Green Skin Chapter 15

[ Yes . . . Blood Dagger . . . Definitely among the ‘ Green Skin ‘ they are the only clan that retreats in battle . . . . what? You say that they are despicable without honor? How laughable.

Even if Blood Dagger Clan Runs away, they are ones that desire victory and honor more than any other Green Skins. ]– Great Leader Goff –

It was hard to restrain my combative spirit. Even after returning back, all I could think of was only ‘ I want to fight. ‘

Although it was the Queen of the North that had just started her tutorial, I wanted to totally collide blades against her. I want to measure just how far I’ve come. These kinds of thoughts continued to wander in my brain.

” It seems you want to fight. ”

” The Blood Dagger Clan’s Captain wants battle and blood. ”

” Our Captain wants to fight! ”

These were the first words that Goff including his subordinates and other clan members spoke when they saw my condition. I thought that I had somewhat settled my combative spirit, but it seems it wasn’t possible to hide it.

The fact that my whole body was stiff with my eyes red when I entered, I can understand why.

The tribe clamored for some time, asking who I wanted to fight so badly. These guys had lived together with me for 70 days. To not see me show as much of a combative spirit as other orcs and goblins, I could understand why they were so excited seeing me like this.

In preparation for the next battle, we held a ‘meeting’ that you couldn’t really call one as the other guys continued to pursue the matter even more. Especially, Goff who was smiling at me with his molars popped out was very memorable. It wasn’t his usual appearance I could see.

” Definitely from the enemy’s tribe . . .  you saw a good opponent .  . . who’s the opponent?. . . .  Kereuuk. ”

Although others had assumed that I just wanted blood and battle, Goff had properly seen through me, so I helplessly had no choice but to answer his question.

” It’s a human female. ”

The moment I said this, I could hear a burst of laughter. Even the other clan leaders couldn’t stop their laughter.

” Kirik! This is quite a masterpiece . . . To provoke the combative spirit of the Blood Dagger Clan’s Chief for the first time would happen to be female . . . ”

” It’s a human . . . female ! Not even a Green Skin woman, but it had to be a human woman ! ”

” Ggirik . . . . ggirik . . . . come to think of it, hadn’t he taken a human around. Maybe he confused it for l.u.s.t? ”

It was quite an explosive speech as everyone started to make fun of me quietly. If you come to think of it, it’s quite proper. In their eyes, all they could see was a male adult wanting to fight with a young girl. But Goff was truly staring at me with interest.

” This will be quite fun. I wonder what you want. ”

The mass quietened from Goff’s words. The words of Goff, who had the largest and strongest group, were very influential.

I started to contemplate carefully on what I really wanted. In my previous life, I didn’t have a combative spirit drawn out against someone necessarily. In terms of saying this in the words of Green Skins, he’s one that doesn’t know honor. That’s exactly what the past Kim Taesung was.

Starting from the first battle in the tutorial to other battles and wars, if there was no hope of victory, he was one who would immediately turn his back. It wasn’t like he didn’t have a will to fight, it was just that he gave up in advance after realizing the result.

As such, I was quite ashamed. In such a great battle in front of me, to speak such words, I couldn’t comprehend myself. Up to the extent where I thought I was crazy. But the problem was that I couldn’t have endured keeping it in if I hadn’t spoken those words. I could feel my breathing become rougher just from the thought of the Queen of the North. I want to fight.

I wanted to struggle and win.

In the end, I opened my mouth.

” I want to fight with that girl, just the two of us. With no interruption. ”

Goff laughed aloud at those words.

” A sacred battle . . . . ”

It seems that these guys call a 1 vs 1 as a ‘ Sacred Battle ‘ traditionally. I recited those words before I knew it.

” Sacred battle . . . ”

” That’s right. A Sacred Battle. Blood Dagger Clan’s leader. The Blood Dagger has officially requested a sacred battle. The opponent is the human girl. We will aid in achieving this battle. ”

” No matter if the opponent is a human girl, if it’s a sacred battle, we will help. ”

” We have the will to support this sacred battle. ”

With one word from Goff, the atmosphere was built as all the other clan leaders nodded in agreement. As such, a sacred battle was decided. Although I didn’t know in what way or form it would be fought, I will be fighting that girl in the next battle. While I am fighting the Queen of the North, the Green Skins will not hinder, but they will also do their utmost to not let other humans interfere with the fight as well.

But the problem was how we were going to fight. If it was as simple as knights from the Middle Ages throwing their gauntlets and fighting naturally in the momentum of the flowing battle, it would be very easy, but the humans think of us as monsters that are trying to eat them. Well, there is a truth to that.

Even if I were about to pierce my sword, there was no mistake that her followers would run in aid and make sure that I won’t do such a deed.

What’s more, there was the problem of infiltrating through their castle walls. If it’s Goff, he can somewhat smash his way through, but even if he were to destroy the wall of ice, the entrance was too small. Not many goblins could enter at a time.

If we were to attack towards the wall of ice without any preparation, while in the midst of advancing into the village, we could only be caused destructive harm and be helplessly killed.

I started to think if there was any option.

If we could set up Jung Hayeon’s ‘ Entangle ‘ that she learnt yesterday, we could use the vines to climb over those walls. Well, you couldn’t really call them castle walls as the ‘Ice wall’  wasn’t that high. It was only the fact that it was too slippery which was difficult. If it came down to it, the evolved orcs like me and Goff could just jump over.

” I have a proposition. ”

I’m not sure if this plan can properly succeed or not, but it is an enemy we had to face. I started to speak of the thoughts that recently materialized in my head.

” Not bad . . . ”

” No . . . very good. . ”

Although they were discussing it, in their perspective, it was quite a surprising strategy. No, rather they were very excited about it. It was probably due to the fact that this method could allow them to engage in a fierce frontal battle much easier.


The next day. The personal training and experimentation, including Jung Hayoen’s skill assimilation had commenced.

” Entangle ! ”

The first area of effect magic was small, and only one hobgoblin couldn’t endure and fell from the vine.

” Entangle ! ”

The second time, the goblins were able to somewhat endure it, but the range of the spell was too short.

” Ca . . . Captain the range is too . . . ”

” Add a bit more magic and we’ll experiment once more. ”

Although she was successful in wrapping a non-human target with her vines, but it wasn’t as satisfying as I thought, so we had no choice but to capture other humans living in the outskirts and start giving them over to Jung Hayeon. Thanks to that, she was able to grow quite quickly. Although her efficiency and experience was a bit low for her to evolve into an Intermediate Magician, it was a great achievement just to have the range of her Entangle increased.

Of course it wasn’t as wide as to cover the entire walls, but in my opinion, it would somewhat allow our side to narrowly cross over from the cutline. Probably, if it was a normal magician, this would’ve been impossible. Since she was a monster with great affinity to magic, as well as her usage of plant magic, it was able to match what we needed.

I was able to employ a ‘ mock battle ‘ to have these goblins and hobgoblins who hated to move without a purpose to adopt this training.

As expected, these guys who didn’t want to partake at first were excitedly and passionately training once they started.

Although there were some fights that occurred from the conflicts going a bit too far, since they recognized each other as one tribe, the fierce conflicts didn’t spread too much, which I was thankful for.

Of course the training wasn’t entirely injury-free, but at that time. The elder goblin that everyone had forgotten had evolved into a shaman and started to treat the injured goblins.

” Ughhhh . . . . Blood Dagger Leader, this mock battle is really effective I think. It doesn’t seem like child’s play at all . . . ”

” To undergo this process, even one more Green Skin can fight with honor. It’s similar to lecturing the young Green Skins on how to fight. Kereuuk. ”

At first, the old shaman had a somewhat reluctant expression in reply, but as time slowly passed, after watching the efficiency, he stopped talking.

” Your words are right . . . . you’re right. Ggirik . . . ggirik . . . ”

And it was at this time.

In the vicinity of the camp, human tracks were slowly being discovered. Of course, they couldn’t approach closer due to being discovered, but seeing these traces, it was certain that they were checking on us.

” Kereuuk . . . . it seems these guys now know of our existence. . . ”

” It’s possible since the girl’s eyes and mine had met. We tried our best to erase our tracks, but it seems they found out . . . ”

Thinking about the Queen of the North, my body naturally became red-hot. Once more, my look became reddish as I could feel strength entering my whole body. Goff, seeing this, mumbled to himself.

” It seems you yearn for it . . . ”

” Right . . . I yearn for it. ”

[ The duration of the Tutorial is precisely 10 days remaining. The Tutorials objective is to survive for 10 days. ]

As such, the time in which the Queen of the North’s side and ours hadn’t collided were 20 days.

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