Genocide Online

Chapter 159 – Ichijouji Tadashi’s Stomachache


(Tadashi’s (new character) PoV)

“Ugh…” I grumbled as I rode the limousine towards the place that was going to be my new home… I hate this, I’m about to puke. Why am I a candidate for the succession of the Ichijouji family? Why couldn’t they just go for Komari or Seigi who are people with a normal personality? Or even Reina who is… Well, like that… Why me when they exist!?

“Young master…” The butler said this as he stared at me through the car’s mirror… It just can’t be helped, okay? I’m sure he agrees with me that I shouldn’t be going to that house!

“I just don’t get why my father, who is from one of the branch families, agreed to the proposition of making me a heir to the main family…” I complained.

“Perhaps the master just had a similar line of thought as those of the main family.” The butler told me. I mean, I get that much, but why!? I’m just an ordinary person with a bit of an unusual hobby, why me!? I wouldn’t have tried being as excellent as possible if I knew this was going to happen. I caught the eye of the most disgusting person out there… “Also, please don’t show them your unusual hobbies.”

“I know, I know! Avoid showing them that I like gaming, I’ll be mindful of that!” I replied. I wonder what would be the reaction on the Ichijouji household if they found out about it. Maybe they’ll send me back to my parents’ house and ruin my reputation on the process? Though I did build up quite the image for myself already, so I think I should still be able to succeed our branch of the family even if that happens.

“We’ll be arriving soon, so you should probably review things again just to be sure. You ought to make sure you please Ichijouji Naoshi with every word you say.” The butler told me.

“We’re already getting there…? Alright…” I sighed, then started looking at the study material again. It was mostly obvious stuff, but it was a bit hard to be sure on what would be the ideal answers in case he asked me about my opinion on refugees and on AIs.

It’s humanitarian to harbor refugees, but it’s a huge financial loss as well… Perhaps it would be for the best to go for considering them unnecessary, since Ichijouji Naoshi is the minister of finance.

The AIs though… Ichijouji Naoshi is somewhat robotic, so perhaps he would be in favor of giving human rights to AIs…? Although… That would be so stupid. I can’t stop thinking of the problems that this would cause. I don’t care what his opinion on this is, I’m going to say it would be a nonsensical idea to give rights to AIs.

Also, I suppose he does care about Reiko, so he is not entirely robotic… And he could very well consider me incompetent if I say something as absurd as saying that AIs should have human rights, so I definitely should not say that.

Perhaps an ‘ordinary’ person would have agreed with this kind of proposition, but it’s better to not be ‘ordinary’ than to be ‘incompetent’… Besides, considering how ‘abnormal’ Reina is, I’m sure that I’d never be considered out of the ‘ordinary’ in Ichijouji Naoshi’s eyes.

That family is such a mess… A bad parent and a crazy child… “I wanna go home…” I grumbled while holding my stomach. Just the thought of living there was giving me a stomachache.

“Young master…” My butler said… I know, I know, it’s not an option for me right now… It’s just depressing to think of how stressful my life will be once I arrive at their house… I guess I’ll really have to vent as much of this stress away as I can while gaming, because I really won’t be able to handle it otherwise.

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