155 Part 1

Green Skin 155 Kim Donghyun


[The bait has been cast.]

[So we just need to wait for him to bite?]

[It will not take long since he has a quick temper. I received a report that he went out of the castle, and he must have gone to that woman.]


While I could not know the city’s situation, Jang Ye Ri’s confidence told me that Jang Gi Hoo had bitten the bait. She sounded gratified, implying that she had landed a hit. While we could only respond as they were the ones who chose the timing, my plan would not fail since their destination was clear. The problem was that Jang Ye Ri did not know my plan yet, as I had formulated it after Hakajin and Lee Wanyong had thought of a good idea. Jang Ye Ri spoke to me as I fell silent.


[You can come up the prepared passageway immediately after the events occur.]

[It’s not possible.]



Jang Ye Ri was now the one who became silent, and while I thought she might be disappointed, it did not mean that I would not help.


[We will not reveal ourselves, and you and your brother will be the only ones seen by those at the site.]


I thought she would understand what I meant if I told her this, and I immediately continued to speak since she might speak up.


[Us Green Skins will not officially intervene in this battle, and you will become a revolutionary hero of the East instead of a denounced witch.]

[That’s unnecessary…]

[It’s not, Jang Ye Ri. I am a calculating and greedy demon, and I will need you after everything ends. The possibility you have shown me was something I had dreamed of, and it is my goal.]


While I might have been a bit overboard, I was not wrong. I could not hear Jang Ye Ri’s voice, and I spoke to her again as I thought this might be the time to pound the nail in.


[I want you.]

[You- you really are greedy.]


It was probably the first time I heard Jang Ye Ri stutter.


[We will talk more after everything ends, as the night is deep.]


Jang Ye Ri immediately ended the communication, and while I could not help it if she refused, Jang Ye Ri would be an invaluable asset for my future. The North and the West will clash, and if I could pressure the Crusaders to the East, I was sure I would be able to restrict their movements.

I looked around after I ended communications, and everyone was waiting, poised for battle. We were in Huber, a small city under Hadum. Jang Ye Ri’s clan, including Park Han Cheol and the Greenbelt Clan, would be waiting inside the castle, and we would be waiting underground. Everyone’s breath was rough from excitement. Goff was especially emitting red light while Black Spear was calmly waiting. I opened my mouth as I stared at them, as we could not let our guard down as Jang Ye Ri had cast the bait.


“We should wait in our positions.”

“Grrr, understood, Blood Dagger.”

“We will move to our positions.”


They smiled without questioning me, and while I was not sure whether Goff and Black Spear would win this fight, I could only trust them. We had finished preparations, and I never took on a losing battle. I opened my mouth again as they turned their backs on me to go to their positions.


“Do not die.”

“I will not lose.”

“Same to you…”


The first one to speak was Goff and the second Black Spear. I did not feel fear from their backs, and terror and tension were not the moods. Expectation hung in the air, and it was clear that my brothers anticipated the battle.


I also led my members to their assigned positions, and while I could not bring Mev and young children, I had taken the least number of forces for defense. We moved to the north gate of Hadum and finished preparing for battle on the spot Hakahin had designated for us.

I brought four weapons, the Ancient Flame, the Rotten Spear of Yggdrasill, a large longsword, and the Dainsleif. I would reinforce defense with the Ring of Aegis.

There was a chance we could win, and I was not Kim Taesung of the past nor the Blood Dagger that had lost to Park Hyeri of the Spider Clan.

I closed my eyes. They would give me a sign when things began, and I continued to think from the tutorial battle to the most recent Eastern raids. I also thought about my experiences as a human.

Hakajin, Orbo, Gark, Hark, and the loudest goblin sisters all held their breath. We spent two days until the communications we waited for arrived.




Kim Donghyun was one of the powerful who had settled in the south gate of Hadum. He received immense benefits after the fallen king of Hadum took his place and represented Hadum in power. While his body became heavier from extensive peace, Kim Donghyun thought of himself as one of the powerful.

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