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Chapter 199 Elf (1)

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“While Kim Yoora is young, she is a good Green Skin. I believe you will understand my meaning. While you’re also skilled, you’re too young. Let us go together when you grow older.”


I believed that Laveua would understand me. A wiser man could have said something better, but this was my limit. However, she was still looking at me in a pout, as her mind understood me while her heart did not. I saw tears fall out from her eyes.

Mev went to hug and console her, but she did not stop sobbing. It seemed that us observing her unique ability gave her expectations, which had now broken down.


“Come with your mother, Laveua.”

Mev looked surprised as she stroked Laveua’s back.


“I want to go…”
“You’re still young.”

“I’m all grown up…”


She was only a year old, and while we tried to console her in various ways, nothing worked. Mev did raise her voice a bit, but it was useless.


“I hate you, Mother, Father!”

“I’m going to sleep with Nicole tonight!”

“You should sleep with us.”

“No, I’m going to Nicole, as I sleep with her every day!”


Mev and I could not say anything at Laveua’s words, as it was true that she spent more time with Nicole and the Goblin mothers than us. I lifted her up, but she did not budge.


“You won’t sleep with your father?”

Laveua did not speak to me, and I gave her to Mev with a sigh. It seemed that she would not change tonight, and I thought it would be better to wait until tomorrow. I believed she would feel better then, and Laveua went to Nicole’s tent with Mev.

My mouth felt bitter as I realized I was not a good father and thought I should give more time to her starting tomorrow. Mev also looked downcast after she came back.


“You should spend more time with Laveua for a while.”


Mev nodded like she knew she was being a bad mother, and it was a gloomy night. We had been sleeping for a while when I realized there were noises outside. I went out with my weapons since I thought it was an ambush but met Nicole outside my tent. She had come with Kim Yoora, and her pale face told me what had happened.


“Laveua is gone, Leader.”

“It’s my fault…”


Kim Yoora reported to me as Nicole continued to cry.


“Tell me what happened.”

“I had told Laveua that she needed to prove herself if she wanted to go with you, and she must have gone outside to do so.”


Damn. My people seemed to be searching the village in thinking that Laveua would have not gone far, as it was virtually impossible for her to get out. The guards had not seen her and Hark had been one of them. He would have known if she had gone out the castle gates.



Mev shouted Laveua’s name with a pale face once she knew what happened. I would not forgive myself if something happened to my daughter, and I started shouting in a loud voice.




Ibar came up running to me, and Mev and I rode on her back to look around the village. It seemed that other clans had woken up from the noise we were making, but I would apologize later.

I did think that if Laveua used her unique ability, she would have been able to get out, as I guessed she would try to prove herself by hunting a magical beast.

Goff came out from his tent upon seeing me, and I spoke hurriedly at him.


“What is going on?”

“Laveua is missing.”

Goff looked surprised. While there was only one main gate, there were side gates for each clan. As Goff’s clan used the gate heading to the eastern forest, he ran to the gates to call on an ogre. He would be tonight’s gatekeeper, but he looked anxious. Goff also glared at him as he spoke a few words to him.


“Was there any trouble?”

“…Yes…My body was suddenly moved, but…”

“Why did you not report?”
“I could not find anything strange… thought I could do it alone…”

The ogre’s body flopped to the ground, and I rushed to the eastern gate. That had to be Laveua.


“Take him to the prison, and we will form a search party now.”


I heard Goff’s angry voice. While he would apologize to me, I also had to do the same. The entire village was now awake, and I did not stop Kim Yoora from going out of the village with Nicole on her Giant Wolf.

Since there were a limit to those who could ride wolves, I needed her. Mev, Gark, and our clan’s assassins all had come out. I immediately began to spread magic all over the place to sense Laveua, and while there were beasts, I could not find my daughter. It seemed that she had gotten inside the forest, or…

I would not think of other options, and Mev, who was a good chaser, opened her mouth.




I saw special dust coming from fairy wings from where she had pointed. It seemed that Laveua had flown.



She would chase Laveua by scent.


“Laveua will be all right, won’t she?”

“She will.”


It was better if she had flown, as the East had very few flying monsters. While the forest was still undeveloped, I knew a bit about its ecological system.



Ibar began to run, and we did not go into the fog just yet as I felt a small presence from afar. It was standing in front of what seemed like a human. While I questioned how a human being had been able to come to the forest, I could not think of anything else except Laveua right now.

Mev seemed like she wanted to fly but knew that Ibar was faster in the long run. My wolf ran as fast as she could, and I took out my sword as Mev and I were quicker in a sprint.

I got off Ibar and Mev flew when we were near, and I saw that Mev was ahead of me as she was using her wings.



Her voice was teary, as we were now aware that Laveua was safe but facing a group of humans. Mev began to load her arrows, and she summoned a wind fairy on her bow. I pushed magic on my eyes and ears and saw that Laveua was really facing off humans.

They could not avoid Mev’s ambush, and one of them now had a hole in his forehead.

There were surprised voices, and I realized they were talking in Japanese as I neared them. I was surprised as there had been only Koreans, Green Skins, and beasts up to now in this land.

However, Laveua was paramount, and I summoned my flame sword.

The flame showed me that Laveua was in tears and had an arrow stuck in her wing. Mev went to hug her, and I crushed a human head near me with a fist.

As the man fell dead, I saw a woman who seemed to be in terror. She looked like a human, but I knew that she was not.

I used my flames to take other humans down who were still speaking Japanese. I saw that the woman was very beautiful and had long ears.


“Are you an elf?”


She answered my question with a shout.


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