Genocide Online
Chapter 237 – Stepping On The Unrefined With Glass Shoes – 2



***Blossom’s POV***




I went with a big sweep from my scythe… But that middle-aged woman threw herself to the floor in all fours to avoid my attack.


“You’re just like a cockroach… No, like a wharf roach!”


Without even trying to hide my excitement, I shook the the chain at the butt end of the scythe with a sadistic smile on my face while aiming for the area between that stupid woman’s eyebrows, where a vein was clearly visible.

Hearing my insults, the wharf-roach jumped backwards using her four limbs as if they were spring-loaded.


“Who’s a wharf roach!?”


“What’s wrong? Are you mad ‘cause you’ve realized you’re nothing but a creepy crawly?”


“Like your stupid taunting would work on me! [Acid Storm]!”


“Look at you, trying to protect your little brother! You’re so cute ♡”


I instantly froze that wave of acid waste that was unleashed upon me with [Avis Blizzard], one of the [Eight Cold Magic] spells, before crushing it with the blunt end of my scythe.

But it didn’t end there. I used yet another one of my [Eight Cold Magic] spells, [Demonic Frozen Earth], which allowed me to freely manipulate the frozen acid shards, as well as hurling them back at my attacker.


“Watch out there! A single touch of those will get you poisoned!”


“[Permeation Crush]!”




Seeing that wharf roach’s struggle is so pleasant… She can’t even work well with her little brother, perhaps because they’re too busy being worried about the frozen soil that’s gradually spreading to the city behind them.

Since some time ago, I’ve been gradually extending my territory while slashing at that blasted wharf roach.

It’s going to get restored to some extent, but as long as it’s enough to surround them, that’s good enough for me.


“Hehehe, what are you going to do, huh? What are you going to do? At least you’re not a complete waste of power ♡ Oh, you’re so cute! ♡ You’re wondering if it’ll freeze you if you touch it, turning around so meekly, looking away from the enemy right in front of you… You’re only going to get yourself a kick like this ♡”


“Gah, you bastard…”


Hehe, I wonder if the fact that touching that a while ago caused her arm to fall off has left some trauma behind?

If you want to be even more deformed, I can certainly help you with that.


“Aw, you look so cute, flailing about like that ♡ Too bad you two aren’t good enough to become melee diamonds.”


They would be simply too deformed to become beautiful small stones, which would bring out my own brilliance as a main stone to the maximum.

After all, you’re fighting a battle you can’t win, and you’re simply not fascinating enough to make me stand out.


“C’mere, why don’t you let me see you grovel so I can step on you?”


At least let me see how it looks to have my foot over your crawling body.

You’re wondering how can I persistently mock, torture and humiliate someone like you by stepping on you like a bug?

Don’t you know? It’s to protect my own pride.


“Guh, now’s not the time to sit here doing nothing! We have to help the old man!”


“Shit, we’re getting beat by this little girl…!”


“What’s that? You’re going to get serious this late into the battle? …How rude of you to not come at me with your full power from the start. It’s a bit insulting, really.”


Well, now I’ve made up my mind. I’ll flatten these bugs onto the ground with everything I’ve got.


“You cheeky brat!! [Body Sublimation: Marine Form]!!”


“[Mental Sublimation: Marine Form]””


“[Body Sublimation: Mirror Sea Moonlight]!!”


“[Body Sublimation: Mirror Sea Moonlight]!!”


“Oh, look at you now, you look dreadful…”


I had never imagined that they would transform into such ugly monsters… Not that their new shapes don’t seem appropriate for them, though.

But it’s still a shame that these ugly things are my opponents. It certainly doesn’t make me look good.


“You’ll soon realize not to mess with the power of the sea god!!”


“The only thing I realize is that you’re making my eyes hurt… [Permafrost: Vainglory]”


The thing that now looked like a mix between a moray eel and a lizard dashed at me with its claws, which I repelled with a quick flick of my scythe.

As for that wharf roach woman, instead of freezing her water bullets, I’ll just hit her with a snowstorm.


“To be so wicked at such a young age… Nothing but death can save your rotten soul anymore.”


“Man, you’re even more boring than what I thought when I first looked at you… But oh well, the moment you refused my invitation, you became nothing but trash to me… [Body Opera: Beautiful Grace]”


I stomped the ground with my left foot, making a scarlet ice block rise in front of it, which blocked their attacks before exploding.

The force of its explosion sent its icy shards forward, and the air of absolute zero released by it enveloped my scythe’s blade as I mowed down with it.






“[Divine Blasphemy: Arrogant Heroine]”


The woman collapsed after taking a direct hit from my attack, and the cold air that was as sharp as a thousand blades went through her and reached the man behind her as well, tearing both of his arms away. And I couldn’t stop laughing at them.

It’s too late for them to get serious. My cold air had been tearing through them the moment I laid eyes upon them.

No wonder you can’t move your bodies as well as you want to, huh?


“[Divine Verdict: Number One]”


[Frost Rose], which had been waiting to be activated, restrained my two injured opponents using the thorns made out of sharp scarlet icy shards.


“[Divine Verdict: Stepping over the Unrefined with Glass Shoes]”




Race: Majin

Name: Blossom Lv.101 [+ 30]

Karma: -394 [Evil]

Class: Ice Empress – 2nd Class: Top Star – 3rd Class: Evil Spirit


Vainglory [STR increase: XL – INT increase: XL – Damage increase to Humans: MAX – Damage increase to Order affiliation: MAX]

Beautiful Grace [INT increase: XL – LUK increase: XL – When user’s Charm is higher than the opponent’s, all abilities increase: L]

Arrogant Heroine [STR increase: MAX – INT increase: MAX – Damage dealt to Humanoids: MAX – Damage reduction from Humanoids: MAX]

Heathen Annihilation [All stats increased: S – Karma: Increased – Damage dealt to Good enemies: L – Natural Regeneration: M]

Attribute Bestowal [Ice Damage: MAX – Dark Damage: MAX]

Stat Bestowal [STR increase: XL – VIT increase: XL – AGI increase: XL – INT increase: XL – DEX increase: XL]

Stat Bestowal [Slashing damage up: L – Blunt damage up: L – Hit rate increase: L – Dodge rate increase: L]

Divine Verdict: Free Will [STR increase: MAX – INT increase: MAX – Damage dealt to Humans: MAX – Damage increase to characters of higher Karma: MAX – HP decreases at 3% per second]




Five more seconds… No, it’s so fun to look down on them for five more seconds that I just have to.


“[O proud god Ether, whom the corrupted lowly gods follow! I, Blossom, your plundering servant, shall trample over your enemies! Grant me your blessing so that I may get rid of the insects who trespass my freedom…]”


Oh, look at your disgusting pale faces.

It’s a real shame that you had to turn that small shield you managed to create with magic towards the city behind you.


“[…Please give me your blessing]”


But it was your own choice, so… Now you’re going to have to stand by it, okay?


“[Ether’s Pride]”




“Uh… Argh…”


“Are you awake?”


I called out to the man, who was crawling on the ground and coughing.

He then turned his beaten, dying body around so that he could look me right in the eye.


“What’s with that attitude? Don’t tell me you want her to die already?”




As I sat on a chair made of ice, I grabbed the wharf roach woman by her head and lifted her.

I can’t help being amused by how the look on the man’s eyes changed the moment he saw that.


“Do you get it now? I’m the winner and you’re the loser, and even though you talked big, you’re nothing but cockroaches that couldn’t accomplish a single thing here.”




“You still want to save your sister’s life, right?”


“…What… What do you want…”


He still looked quite energetic for someone who had gotten both of his legs cut off.


“Hehe… Well? How about we start by having you lick my foot?”




“You see, even though things may look this way, I was still shocked to see you giving me the cold shoulder.”


I hid my mouth behind my free hand and laughed as I stuck out one of my legs.

Oh, the grimace on that man’s face… It’s so amusing!


“You want me… To lick your foot…?”


“That’s right. Come now, warrior of Order. Don’t be ashamed or proud now. Come lick the foot of a woman of Chaos which you once dared to reject…”




“If you don’t want to, that’s fine. I’ll just kill this woman instead.”




As he crawled with his hands, the man’s face slowly approached my feet.




I clenched my fist as I stared straight at the man’s face, which was filled with regret.


“Ugh, I’m sorry…”


After some more crawling, his stretched out tongue got really close to my foot… And then I kicked his face.




“Ahahahaha! You’re so stupid! Didn’t you hear a word I said earlier?”


My laughter echoed as I kept on stomping on the man’s head vigorously.

This, this is the best part. I can’t help the fact that this is what I always enjoy the most.


“I told you this back when I first tried to seduce you, don’t you remember? I said that I wouldn’t let you touch me… Then you turned me away, and now you think you’ll get better treatment from me than before? You really are stupid!”




“And let me let you in on a secret: I despise men without pride.”


After tossing the woman’s corpse aside, I placed my foot over the man’s head and put all of my strength to it…


“Just die, you idiot~♥”


…Crushing his head with my glass shoe.




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