Green Skin Chapter 103

Green Skin – Chapter 103: Child (1)

Though there was a slight problem, I did obtain what I wanted. Ibar bit down on the Magician that she had caught with her mouth, causing the Magician to scream. Even if I did not order it, Ibar immediately was aware of my intentions and immediately began to suppress the Magician.


The Magician continued to wiggle and scream in pain, but I did not care about it that much. Filthy slavers… It was then that I noticed Ragia, Hakajin, Hayeon and Hark running over here with the main force.

“Good work.”

“For Blood Dagger.”

“For Blood Dagger!”

From the mood, I could sense that it was Hakajin that had sent over the Three Goblin Sisters and the archers as reinforcements. Glancing at him with a nod, he raised his hand onto his chest and received my grateful nod. An impressive decision. It hasn’t been that long time since I had taken them in, but this action had reaffirmed my confidence, confirming I had done an extremely good job by recruiting them.

Seeing that there was nothing much to scavenge from the completely destroyed carriage, we turned away and walked towards the disconnected cart, where we soon met Mev and the Green Goblin Sisters. Gark looked a bit sad that the situation had already concluded before he was able to encounter any enemies, probably disappointed that he could not acquire any achievements.

“For Blood Dagger…. Kereeeeuk”

“Ayaaaaa… it hurts! Hakajin! Treat me! It hurts!”

The Goblin who specialized with the longsword from the Three Sisters continued to shout while Mev was gathering the Humans that had not died yet. Then, I approached them and asked Mev.

“Did you check the cart?”

“Not yet, Captain. The battle had just ended… and it was more difficult than I imagined… I was about to open it now, but will you do it Captain?”

It wasn’t important who opened the cart, but from the gazes of my subordinates fixated on me, I walked towards the back of the completely halted cart.

The cart was totally dark, and I could not see what was inside at all.

Noticing the large lock placed on the door, I began to swing down my newly acquired axe. After one large swing, the lock broke with a loud ring, and soon I was able to open the door naturally and check inside.

Opening the doors, there were Green Skins as expected… there were young females that were also riding with them. But the most surprising factor was…

“How young? They’re children?!”

Just like what Mev said, there were extremely young children. To be precise, they looked about an age extremely similar to that of Nicole. They looked barely one years old, such a small age group.


As expected, the Humans valued the children of clans as well. These were the guys that would protect the future of the clan. With these many young Green Skins disappearing, there should have been definite news from either the East, North, or even the West regarding this matter. Seeing that no news was even heard about this, these young Green Skins were probably abducted.

“Come over here, children! Over here, good! Oh, how cute.”

Mev and the Three Goblin Sisters extended their hands out, but as if they were afraid, they backed away to the end of the cart nervously in fear. They showed expressions of fear similar to those of Human children behaving this way.

I had roughly expected this, but now I was so sure. These were Green Skins who were raised inside ‘Somorah’. In other words, these children were born and developed in a separate place, and then distributed to other cities of the East. Of course, there were endless possibilities of where these young Green Skins could be from, but that was my current hypothesis.

These Green Skins were nothing more than livestock basically.

I was too dumbfounded… Though it was true that it was easier to deal with children than adults, but I really hadn’t imagined that they would go to this extent. Considering how I had not known this before including my ten years of my past life, it comes to show just how important these guys value their business.

I slowly began to look at the young Green skins.

Seeing them retreat, the Three Goblin Sisters directly entered the cart, before the young children erupted into screams.



The Three Goblin Sisters were also taken aback, before quickly talking back in surprised voices.

“Don…don’t…don’t cry! Ggirik!”

“Don’t cry young Green Skins! Ggirik!”

“If…if you cry, you can’t become a brave warrior!”

“You can’t become a brave warrior like Blood Dagger! Green Skins… you shouldn’t cry!”

“Don’t cry!”

Whether it was because they were Green Skins that they had never dealt with before, their consoling words were somewhat rough. Those worried eyes and awkward gestures all implied how conscious they were at the moment of the children. The closer we approached, the more stricken the children were in fear. The one part that was interesting was that these guys were all looking at one person.

The child that the Green Skins were hiding behind was a young Human girl about twelve years old. She didn’t back down, but rather embraced them more implying that she was willing to protect them.

“Can you understand my words?”

Looking over, she soon nodded strongly with tears flowing down her face. It wasn’t just the girl, as the other Human children also began to look at me with shock. They didn’t expect me to talk in the Human language, while giving me furtive glances of worry as if they were going to become hurt or eaten as well.

“I… I can understand. Please spare us. We have done nothing wrong.”

“I have no intention of harming you. How have you come to this place?”


She hesitated from the question a bit before answering.

“I’m… I’m not sure. After Mom… and Dad had died… when I opened my eyes…”

So it seems that she was a child that was raised in this place too. It was likely that her parents were murdered and she was captured and enslaved to Somorah.

“You don’t have to speak any further. Is it possible for you to communicate with the green skin children?”

“Yes? Yes… a little bit…”

As one that had naturally been reincarnated with the Green Skin language, I wasn’t sure how they had learned our language, but after seeing the expressions of the younglings of green skins, one thing was for sure: they didn’t know ‘our’ language.

It was confirmed that they were separated from their parents since birth.

Excluding me, the other clan members were also confused at how this situation came to be, and after shooing away the fierce looking members like Hark and Gark, we slowly began to bring them out of the cart.

Soon, the twelve year old girl talked to the young Green Skins. Seeing how they were all holding hands regardless of their skin color, it showed that they all were raised at the same place.

Whether it was to make the Green Skins become adjusted to the Humans, or if there was not enough space to separate them I wasn’t sure, but these young children had grown up together.

“Hey guys! Let’s go out! We won’t get hurt. We… we won’t get eaten… is that right?”

“That is so. You won’t get hurt, nor will you be eaten.”

After the young girl talked to the Green Skins, they began to nod at her words. However, they were simple nods as if they were analyzing her expressions and body gestures. Though these children might not understand what this young girl was saying, but they probably understood what she meant.

After the brave girl came out first, I held her in my embrace. Feeling that it was safe, the other young Green Skins also followed along and was held by Mev and the others, and soon we were able to bring all of them out of the cart.

Though they were able to come outside, but the child that was in my embrace was still extremely worried regarding what will happen to them in the future.

“I will not harm you guys. However, the moment we return, you must tell me everything of what has happened in that place you were are from.”

“Yes… yes!”

Seeing that she was somewhat clever, I couldn’t help but ask her name.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Kim Yoora and twelve years old.”

“It’s a good name.”

Then I rode on top of Ibar and slightly turned my head. The growth of Green Skins and Humans were definitely different. The Humans were around the ages of six to twelve, and the average age of the Green Skins was one.

As I speculated on how these young Green Skins had truly lived by themselves, without their parents since being born. I could feel that just by looking at Yoora.

Though their instincts for battle seemed to have been castrated, but there was some hope that it had not completely disappeared. Especially once these young Green Skins were officially recognized into the clan and eventually recognize their chief.

To say it jokingly, this Human girl was the very first chief that was recognized by the young Green Skins. With Yoora in my embrace, I stroked Ibar’s fur and thought just how brave this young girl was. These young children probably must have seen this kind of personality many times, and were able to receive help and protection from her.

I looked over at Yoora and asked.

“Did you live in that place together as comrades?”

“Yes… yes. We lived together. We’re all friends, whether it’s Green or Mong or Harang.”

“How interesting.”

It was truly interesting that the Human child considered the Green Skins she overlooked as her friends. To say it in an exaggerated expression, these were the friends that she had raised. I started to laugh at this strange phenomenon which had risen from within Somorah.

We will definitely accept these young Green Skins into our group. But, I couldn’t help but be in a dilemma concerning the status of these Human children as we soon approached closer to our clan.

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

The mothers and children of our clan welcomed us. They had initially shown expressions of surprise, but soon smiled due to the fact that it wasn’t bad to bring back an unexpected group to the village.

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