160 Part 1

Chapter 160 As a Demon (2)


“I had warned you, my daughter…”


No more words were needed. Jang Ye Ri picked up the Reaper’s Scythe and slowly stared at the monster. He was bigger than most humans, and while his slightly bent back made him look a bit smaller, he was still one of the strongest in the city. He was a close combat warrior who did not use weapons, and his body harder than an ogre was still that of the monster she had heard about. His special ability was physical reinforcement, and a long-term battle that kept him at bay from afar was Jang Ye Ri’s plan against the old king.




While she had not expected much from her shaking brother and the already dead Kim Huiyeong, they seemed to have not damaged Jang Gi Young much. They would have barely managed to tire him out a little.


‘I will win.’


She could not lose, and while it was an individual battle, too much blood had been shed for this fight. Jang Ye Ri moved not only for those who had suffered but also for those who were still fighting at this moment.

The Reaper’s Scythe enabled her to cut through space and attack from afar but took much magic. However, the weapon was more benevolent to its owner, and the weapon showed a maximum effect with minimal magic loss.

She pushed with magic and swung with the scythe, and an invisible slicing wave flew. She heard the space rip, and the air opened.




However, it was blocked with Jang Gi Young’s armored body. She had expected that and was not surprised. There was still time. The attack had begun the battle, and since she had to use space widely, Jang Ye Ri began to cut through everything in sight. The fallen king came running to Jang Ye Ri with magic emitting from him.


‘He is fast.’


While she did not think that he would be slow, he was faster than she had expected.




The spell burst and something indescribable and black came from the ground and opened its teeth to target the king, but his magic made it a rag. Jang Ye Ri was still calm as she had summoned it to earn time. She continued to move and swing the Reaper’s Scythe. The blue sky showed itself from her attacks that cut through the building.




While Jang Gi Hoo ran away screaming like he could not endure this any longer, but she paid no attention. He would be a prize she could get after defeating Jang Gi Young. Now was the time to concentrate on the fight.


“It’s a shame…it is! You’re different from that screaming failure! I wish you were truly human. Those horns still on you are the problem. I’ll rip them out and make you your mother! With you and me, I can make a stronger offspring!”


“Come here, lovely daughter!”


The attacks from the Reaper’s Scythe that felt like they could cut through anything were so easily blocked by him. While she had slowed him down, the old king approached Jang Ye Ri quickly, and she could see the punch filled with magic enough to kill.




Jang Ye Ri summoned the dark monsters again, and the lithe beasts popped up everywhere to hold Jang Gi Young’s arm back.




If the attacks did not work, she would slice him upfront. Jang Ye Ri acted on the crack the beasts had made and swung her scythe at his arm.


‘It won’t go in.’


She made a quick decision and stepped back immediately to cut space. She had no rules and used the long-distance attacks to block the old king from coming at her and used spells to block his path. Jang Ye Ri also used anything she could use in the room.

Jang Ye Ri continued to cut her surroundings, and while it was a large room, it was too narrow for her. She realized now that she had to use the entire castle. Jang Ye Ri placed the old king in her sights and swung the scythe using magic, and now her father’s two arms were wounded.


‘It’s effective.’


He is human, and therefore could be wounded. Like water drops making a hole in the boulder, she was wounding him. Jang Ye Ri jumped up to avoid the old king rushing at her in anger.

She felt afloat and swung her scythe towards the old king, and the floor that supported him began to crumble soon.

While he was falling down, he would not die and not even be damaged since he would have fallen only a story. Jang Ye Ri continued to swing the Reaper’s Scythe as she fell from the air.




She let out a rare shout and continued to cut through space. Dust that rose from the floor crumbling were instantaneously cut. Tens of attacks were being concentrated on her father as he was standing up, and while he was protecting himself with both arms, there was damage.


“You are remarkable! Efficient! You can be called my daughter!”

“You crazy bastard!”


Just before she fell on the floor, Jang Ye Ri hung the scythe on the wall next to her to break it and get out with as the building rumbled.




While many gazes, including Park Han Cheol’s, looked at her, she had to concentrate now. She cut into space a bit away from where the monster was and went inside. The old king would not know where she was, and as she also could not attack if she did not have eyes and clear direction, Jang Ye Ri summoned what she had prepared.




Small beasts jumped out, covered in darkness. While they did not have special abilities, she could share their eyes and be extremely effective in fights like this.

Jang Ye Ri continued to cut through space from where she could not be seen and also continued to move her position while using simple magic to confuse her opponent. She had undergone simulations for this fight countless times right after she could fight. Jang Ye Ri was prepared, unlike Jang Gi Young, for this fight.


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