of me and gain some distance.

“You still haven’t given up yet?” She asked.

I giggled a bit before answering, “How about this?” I understood she was just playing around, that she wasn’t really trying to kill me, but still… I need to make a stand here, to buy more time for her highness.

“<Body Enhancement: Maid’s Manners>” I started.

“Oh, so maids can also use those…” She said something strange, but I ignored it and focused on the strengthening instead.

“<Soul Elevation: Maid’s Dignity>” Like this, I should be able to earn a bit more time, even if just a bit.

“… So, what next?” She asked me.

“How about this!?” I shouted. I don’t think I can win like this, but still… I’ll do everything I can!

I charged at her… She grabbed my head, hit it on the ground, picked my knife from the ground and put it near my neck while forcing me to look up…

“Are you satisfied now?” She asked.

I’m sorry, your highness… This is a disgrace… I should be protecting you, yet I’m only being trampled upon… I’m sorry… And yet… This is my win!

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