God-level Bodyguard In The City – Chapter 34 – The Warning of Shen Ming

They were a group of professional killers. Only within 3 seconds, the car was broken, and people were killed. Many of them died without even realizing what had happened.


Wang Zhong, with blood all over his head, climbed out of the van. What he saw in front of him was the cold face of Shen Ming, “you’ve been lucky. I have just changed my job, and I don’t want to be a killer anymore. I don’t care whether you belong to Xin Sheng Lian or Old Sheng Lian. Fang Yuan is under my protection. Anyone who dares to give her troubles will be sent directly to Hell. Have you heard me?”


“Kill me if you’ve got the guts to.” Wang Zhong shouted angrily with blood all over his face.


“If killing a little thug like you means having guts, then I had already grown guts all over my body ten years ago. You idiot.” With a lot of despise, Shen Ming threw his empty pistol in front of Wang Zhong, and he turned his head and walked toward his Alto.


Looking at the pistol in front of him, Wang Zhong suddenly pulled off the lucky bullet on his neck and stuffed it into the gun. He closed it and aimed it at Shen Ming’s head. Even with his eyes closed, Wang Zhong believed that he could hit the target.


Snap! That’s weird! A gun equipped with a silencer shouldn’t be making a noise like this. The bullet didn’t eject, but exploded inside the gun. A small flame blasted on Wang Zhong’s right hand, and his finger was shot out on Shen Ming’s shoulder.


“A thug is a thug, and he can’t even feel the change of weight of a gun. How stupid.” Shen Ming threw away the broken glasses in his hand, which he had picked up and stuffed one into the gun.


If Wang Zhong understood his advice, he could have saved his right hand.


“I am going to kill you! Bastard! I am going to kill you!!!” Wang finally screamed and shouted when his hand was bleeding crazily.


Shen Ming leisurely took his car, put on his plastic glasses with black frames, and started the engine to leave the noisy parking lot.


A fire truck passed by. He thought, he should be able to apply for a special allowance from Fang Shi Quan, based on what he had done.


It was only 2 km away, and his Alto was going in parallel with a Jeep. Even Fang Yuan heard the violent crash. She looked at Shen Ming who’s all sweaty, and she began to worry.


However, it’s a little funny that he still said nothing.  After all, he happened to be someone who hit three cars in a parking lot, got several tires exploded, set off the alarm bell, and he was drenched himself. Fortunately, he was still okay.


Shen Ming had promised to pay for the dinner, yet he was driving in his Jeep and arrived at the seafood stalls. Looking at the chefs grabbing fish with their hands and hitting them with sticks, both Xiao Yi and Fang Yuan frowned.


Fang Yuan thought that’s too dirty to eat. For Xiao Yi, she was more disgusted by the phlegm on the chef’s table…


“I will surely die after eating this.” Fang Yuan affirmed.


“And I will die next to you.” Xiao Yi did not even open the door.


“My two ladies, as I am from a low-income family. I’ve only got this amount of money, and I can only eat this.” Shen Ming told the truth, and he even had to get what was eating from the butcher at the beef noodles restaurant. It was about 300 RMB, and Shen Ming took it as being paid back for his mental suffering.


“I am going to treat you. Let’s have a proper meal.” Fang Yuan sighed.


“I agree. If you oppose, I will beat you.” Xiao Yi turned back and stared angrily at Shen Ming.


The two cars drove along the coastal road, and they arrived at a private club of Wanghai Building. Instead of a restaurant, it might better be called as a manor.


Although Li Changxiu didn’t show Shen Ming and Xiao Yi for a tour, they were now on the 5/F of Wanghai Building, and they could see the sea clearly from the window. Many cars were parked outside the door. Waitresses were wearing revealing Qipao, showing off their thighs.


The Wanghai Private Club was not opened by Fang Shi Quan, which is why Fang Yuan was willing to keep her membership here.


“This place…isn’t it expensive?” Xiao Yi watched the waiter park his old Jeep in the middle of a Lamborghini and Ferrari.


“I think it’s fine. You can have a perfect meal at around 10,000 to 20,000 Yuan. However, this place is only open for members, and the membership fee is 500,000 Yuan per year.” Fang Yuan said relaxingly, as if in her eyes, only the “10,000” unit existed.


“Come on, let’s eat!” Shen Ming dragged Xiao Yi to the lobby, but the doorman was still trying to look for the hand brake of the Alto…


“Miss Fang, here you are. Would you want your usual seat?” A blond gentleman greeted Fang Yuan in his tuxedo.


“Yes, but I brought some friends over, please take the menu so that they can order. By the way, can you let the waiters prepare some water and clean clothes? They are soaked.” Fang Yuan ordered.


“They actually have a bathroom?” Xiao Yi exclaimed, no wonder it’s a high-end restaurant.

The so-called Fang Yuan’s position was a round table facing the invincible sea view. The whole ground was a round shape that extended outwards. It was surrounded by a floor-to-ceiling window, like a private room, but had a perfect 360-degree sea view.


There were traditional decorations, lively performance of a famous pianist, the carpet that was incredibly soft, and a very comfortable soft, this is a real classic restaurant.


The waiters didn’t let customers take the menu. A handsome waiter in his vest introduced to customers the dishes on the menu one by one. Photos of the dishes were taken by a professional photographer, like art pieces.


When Shen Ming arrived, he was just in time for some wine and bread. It turned out that the waiter had prepared an Armani suit for him, and he fitted in it perfectly. Perhaps Shen Ming was the kind of man that could comfortably fit into all sorts of clothes.


Sitting next to Xiao Yi, Shen Ming tasted a glass of red wine, and the corner of his eye moved a bit, “are you sure that this is an aperitif? It’s a Romani Conti of 2003…I’m guessing it costs 150,000 per bottle now.”


Xiao Yi, who was drinking her second glass, almost spit when she heard this.


“Do you have any knowledge in wine?” Fang Yuan became curious.


“I worked in a French winery when I was studying in France, that’s why I’ve come to know a little.” Shen Ming smiled while he was lying. In fact, for one of his assassinations, he was hiding in a winery for half a year, until the target went to collect his red wine, and was shot to death by Shen Ming.


“Studying in France…I have also considered it, but there’s too much freedom, and it’s not suitable for me, that’s why I chose the UK.” Fang Yuan leaned on her seat, her hand holding a glass of red wine, and she was looking outside the window.


“Right, I’ve seen that you’re going to take the admission exam for Oxford University. And you’ve got only about ten days left. Is it really a good idea to not do any revisions?” Xiao Yi was worried.


“That kind of exams is just a formality. ATMs had started to donate money to their charity when I was ten years old. If I don’t get admitted, they will have to return all the money. The foreigners are very realistic; they won’t give you a penny.” When Fang Yuan mentioned about that person again, she looked immediately serious.


“Shall we concentrate on eating? The main course is coming!” Shen Ming’s eyes lit up. Two waiters carrying brought 4-pound African big lobsters and placed them in front of Shen Ming. They were all for him.


“It’s really the same as what you said. He is smiling like a flower. But can he finish?” Fang Yuan doubted.


“Do not worry, even if there’s two more, this guy will eat all of them.” Xiao Yi said with a laugh.


This was a lunch worth 30,000 Yuan (Fang Yuan brought her bottle of red wine), and Shen Ming felt so satisfied after it. When they got home, the items that they’d bought from IKEA had arrived, the three of them gave Fang Yuan’s home a new look.


When looking at Xiao Yi and Shen Ming laughing and talking to each other, Fang Yuan found out that during these two days, she’d been talking much more than she used to in the past month. She thought, so this is what friends are for. It’s never for money, just for the pure companionship with your loved ones. Fang Yuan smiled, and she was delighted.


On the 4th day of the latent protection, Fang Yuan finally learned not to be late in class. Also, she parked the car inside the garage, and this actually made the security guard cry as they would lose their “bonus”.


Fang Yuan also learned to say thank you, instead of solving everything by money. For example, when someone picked up her rubber, she said thank you instead of just giving away five thousand dollars.


When Fang Yuan appeared in the Muay Thai Training Institute, her classmates were shocked. She began to communicate with others. She no longer rejected the world. Although she couldn’t change her cold personality all of a sudden, she started to approach her classmates and teach them some basic techniques.


“Are you a bodyguard or a counselor? Why is it that the employers that you’ve protected all had their mentalities healed?” Xiao Yi and Shen Ming were sitting on the roof, opposite to the Muay Thai Institute and they started talking.


“I think that a good bodyguard should learn about psychology. What we’re doing is a one-off trade, but our employers need to stay alive in order to recommend us to their friends. If we help them mentally, and if we help them make more friends, it means more business opportunities.” Shen Ming was looking above the slightly red sky before the sunset. At this time, the classes had ended, only a few clubs still stayed at school.


“If you simply tell her that you like her, it will make her happier.” Xiao Yi sighed.


At 7 pm, Fang Yuan finally got rid of her classmates who kept asking her questions. She rode on her own ebr, turned on the headlights and drove to the opposite direction of her place.


The escort mission at night could be done by Shen Ming alone. And Xiao Yi could return home earlier to rest.


After the peak hours, the roads looked more spacious. Under the orange streetlights, Fang Yuan could not help but speed up her car. Shen Ming found it difficult to catch up with his Alto, and Fang Yuan was already a hundred meters away.


At this time, three Honda SUVs passed by Shen Ming and were chasing the motorcycles ahead of them.


“I really hate those thugs who never learn.” Shen Ming became serious all of a sudden.


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