Green Skin Chapter 21

I roughly knew how to wield this greatsword. I do have the compensation of evolving into a gladiator for proficiency, but I also remembered hearing stories and explanations from other warriors who had wielded the greatsword. There were three important aspects. First, efficiently using its reach, second to not mindlessly swing it. Lastly, to not be dragged from its weight. Since it is a weapon with a lot of weight, it was extremely important not to lose control.

Withdrawing my sword, I quickly swung at the first long-fanged tiger before me.

” Hwiicck ! ”

The sound of the slicing wind.

The first thought that came into my mind.

‘ Imposing. ‘

It was dimensions apart from that scrap steel sword.

” Puck ! ”

The sound simultaneously accompanied the long-fanged tiger as it tumbled onto the ground. It wasn’t a bad first attack, but the problem was that it did not cut. Of course the fact that the tiger had died was true, but it was my lack of skill that wasn’t able to slice that fella into two pieces.

Instantly, I slammed the hilt of my large greatsword onto the rushing beast from my side.

” You bear-like b.a.s.t.a.r.d ! ”

Honestly, it did look like a bear. Anyhow, the oncoming number of beasts was quite many in numbers. With this much, it might be even more intense and fierce than the battle in the Northern Forest. But, we were definitely stronger. Our whole clan had evolved once more with that completed quest. Though I did not have a race evolution, but I’m an Orc Gladiator. To be devoured by these beasts would be extremely shameful as an Orc Gladiator by title.

Once more, I swung down my greatsword.

” Puck ! ”

The head of the beast cracked along with the sound. Again, I saw the other beasts leaping towards me. Releasing my grip on the greatsword, I drew my dagger out from my belt and thrust it into another beast’s neck.

‘ Not bad. ‘

Pulling out the greatsword fixed firmly on the ground, I swung it widely at the rushing beasts.


Before I knew it, I was screaming.

‘ Good. ‘

My body was flowing into the movement. To be honest, there were still a few disjointed movements which I was unsatisfied with, but the feeling overall wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t just because of the proficiency buff as a gladiator why I could fight like this.

10 years of experience. Experimenting with various weapons in order to live, all those traits I picked up along the way was contributing to my performance. Of course it’s embarrassing to an extent to try and compare this to other existences. But . . .

It’s joyful.

” Kereeeeuk ! ”

My sightline reddened as my breath became rough. My body didn’t betray my response. Quickly moving, I practically suppressed those beasts down thoroughly before me.

I slowly began to inspect my surroundings. Everyone else was defending their position in their own way and style of battle. Excluding the archers and magicians, all the Green Skins were advancing forward as if they were competing who would attain more achievements. Against beasts that couldn’t be defeated one by one, they cooperated. The three superior goblin warrior siblings were in the midst of battling against five beasts. The first and second orc warriors were very bravely swinging their swords as well.

” KYAAAAAA ! ! ! For Blood Dagger !”

” Ggirik ! For Blood Dagger ! ”

I’m not sure exactly what kind of impression I left for them to shout my name, but the feeling wasn’t bad at all. Rather, I felt more energized.

Once more, I looked around.

Goff was indeed standing out amongst the guys. He was definitely strong. With two axes, he was continuously destroying the beasts’ heads as if he was a berserker crazy for blood. The other green skins that were in his clan were also those that admired bravery, so all of them had large frames. The ones that were in the front lines were busily clashing resolutely against the beasts with their axes and large swords. Even though they had sustained wounds, they didn’t retreat.

It’s a bit funny to say this, but Goff’s clan and mine were well-matched. As if a silent thief was looking on behind a warrior. Here and there, I began to see hobgoblins with dagger symbols drawn on their face. These guys too were beginning to understand how to efficiently kill their opponents.

They used instinct rather than fighting with their brains.  Likewise I was the same. Fighting instinctively as an orc, combined with 10 years of experience assimilated, my efficiency in battle was quite significant.

” Kereuuuk ! ”

” Victory or Death ! ”

” Boom !  . . . Boom ! . . . Boom ! ”

It wasn’t like all the Green Skins weren’t uninjured. But, we were definitely beginning to repel the beasts back. Soon, screaming, some of the beasts began fleeing. However, Jung Hayeon’s plants were blocking their paths from escaping.

” Kyahahahaaa ”

An unknown orc seeing this began to excitedly laugh from this spectacle. It’s eyes were already red. The fact that the battle was prolonged caused his yearning fang to open and laugh aloud.

Soon, the boxed in area contained a slaughter. The battle ended, and those that were hungry were busily shoveling the flesh of the beasts in their mouths.

Goff who was satisfied watching the scene started to scream towards someone.

” And the honorable warrior’s exam ends here ! How dull ! ”

” Kyahahahahahaha ! ! ”

” You call this an exam ?! ”

” Ggirik ! ! Ggirik ! ! ”

He was definitely saying this to the hidden ones that were watching us. The goblins and orcs that were with Goff displayed their teeth as they laughed. At this point, even I was quite relieved. Beasts of this level wasn’t something that normal monsters could contain I thought. If it were ordinary Green Skins, then it’s possible that over half of us would have been slaughtered, if not all.

I was able to realize now. Why there were no monsters that was as ‘weak’ as me . . . these green skins weren’t planning on dragging along weak monsters from the start.

” Impressive. You are strong warriors. The next exam is to discover the Land of Glory that the Chief Patriarch resides. Warriors. ”

The voice that resounded once more. Despite being insulted, it was a voice that didn’t shake. It seems that it was greatly alarmed by us. Or that it was controlling its anger.

Hearing the voice as it is, it’s probably the former. To hear that honest alarmed voice from the monster – to call it a lie was extremely difficult.

Rather, it was us that were trembling within our voices.

” Chief . . . Patriarch . . . ”

” It’s the Chief Patriarch . . . . Kereuuk . . . ”

It seems that the Chief Patriarch means a great deal to the Green Skins and the monsters. Thanks to that, Goff as if he was bored, turned his back towards his clan members and began to approach them.

” Kereuuk. The Land of Glory where the Chief Patriarch resides ! We depart now. ”

It seems that he was excited by the word Chief Patriarch. But, we can’t depart immediately. I blocked Goff as I opened my mouth.

” Kereuuk. We won’t depart immediately. Goff. First, we need to settle these beasts and rest. ”

” What are you saying . . . it’s the Chief Patriarch’s Exam ! Blood Dagger . . . ”

” We don’t know just how far the land of the Chief Patriarch is. Goff. We don’t even know where this place is. It could be a path of long travel. We need to have our subordinates rest, find water and stockpile food before moving. That is a wise chief. ”

This place has nothing but trees. We don’t even know for sure where the land of the Chief Patriarch is. If it was close, it wouldn’t be a problem to depart now, but it clearly said that the road to the land of the Chief Patriarch was an ‘ Exam. ‘

It was highly probable that this Chief Patriarch was quite far away.

Concluding my speech, Goff was quietly gazing at me. Gradually raising his fangs up, he spoke.

” I understand. Blood Dagger. Your words definitely hold some truth. ”

” Thank you. What you said to that voice earlier made me very refreshed. Goff. ”

” Kereeeuk. Thanks. ”

Then, Goff including the other chiefs began screaming.

” Kereeuk. We sleep for the night here and move. ”

” Blood Dagger Clan is to find water. ”

” Ggirik ! Ggirik ! Understood. ”

” Understood. Kereeeuk . . . ”

After an intense battle, rest was mandatory. No matter how strong the Green Skins were, accumulated fatigue wasn’t easily recoverable.

” To all of you strong warriors ! Are you not moving ?! ”

Although the voice that was penetrating the trees was quite disturbing, but there was no need to hurriedly act. The Green Skins, thus, began to chop down the trees with their axes, and with the leaves created a simple encampment. Despite no orders being passed down, everyone was busily searching for their own individual work.

Even the Blood Dagger Clan members that liked comfortable labor weren’t being lazy. They were quickly searching the jungle and bringing back water from places, and created pouches from the leather of the dead beasts we hunted earlier. We were to store the meat elsewhere. As for the food, we precisely distributed it towards each of the tribes. This responsibility was left to the old goblin shaman.

As for some, they began to lit a fire and cook the meat. Though they delighted in eating the meat raw, it seems they also took pleasure in eating cooked meat as well. If goblins had gathered like those group projects in university, there would never be any fights I thought.

That provocative voice soon stopped. From that, I was able to know that my assumption was right.

This place was indeed an exam location. The monsters here were simple, but they were never stupid. For them to send us edible meat in the beginning, I couldn’t help but think that it was some sort of gift prior to a long journey. I began to like that voice more and more.

Once the atmosphere somewhat settled, the clan chiefs gathered and held a meeting: Blood Dagger Chief’s Me, Goff Clan’s Chief Goff, Dark Moon’s Chief Darkmoon, and the other few clan chiefs whose names I haven’t memorized yet.

” Kereuuk . . . by the way, for a Chief Patriarch . . . . it seems there’s a Chief Patriarch . . . ”

To be honest, when it told us to find this Orc Chief Patriarch out of nowhere, I was thinking what kind of b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t this was. I was questioning the purpose of finding this Chief Patriarch itself.

But, in this culture, the ‘ Chief Patriarch ‘ name wasn’t something to make light of. Roughly asking Mev about it, I was able to attain the information that the Chief Patriarch was an individual of awe and praise from all Green Skins.

In the end, even if that guy didn’t ask us to find the Chief Patriarch, it was something that the Green Skins will definitely want to accomplish.

” We might not be the first Green Skins to come across this place. If so, then it’s certain that there is a Chief Patriarch here. I want to meet this place’s Chief Patriarch as soon as possible. Kereuk . .”

” Ggirik. But how do we know where this Chief Patriarch is? ”

From Goff and Darkmoon’s conversation, I quietly opened my mouth.

” Probably the one that’s monitoring us will guide us . Though I can’t precisely feel it, but that fella is still here. The probability that his job to lead the Green Skins as a guide is high. If not . . . leaving this dense forest first is for the best. ”

” Good. ”

Afterwards, after more discussion on our future actions, we concluded our not so long meeting.

TL Afterword

Berserker Goff is a killing machine. I seriously think that Goff probably killed more than MC in terms of numbers.

Ps It’s hilarious to see how these Green Skins actually enjoy both cooked and raw meat. And you know that the Chief Patriarch is the real deal seeing the way Goff reacted.

Notice: In response to my readers’ curiosity, I was extremely busy with some assignments due to my courses, so I wasn’t able to be as active lately (5-week courses are h.e.l.l). Thank you for asking

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