Chapter 127 Part-2

“How about demonstrating it once to them? Since green skins aren’t the only ones here.”

“That may not be a bad idea…”

Action speaks louder than words. Certainly, there were several more humans besides me here. The priests and Baek Ahyeon included. Of course, it could not be said that they all had raid experiences, but since they have heard and seen a lot of it, I thought it was possible to demonstrate the appropriate movements. Taking a brief pause from the training, I explained it to Goff and Black Spear to which they responded with nods.

Instead of imagining it all together in one’s head, it would probably be more helpful to them by demonstrating how it was supposed to work. Goff seemed to agree as he spoke while nodding.

“It will be good to dispatch a few ogres so that they can bring back some beasts from nearby.”

“While at it, Ask them to bring them back uninjured.”

“Will do. Blood Dagger.”

The training has become lull with the sudden plan. However, everyone’s eyes were sparkling, perhaps because they have heard that a real demonstration was about to take place.

I called Baek Ahyeon and the faithful followers separately and explained the situation. Eventually, they all nodded with the utmost loyal expressions on their faces. Although it wasn’t much, they all showed resoluteness as if they were the holy knights, fighting a holy war.

Certainly, they were passionate. The faithful followers, which Baek Ahyeon commanded, all previously held different occupations. Although they have become priests under Baek Ahyeon’s influence, as long as their past experiences stayed with them, I thought that it would be possible for them to hunt a mid-sized beast. That was if Jung Hayeon and I were to help.

At last, after having waited a few moments, with the tribe members gathered together, the ogres and Goff appeared with a subdued mid-sized beast. Everyone was watching the beast from the distance, and it appeared quite similar to a lizard, perhaps because it was a Drake kind. As it was seething fire in its mouth, it seemed that the bastard could even use breath to a certain level. I laughed happily and as he met my eyes, Goff, too smiled expecting it to be an entertaining spectacle.

As I wanted to show them the hunting method as soon as possible, I immediately called Baek Ahyeon and Jung Hayeon separately, and began to speak to everyone who had their eyes wide open. It seemed there was high level of anticipation in everyone. Even the eyes of Goff and Black Spear, who had their attention fixed in this direction from the front of the line, were sparkling.

It felt like as if I had become a teacher.

“Hm. Then I’ll show you how to hunt the beast from now.”

“The fire breathing mid-sized lizard beast. It is much smaller than the beast of the east which we will soon go against.”

Everyone unhesitatingly nodded their heads with their mouths shut tightly. As most of them knew how strong I was, the majority of them had the expression of not understanding as to why I was about to show a demonstration with the beast. I could certainly understand why they had such expressions. It would be easy to subdue the beast if one was at the level of any of the three chiefs of the tribes, and even at the level of Gark and Hark, it would be possible to go against it, on a one on one basis. I spoke again to those who had such expressions.

“I will not use any weapons. I’ll take the position of Goff who would be placed on the east side during the hunt. Only the humans will be hunting it from the front.”


“I’m really curious to see if that is possible… Krrr”

Immediately, the inside the hall was being stirred up. Certainly, the high skilled green skins in the village knew at what level the humans were. Everyone was made up of the believers. Unlike the shamans, the fact that the believers were entities which must be protected, has already been explained. To borrow the expression of the green skins, they were weaklings. It even seemed that some of them were imagining that the humans would immediately be shedding blood with their light skins all torn up as soon as the battle commenced.

Even while speaking to them, I was poking on the beast with a wooden shield which I was holding in one hand as if to provoke it. It was obviously to create an early distraction. The secured, bound beast began to leer at me with fire in its eyes, and when I thought that it was about ready, I quickly took my position.

It was also the same for Baek Ahyeon’s followers who were listening to me earlier. With furor expressions on their faces, they were arming arrows and basic attack magic.

“Then let’s begin. As I said before, I’m Goff and behind me is Black Spear’s clan. Then the ones on the right can be implied as the Blood Dagger clan.”

After I slowly cut the apparatus which was bounding the beast, it immediately began to move. As I saw its eyes completely focused on me, I felt it was worthwhile to provoke it by poking it before the start.

“Initially, the remote attackers and near attackers will be ready at the same location. At the start, the only ones who will face the beast of the east will be the small number of the warriors and Goff.”

As I subtly looked over at Goff, he was looking in my direction with bright sparkles in his eyes. He must have been thinking about himself, launching towards the beast of the east, all by himself. The obvious expression that appeared on his face was quite cute.

I stared at the lizard and slowly tapped on the beast with a tree branch that I held, which I placed magic power on, so that it would just feel bothered.

“I’m only tapping it lightly, but when we fight the true beast of the east, it would be best to fight with all your might. The beast of the east will look at the warrior, if and only if it was attacked with threatening force.”

“The attack order will be given, only if it was determined that the beast of the east would not take its eyes off of me. It is critical to start slowly.”

Perhaps because they have heard me, Baek Ahyeon and her followers began to slowly attack the beast with arrows, without much power, or spells ,that were quickly memorized. It was critical to slowly accumulate damages, so that it would not sense it. It is important to let it know that the attacks being launched from here is more aggravating and threatening than the attacks which were being launched by the humans from the back.

As I gently turned to look at the green skins, they were staring in this direction as if they have discovered a brand new world.

“The mon…Monster is not attacking the humans. Krrrk”


I continued to speak as I looked at them.

“When it is determined that the bastard’s movements have slowed or it is injured, increase the power, and if the monster peeks at the back then simply distract it with everything you’ve got.”

As the humans’ attacks became more damaging, the lizard began to look back as expected, and Baek Ahyeon and the rear force began to change positions and made circles around the area. Even the warriors who have been prepped in advance came out in full force and began to either divert the beast’s path or caused damages according to each one’s way. The beast wobbled, since it might not have been a strong one to begin with.

As the damage accumulated, the bastard reached the point at which it no longer was able to move and fell to the ground, and I followed by shattering its head by putting all the magic power on the shield.

In some ways, it could have been defined as a revolutionary way to hunt. When I slowly looked at the back side, the countless number of green skins stared at me with their mouths wide open.

“Wow… Wow…”


The exploding cheer. I was somewhat concerned over any chance that they might not accept the demonstration, but it appeared that most of them were approving of it. Although it wasn’t a bloody battle that they wanted, it seemed to have been entertaining for them, in some new ways.

“I’m a warrior! I’ll protect from the front line!”

“The warriors protect the archers, and the shamans protect the warriors! The archers protect both the warriors and the faithful followers!”

They kept shouting as their eyes sparkled. Only then I knew why they were welcoming it in this fashion. This method was a game to them. Similar to the raids in the RPG game was enjoyed by the humans, they, too, were getting excited with the anticipation of enjoying a new hunting method.

It was a very interesting situation. Like them, my heart was also pounding with excitement.

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