Green Skin Chapter 105

Green Skin – Chapter 105: Child (3)

Thus, three days eventually passed. To be honest, I had considered sending of Ahyeon to Somorah before. Ahyeon had quit the Sky Dragon Guild and was quickly heading east together with the potential martyrs for quite some time. They should have arrived by now, but I was a bit surprised that they had not arrived yet.

I had expected that they would be a bit late, but seeing how they hadn’t arrived even at this time, I was wondering what had happened for them to be this late. The actual reason was because of the past actions that Black Spear and I had done.

[I’m…I’m sorry, Savior-nim. Suddenly the Ogres of the Jungle started blocking all roads through it. As a result, we had to take a long detour…]

Funny enough, because of us, passing through the jungle now took an extremely long time as I recollected the event with Big Ogre Clan.

When Big Ogre realized the fact that Goff and soon after, Black Spear and I had departed, he vented around the jungle turning it into a mess. I could not imagine how active Big Ogre would be if a new dungeon were to be found in the jungle by Humans. Anyhow, thanks to the Ogres, the Humans had no choice but to go around, which was the reason why they were now so late.

Consequently, I thought that I had to visit and calm Big Ogre down before departing from here.

Since receiving word that they had almost arrived within Somorah three days ago, I should be able hear from them soon. Walking outside the tent, I saw a Goblin who was standing on guard outside the tent bowing to me.

“For Blood Dagger!”

In the meantime, the complicated situation within clan due to the Human and new Green Skin children needed to be resolved. I had not decided whether or not I should accept the Human children, but what I was certain of was that the Human children were in need of help. Even if we weren’t able to accept them, I thought it wouldn’t be bad to send them to Ahyeon.

However, there was a reason I could not send them over right now. It was because the young Human children were a huge help in raising and taking care of the young Green Skins that were separated from their mothers since birth.

Even Yoora began to accompany Hayeon together and learn the Green Skin language. Every night, she would gather all of the children and teach them what she had learnt from that day. Of course, that included the young Green Skins as well, which brought a positive influence into the clan. As a result, my deep contemplations on how to deal with them took longer.

I had not even decided if I was going to accept her, but she was already adapting nicely to the clan. As if she was without fear, she headed out alone and greeted the Black Spear by herself. I could still not forget Black Spear’s flabbergasted face.

To speak of it from his perspective, it was suddenly like a lunch greeting him. It has not been three days, but Yoora was already assisting with the errands and was even seen conversing with the Three Goblin Sisters.

Not only that, Yoora was the one who was also in charge of feeding Ibar. Not even afraid of the great wolf, she would walk straight up and feed her large chunks of meat everyday.

If there was a problem, it was that Nicole and the young Green Skins did not like Yoora and the Humans.

Though they did not intentionally provoke them, I did notice them glaring at Yoora all the time. Though Yoora’s plan of integrating into the clan included having fun, but the problem was that the young Green Skins like to play by fighting.

If the situation gets a bit too rough, then the mother Goblins stopped the fight, but the other adult Green Skins liked to watch this spectacle. Unlike before, our clan had settled down in some form of structure and size-wise.

As expected, when I had left the tent, the original clan members including Nicole were confronting Yoora and the new Green Skins.


When they first played, the rescued Green Skins were definitely pushed around, but after three days, they were showing quite a fine stance. Their original instincts and nature was slowly returning.

Of course the original clan members were on a winning streak; however, noticing the situation, I thought that they should be firmly prepared.

The little males began to move a bit more organized with the guidance of the Human child. Those who were attacked and were out of stamina quickly withdrew to the back, and bit by bit, they continued to push the original children back. In the meantime, Nicole and Yoora were in a duel.


Tightly biting her lips, despite being a Green Skin, Nicole who had just turned one was having a hard time against Yoora. If she had grown a bit more, the story may be different, but in the current situation, it was a bit overwhelming for her.

Of course, the fighting of the two children were basically unorganized fights overall, but it was still very fierce.


But, what Yoora was displaying was certainly a surprise. She had turned her back from Nicole and began to run. But I knew of course that she wasn’t really running away, but luring them in. In Nicole’s eyes, she might not have seen it, but I discovered the young Green Skins that were stealthily moving.


As if infuriated, Nicole chased after Yoora, but she was attacked suddenly by the young Green Skins, which ended the playtime.


“The Human child is amazing! Ggirik!”

“Nicole was careless! Ggirik!”

The Three Goblin Sisters and the other adults were clapping their hands from the fight they had witnessed, but after I had entered the scene, all of them lowered their heads.

For her to use such a method was quite surprising considering how she was only twelve years old. Thus, I couldn’t help but wonder. It wasn’t because she had simply retreated and lured Nicole in, but it was the fact that all of this was planned preemptively amongst Yoora and the other new young Green Skins.

“Where did you learn it from?”

“Ah. Is this foul play?”

I’m not sure about the others, but there is no such thing as foul play here. I shook my head and asked where she had learnt it, which she showed a distressed expression, worried that the person who taught her might be in trouble.

“I learnt it from that Goblin Ahjussi.”

From Yoora’s gaze, I looked back and saw Hakajin scratching his head. Seeing his expression, I saw that he had quite a loving gaze towards her.

Staring at Hakajin speechlessly, he replied in a somewhat embarrassed tone.

“Ahem…she’s…she’s an intelligent child. She had understood even though our conversation did not proceed so smoothly.”

Frightening adaptability. It has only been three days, but she had already detoured the whole place and was learning various important lessons. Even the Three Goblin Sisters avoided my gaze as if I was going to rebuke them. These children were probably learning basic combat methods from them.

To be honest, I wanted to praise them. Learning and teaching are not sins, and despite the ambiguous position Yoora was in, she was still determined to learn all she can, so pleased, I stroked her head.

“Ah. Thank you.”

Yoora reacted with a smile, and I saw Yoora’s body. She did not look healthy in both face and body, but she was actively moving to be properly recognized. Just considering the stamina she was spending, it should be quite difficult. But she was strangely enjoying it.


On the other hand, Nicole was trying to suppress her tears from her first loss, and that to a Human child. I thought that she would definitely be angry.

Seeing her a bit sad, I raised Nicole up and hugged her, in which I heard a surprised voice in return.

“It’s…it’s an honor. For Blood Dagger! Sniff…”

She continued to cry while being consoled. It wasn’t just Humans that cried when being consoled as Nicole’s tears and snot continued to run down.

“Iiiiiiiiiiik… sniff.”

But she was trying her best to hold it in. Seeing that, the Three Goblin Sisters spoke to Nicole.

“If you cry, you can’t be a strong Green Skin. Nicole!”

“Nico-nicole! Don’t cry!”

“The Human child is smart, Nicole.”

“That’s right! It can’t be helped, Nicole! The Human child was just stronger!”

“The Human child was definitely impressive. You were just a level under. Ggirik! Ggirik!”

“You can win someday, Nicole!”

No matter how I thought about it, I wasn’t sure if those words were encouraging. But seeing her face, I saw that she was being comforted. Hearing their words, she bit her lower lip and stopped her tears from flowing.

“Do not be ashamed of losing.”

“But I have lost to a Human. Sniff…”

“I have also lost to a Human before, Nicole. Giving up is a shameful thing, but losing is never shameful.”

It wasn’t just Nicole that nodded, as all of the young Green Skins that were to lead this clan in the future nodded along with her. Even the new Humans nodded, understanding the intention of those words. In the end, I stroked the head of every single child here, and pleased, they all ran to their Goblin mothers.

“It’s an honor!”

“Blood Dagger stroked my hair!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

The clan was thus as lively as always. I smiled looking at Yoora and the Human children.

This was quite a nice, positive wind for a change. Whether they would change into a Green Skin, it did not matter. What was important was that they were of help to the clan right now, and probably play a substantial role in the future as well. Though a few Human children were nervously standing, Yoora was staring straight into my eyes.

Then I looked at them and spoke in the Green Skin language.

“Welcome to the Blood Dagger Clan, children.”

This would be the first day Humans were to be admitted into the clan.

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