Chapter 125:  Jung Hayeon’s Concern


“I’ve brought breakfast.”

She seemed to be expecting something. As a matter of fact, Jung Hayeon has been with me since the tutorials. In other words, it would have been much tougher for Jung Hayeon than for Mev. So, to be thinking of me as a place of shelter was a natural thing.

I began to speak as I looked directly at Jung Hayeon.

“Join me.”


As expected, her countenance brightened up immediately. I ate some beast meat and fruits which I regularly ate, and Jung Hayeon, to whom these food items were not essential diet items, began to take some food as she quietly moved closer to me.

However strangely, Jung Hayeon’s eyes were fixed on my newly purchased long spear. Perhaps, her interest in the long spear which was made out of tree branches could be understandable since she was a plant life form. As I looked at her with curiosity, Jung Hayeon spoke again.

“Oh! It’s just that there is something familiar about it.”

“Of course.”

“I just purchased it recently. Come to think of it, how many points have you accumulated so far?”

“When I checked it most recently, it was about 580,000 point, I think.”

As I thought, Jung Hayeon had collected quite an amount of points. As the only sorcerer of the clan, there were a lot of things for her to take care of which might have influenced some aspects. However, she seemed to be having some concerns. Come to think of it, although she was able to evolve like Mev has done, she seemed to be putting off going through the evolution process. It didn’t appear that her job title or her outward appearances have changed.

She must have some concerns even now. Although I roughly knew what it was all about, I did not ask her. Instead, I talked to her.

It wasn’t that we did not talk much before, but our past conversations have been mostly centered around business related subjects. Jung Hayeon felt more difficult towards me than either Mev or Baek Ahyeon. In fact, unlike me having feelings that I needed to take care of Mev or Baek Ahyeon for some reason, Jung Hayeon was also like my place of shelter. Since she has been very dedicated for a long time, I thought that it may not be a bad idea for me to be more approachable for her as well.

“How are things these days?”

“Ah… Yes! Mev and the goblins are kind… And now there are humans like Yoora in the clan, too. Baek Ahyeon has also remained with the clan, so I was able to talk with her as well. She wanted to learn the green skin language, so she and Yoora were learning it together. Hoohoo…”

With a single question, Jung Hayeon continued to open up quickly. Certainly, she has been wanting to talk.

“The little kids are so cute. I also think about my younger siblings who are on Earth…”

I felt like the conversation was something that could be shared between an ordinary couple. As if it was fun, she smiled as she talked, and I, too, smiled looking at Jung Hayeon. We shared conversations covering many subjects. Stories, ranging from how things were here, to interestingly, how the life was like when Jung Hayeon was living on Earth were talked about.

She talked about the fact that she did not have a boyfriend, how smart and studious her little sister was, the ordinary life she had in her hometown of Jeonju, to many other topics, and even the conversation continued after finishing breakfast. It seemed like the ambience has become more informal and at ease.

I spoke again to Jung Hayeon.

“Should you have any concerns, do feel free to talk to me.”

As anticipated, Jung Hayeon was hesitating after I said that. It appeared that she wanted to talk about something, but kept it inside her. Finally, as if she had decided, she slowly opened up.

“Well… In… In fact… Well, although I don’t have any complaints about my body…”

As anticipated, it must be regarding evolution. It would be a similar case as mine. Alaune seemed more distant from humans than the Orc or demon races. Even though she was gentle in front of me, I thought that the times when she was not able to control herself or unable to suppress the urge to kill must have been stressful for someone who had been a human.

Jung Hayeon must have certainly been of the mindset of an ordinary person when she was a human. She has become a monster that goes insane at the sight of blood, and the fact that she does not feel fear was a very strange phenomenon.

She would most likely choose a similar race as that of Alaune for her next evolution, I thought. It might not be possible to go back to a human being, but I felt that she might be longing to transform into a demon race, which had similar body structure to the humans, or some other race that I have not seen before.

Being in a similar situation, I wanted to provide some advice for some reason, so I spoke first seeing that she was very hesitant.

“It’s alright that you feel nervous. You are probably feeling the difference from when you were a human. I, too, feel the same way. It is difficult to suppress the often burgeoning combativeness and urge to kill. It is also same for carnal desire. However, I believe I can overcome that. I mean, it may be better to say that I come to naturally accept it, rather than overcome it.”


It was somewhat a serious topic. It was also the subject of my concerns as well. Only Jung Hayeon and I can relate to this subject within our clan. Being in the borderline between human and green skin, we couldn’t help, but think about these things.

It was when my thoughts were deepening as I spoke.


“Well…No…Not… Not that.”

Turning quite red, Jung Hayeon put her head down.

“The…The thing that I worry about is not such things…I’m…I’m wondering if you prefer the body of the fairy or human!”

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