Green Skin Chapter 11

It was an acceptable proposal. At this state, we shouldn’t be indecisive in moving at all. Rather, it would be better to move the whole tribe. Thus, Goff’s selection was a very correct decision. It’s an exaggeration to say that we had already killed off nearly all the humans in the southern forest. Probably, there are people who are still living on and fighting somewhere covertly.

But, hunting these guys was already meaningless.

After this episode is over, I could start to imagine us going into a drought once we entered the continent. Although I didn’t know during my human period, the selection of the number of summoned humans was either plentiful or lacking was not determined by the abilities of the surviving humans, but also how much stronger the goblins were that had been summoned at the same time.

Anyways, Goff and I were already resolute on moving to a different place.

But the problem of moving was . . . where to? It has been quite a while since the tutorial has started. The roads to the west and east were blocked by rivers, so the only place we could move were limited to just north.

If I recall, if we move north, Goff and I will have the fight we wanted. However, we too will be at risk.

The one who had the same degree of motivation as me. Later on to be known as ‘ The Queen of the North’, I’m sure that person had started from the north if I remember.

That person had extremely quick adaptability from the beginning. She had easily won the first battle and easily adjusted to the system. Once she entered the continent, she was one of the elites as she would be what you’d call a talented person.

In other words, ‘ genius ‘ or a Summoned who had been given a special type of advantage.

Among those geniuses, one of them was precisely the Queen of the North

After accessing the continent, she would conquer countless dungeons and monsters after receiving training, and within 5 years, she would establish her own city with her guild.

Afterwards, that Queen of the North would battle against the Salvation Knights and inflict a huge injury on the Saint Swords’ power. She was quite a grateful person, but it was a rumor that I heard at a bar so I’m not sure, but if it’s really true, then entering the North would be quite foolish.

The reason why was because the way ‘ The Queen of the North ‘ operated was extremely fierce or so I heard at that time.

‘ Also, I wonder how the northern forest is. Wouldn’t it be cold? ‘

‘ It was cold . . . it was probable that those people who had started in the south won’t know. It was terribly rigorous . . . well . . . it didn’t matter where 3rd rates like us start . . . but still, the North was really harsh. . . ‘

‘ What if another species other than the goblins appear? ‘

‘ No the weather I meant. The food we could eat were only monsters . . .  even if we were to try and obtain something, it would take quite a long time . . . rather it wouldn’t be a problem to these goblins. Since I had swept clean most of the summoned goblins that were near the vicinity of the Queen of the North. ‘

‘ Queen of the North . . . I’ve heard a lot of rumours, but isn’t she technically a summoned woman who knows nothing as well? Although I did hear numerous stories of the Queen in the North, I couldn’t believe it, a newly summoned slaying an orc who has been tearing down enemies since the start of the tutorial? Everybody knows it’s an exaggeration. ‘

‘ Well . . . . it would be nice if it was an exaggeration as well . . . when I had first seen the Queen of the North, I felt that the world was quite unfair . . . if you had seen her as well, you’d probably know that feeling. Ah ! This girl was chosen . . . and think like that. ‘

‘ Well . . . it’s alright. Isn’t that the same as well with the Saint Sword . . . here, only those who are destined will become successful. I wish there could be a droppable item that could allow you to evolve. . . . ‘

‘ Keuk . . . . keuk . . . I should think about that once I actually enter a dungeon nearby. ‘

After drinking with Choi Seulgi, although I was in a mess, I could clearly remember the words that one guy said.

‘ Queen of the North ‘

A real ruler who possessed strength, intelligence of course, leadership and popularity.

But it wasn’t a fight that was without hope. Even if the guy I had met from the past was truthful, over here we had Goff and I who had finished our evolutions into orcs. Especially, Goff was quite strong even from the point of view of the orcs.

The story that she had cut through an orc with a sword in the tutorial was definitely an exaggeration. If you think about it, it’s a story that doesn’t make any sense at all. The act that a girl had killed over 10 goblins on her first battle was an exaggeration to begin with. Even when men had run away from the site due to fear.

Finishing my thoughts, I slowly looked at Goff and opened my mouth.

” Let’s go to the North. Kereuk. . ”

” Coldness, harsh weather, danger, honor, so you pursue those kind of things. Blood Dagger. Definitely different . . . ”

Goff connected what I said with those as he laughed. Mev who was sitting beside me as my lieutenant looked at my eyes as she nearly chuckled.

Coldness, harsh weather, danger, honor, I definitely don’t want these at all. Rather, what I wanted to attain was that honey hidden in that place. But, since Goff’s misunderstanding would be greatly beneficial, I was resolute to leave it like this.

” I only desire victory. ”

Even I was quite embarrassed saying this line. But wanting victory was the truth. I need to get stronger, and there were a lot of people I had to meet.

” Kereuk. Very good. Very good. . Then right after we prepare, we will head to the North . . . of course we will leave the cowards that don’t want to go here. What we need are warriors. ”

” Good . . . ”

As such, we finished our short meeting.

After returning to each of our clans and explaining the situation, the goblins of Goff Clan were in a very frantic mood.

” We’re going to the North ! ! Ggireuk ! ! ! ”

” It’s an honorable battle ! ! ”

” It’s time to display our brave Goff Clan’s strength. ”

Although it would be thankful for Blood Dagger Clan to show such a response, but they had a vague response. The majority was that they didn’t want to go, but they had no choice but to.

” Although it’s not attractive, I never had a loss while following the Captain’s words. Ggireuk. ”

” The North seems cold. But if we all are together, it’ll be warm. But being alone is even more cold. ”

” We are the Blood Dagger Clan ! We will follow the Captain! Ggireuk Ggireuk but . . . must we have to go. Ggireuk . . . ”

Seeing them like this, the goblins were quite cute. It was a situation where I even wondered why I had thought of these goblins as dangerous in the past. Although it was somewhat understandable on how they attacked us, but right now, these were very loyal clan members. And the fact that Goff Clan’s leader, Goff and I didn’t maintain our distance made these goblins more pleased with the clan.

Thankfully, there were no goblins that wanted to stay behind in the end. Not only that, the rest of the tribes were the same. Since there were so many belligerent goblins, the rest of the clan members didn’t request to leave. Rather, they were in a joyous state.

To conclude, we quickly finished our preparations and marched on north. The boisterous goblins began to cut trees along the way and made baskets, which they sloppily tried and make coats out of human skin, while others were preparing other things in advance for the foreseeable future.

The problem was Jung Hayeon. Since she was a ‘ plant ‘, she was extremely susceptible to the cold. Thus, we wrapped her up with large tree leaves  and carried her. If her body were to freeze, then I wouldn’t mind embracing her in my arms along the way.

” Th . . . thank you. ”

” No. Right now, we are on the same side. ”

” Ah! Yes . . . Yes Captain. ”

Though it was a by-talk, unfortunately, despite evolving into an Alraune, she couldn’t follow along the monsters’ conversations. But, thankfully, it seems that her ears had opened as she was able to understand to some extent. It seems that it will take a few more years before it’ll be somewhat useful.

” We are departing ! Ggirik! ! ! Ggirik ! ”

” Boom ! Boom ! Boom ! Boom ! ”

With drums of human skin and wooden clubs colliding, we began to march on north. After nearly dominating all of the South, the increase in goblin numbers were immense. Considering how the population of the Tutorial was originally, the population of goblins and Hobgoblin troops was like a nation moving.Even more, all kinds of advertisement that we did as we marched, the surviving goblins here and there began to join us who had wondered what in the world was going on.

To complete the tutorial by defeating the Queen of the North was like a painted dream scenario. Since the march was boring, it was effective to bring dried meat beforehand. Eating the meat that had parted ways with its green leather was a splendid visual. Although the taste was bland, it felt as if I was chewing on some really soft dried squid.

” Jung Hayeon. ”

” Yes. . . Yes! Captain . . . should I offer you some honey? ”

It was quite cute seeing Jung Hayeon lower her head in embarrassment after saying that line. After evolving into a monster, even after being accustomed to her body of flowing honey, she was still not accustomed to giving it out. The taste was honey, but in truth, it wasn’t that so she couldn’t help be embarrassed.

But the addictiveness was too strong. It was a strange pleasant feeling. Since I simply pressed Jung Hayeon down. Simply, although it was a pleasant feeling to make fun of Jung Hayeon, but the sweet melting sweetness of that honey was something more extraordinary.

The satisfaction to enjoy what I couldn’t in my previous life was uplifting. To explain it, I thought that maybe this was obvious.

Soon afterwards, the disappeared Jung Hayeon began to bring back honey. In the past, it was an exquisite food that I couldn’t eat. It was only more motivation for me to get stronger.

” Here . . . Here it is. Please . . . enjoy it Captain. ”

I continued to walk as I thought of the future. First, in this kind of world, the treatment of the strong whether it were monsters or humans were the same.

Like the time I was dumbfoundedly backstabbed in my previous life. And the death of Choi Seulgi that followed. Even the cold reception I had received at the Saint Sword’s guild house was all ‘ because I was weak. ‘

Although I am conscious of myself being too strong one day, I have a lot of things to do. First, even though she probably won’t remember me and be rather scared, I needed to confirm if Choi Seulgi was well and if possible bring her to my side. And secondly, I needed to repay that Saint Sword of what I had received in full.

In that chain of situations, the most foolish was the past Kim Taesung. It wasn’t like I was going to follow her to the ends of the world and exact my revenge like a crazy murderer, but whenever her face materializes in my mind, I can’t help but be extremely angry. I will return what I suffered. I will repay grace with grace, and death with death.

I quietly lit my fighting spirit aflame as I started to walk. Goff had coincidentally met my eyes and brought his hand to his chest, so I likewise laid my hand onto my chest as we continued our footsteps.

To the north.

[ The duration of the Tutorial is precisely 50 days remaining. The Tutorial’s objective is to survive for 50 days. ]

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