Chapter 163 For the North Queen


“I still don’t understand what he is thinking about this time.”

“Me too, but since he has said so, we need to follow…”


Wintergarden was the central city of the north, and Oh Inhwan, who was one of the high-class members of the Cold Wind Guild, one of the most famous there, spoke like something irritated him.


“Even though she is strong and has many achievements, she has been working for only over three years now. How can he say that he will bow and go under her? It doesn’t make sense.”


Another high-class member of the guild, Shin Taeksoo, answered him.


“We have to acknowledge that she has some notable achievements under her belt since she is the one who began to integrate the scattered northern forces. She has conquered numerous dungeons and magical beasts like she knows the future, and since she has solved all of the north’s problems, I understand what the leader is saying.”
“That is true, but there are rumors that say that our leader has fallen in love with her. Don’t you know Choi Seulgi, the thief who works under Cold Spear Han Sohye…?”

“Oh Inhwan, watch your words.”

“I’m not criticizing our leader, but isn’t it strange that he made the decision after having a meeting with a clan executive and not even a clan master? I cannot imagine our leader being led by a woman, but she was a strange one.”

“Their meeting is not related to this issue, even if it may have helped him reach a decision…You know that he had been observing Cold Spear for a while now.”

“That is right, but…”

“Don’t make me speak the same thing twice. He said that we may go if we did not like his decisions, and it is true for us executives. Whatever the reason, we follow him, and that’s what we can do for someone who had taken in and nurtured people like us.”

“I know that well, but..”


Oh Inhwan bit his lips because he wanted to follow his leader, the North Knight Kang Changhoon, who had worked the north from the bottom up. He was the central figure in protecting northern parts while battling monsters and had helped a desperate Oh Inhwan to become a man. Everyone living in the north would have received help from Kang Changhoon.

It was electrifying news when the North Knight had announced that he would go under a new clan, and many small cities argued that Han Sohye should become queen, and they were currently waiting for a ceremony.

Oh Inhwan slowly began to think about Han Sohye, the Cold Spear. He had only seen her from afar, but he knew that she was strong. However, it was evident that Kang Changhoon was stronger, and while the Knight had spoken to his executives about her capacity as a leader, Oh Inhwan did not think much of her. He found it difficult to understand that the ten small cities protecting the north supported Han Sohye, and that may mean that she had more power, leadership, and class than what three years would bring.

However, Oh Inhwan’s thoughts turned to Choi Seulgi, who worked for the Cold Spear. While she had been smiling, Oh Inhwan had been a lowlife for a long time and thought her smile unnatural. While he may have made a mistake, he thought he saw madness in Choi Seulgi’s eyes, as people with similar glints did something dangerous.

They would do anything to achieve their aim, and he suspected Han Sohye because she had such a person as her right hand. However, Oh Inhwan bit his lips again.

Kang Changhoon had said that anyone who disagreed could go out of the guild with some funds, but Oh Inhwan thought no one in his guild would do so. He sighed, and Shin Taeksoo opened his mouth.


“Let’s go out. Our leader is calling us.”


The dice had been already cast, and Oh Inhwan nodded.

“I understand.”


Kang Changhoon was sitting in the middle of the Cold Wind’s meeting room, and other executives sat behind him. While Shin Taeksoo and a few others seemed nonchalant, most of them were dissatisfied like Oh Inhwan. However, everyone was present, and Kang Changhoon bowed his head.


“Everyone came. I thank you all for accepting my decision.”

“No. While we are not that happy, we have pledged undying loyalty to you. We follow your will in all decisions.”

“We will go down the same path.”


The North Knight looked at each executive with a straight gaze.


“We have done much together and made a city to protect. While I am at a position where I am respected by all, I feel my limits.”

“You are not at all such a man.”

“Everyone has limits, and so does the woman I have decided to follow. However, she is different. I thought that anyone could become king and had thought so in the position granted in this city. However, I saw that Han Sohye is different because she was born a queen. I could have excluded her or go up higher like some of you wanted me to, but the position does not suit me and is actually burdensome.”


“I’m sorry that I am not ambitious, and thank you all for coming.”


Oh Inhwan found himself nodding because he felt Kang Changhoon’s sincerity in his actions. The North Knight had always been humble and thought of others first while protecting them.


“No, I understand your intentions, and we all will go wherever you go.”

“You have saved me from hell, and I will support and follow you anywhere.”

“You do not need to bow.”


The North Knight stood up amidst such words, as the Cold Wind Guild will be officially no more. They will become part of the Winter Clan led by Han Sohye, which will become Winter Guild now.


“Then, let’s go.”


The former king began to walk slowly, and the executives all followed him. Oh Inhwan remembered when they all went out for a hunt in the past, as they had not gathered together at once to walk outside in a long time.

He saw a crowd outside the castle, and Oh Inhwan continued to look around. Every guild master from the small cities were all present, and the North Knight’s official announcement would have brought them here. The guild masters from the Mistletoe Guild, the Ice Giant Guild, and the Frost Dragon Guild that did not usually show up were all there.



‘The North Knight now bows to the Cold Spear.’


The sentence was loaded with meaning, as no one could talk lightly of Han Sohye now. However, that would not be all, as such a gathering would not have been possible if she did not possess a quality that attracted people.

Oh Inhwan had to acknowledge that the scale had gone up more than he had thought, and he heard himself gulp. Everyone now waited for the Cold Spear who would welcome them.

It was then the sound of the bone trumpets rang to announce that Han Sohye had entered Wintergarden. While Oh Inhwan expected cheers, the ceremony was quite serious. He could not see her yet but thought that the air had become heavier just by her arrival.

He felt the pressure build as Han Sohye came nearer, and Oh Inhwan focused a bit of magic in his eyes to look at other guild masters waiting for her.

He saw that everyone was kneeling to wait for Han Sohye.




Oh Inhwan thought that everyone may have been brainwashed, as Han Sohye was a rookie even if she was called a genius. However, such thoughts instantly disappeared when he saw her walking towards them, as the air around her was fearsome. It was not magic, and he remembered Kang Changhoon saying that she was born a queen.

It was true. Her eyes looking down on them, and her slow walk reminded Oh Inhwan of royalty in history books. He did not feel it because everyone was kneeling and thought her appearance quite shabby. She did not look fearsome except for the blue spear behind her back.

However, she had an aura and something that made other people’s hearts beat faster. Oh Inhwn was not the only one, and it was a different feeling from looking up to Kang Changhoon.


‘I want to follow her.’


Oh Inhwan was thinking such things, and her heavy footsteps shook his body. The warriors following Han Sohye were walking a few steps behind her like she was their queen.

At last, the new North Queen arrived in front of the castle and looked at everyone. Oh Inhwan was kneeling by then, and she did not speak. She only took out her spear and struck the floor. Shouts rang, and the North Knight spoke first.


“For the North Queen!”

“I pledge my sword for the North Queen!”

“I pledge my spear the North Queen!”

“I pledge my shield the North Queen!”


Oh Inhwan shuddered at the thought that everyone was looking at the new ruler of the north. They were making history, and Oh Inhwan also shouted for the North Queen while holding up his sword.


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