Chapter 190 Ragia (2)


I saw Ragia’s ruined body and saw her tail and an arm had been cut off. Her entire body was battered and bloodied. My eyes turned red as Ragia seemed to be not breathing anymore.


“You seem angry. Has she been your lover?”


I felt something break after seeing Park Hyeri’s smiling face.




I summoned a wall of flames to hold Park Hyeri, and she frowned on realizing it. I made a hand of flames and reached out with it. While Park Hyeri evaded my attack. I had done this to bring Ragia towards me. The hand was bringing her here, and since I was controlling the heat, she would not burn or feel anything.

I now saw that she was smiling, and while I tried giving her some of my magic, it did not work. I surprisingly did not cry but felt livid. I felt my body change, and while I heard a voice in my ears, I could not discern what it said to me.

One thing I knew was that I now had more magic, and my head felt heavier than it had been. I held Ragia as I controlled the fire, and numerous hands came out to grab Park Hyeri.

I would not burn her or kill her outright. She was caught in an instant, and I now felt like I was fighting a bug. Park Hyeri did not scream for her life but looked at me with her limbs entangled in the flames.

Instead, she laughed. Park Hyeri could not sympathize with others, and as she could not feel the same pain as me, I would just unleash my anger. I thrust my sword in her arm, and while Park Hyeri flinched for a moment, she only showed amusement.

I then took out one of her eyes and burned her socket with Levatain. However, she was still smiling, and I grabbed her hand to crush her fingers. I ignored her screams and looked down on Ragia. I then decided to rip one of her arms out. While I did think she may die of shock, she was trained in body and mind. She would not die from this, and I pushed Park Hyeri onto the ground and held her with a foot while pushing at her arm.

She writhed, but she could not escape. I heard her shoulder bones break and her skin and muscle rip. I burned where her arm had been after finishing the job since I was worried that she may die of blood loss.

I cut the fingers off her remaining hand and crushed her leg at remembering the stump that had been Ragia’s tail. I felt something wet on my face at seeing her face again. She had spat at me, and I smiled in return.


“You’re crazy.”

“You know that now?”


I punched her in the face, and she went down with a sickly sound. I was going to have my revenge on all the things she had done to me, and it was still too early for her to die. I stabbed her on the stomach and smelled the smoke filling the air. I was using blood thorns on her when I felt strange magic appear from nowhere.

I saw an unfamiliar face come out from a crack made with magic. She was tall and had long hair. While she was beautiful, she seemed cold. I was not the only one looking at her as Park Hyeri was smiling as she looked at the woman.


“…Sister…no, Master…”


I now knew who the woman was and that she had teleported here. The woman was the Master of the Spider Clan, who I had never seen before. She seemed to have come to check why her members had not come, and I slowly assessed the magic left in my body.

However, the woman did not look like she would fight as she only sighed and observed the situation.


“You’re dead now…”


Upon seeeing the woman, Park Hyeri again spoke to me, and her eyes held devout faith like Baek Ahyeon to me.


“Master..I am sorry for being late…Because of this bastard…”


The woman did not speak but only looked down on Park Hyeri with a freezing gaze. I thought I did not need to prepare for battle, as I could guess what she would say.


“You useless girl.”


“I said, you’re useless. I told you numerous times that today was an important day, but you couldn’t…”


Park Hyeri’s eyes were filled with despair, which was something I had wanted to see.


“I am sorry… I’ll do better next time. From now on…”

“There is no next time. Die there.”


The woman disappeared from where she appeared, and I having seen the Spider Clan Master would be useful in the future. I checked to see if she had gone to Hark and Gark with magic but found she really had left the area.

I was happy that Park Hyeri was almost crying now, and I now spoke to her.


“You had one, too.”


She would have understood my implications, as the woman that had disappeared just now was important to Park Hyeri. She probably had not realized it until now. I did not want to know the nature of their relationship, as the effect the woman had on Park Hyeri was enough for me.




Park Hyeri screaming at me was a pleasant sight. I smiled as I brought her nearer to me with a grip on her neck.


“You were thrown away.”

“No, that’s not true…”


Her vacant mumbling annoyed me, which made me cut off her other arm.


“Ahhh! Sister!”


Her reaction was different this time, and I was thinking other thoughts. While I would not let her off so easily, I was pursuing how I could bring her more pain. While it may be difficult, I thought torturing the woman who had left in front of Park Hyeri may work.

I threw her on the ground on seeing Ragia’s lifeless body, and she still seemed like she was denying the facts before her.


“She would have not left me…not because of that demon…”


I made sure she could not speak coherently and ignored her animalistic sounds because Gark and Hark were coming here. I lifted Ragia from the flames, and the two Green Skins raised their hands on their chests on seeing her limp body.

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