Chapter 169 Election (2)


“You look tired these days, Mr. Taesung.”

“I’m not. Actually, things are interesting nowadays.”


I replied to Jung Hayeon’s question in the morning, as she seemed to be worried about me as she always was. The atmosphere in the Honored Lands was quite down these days. While the Great Tribe Leader’s death had not been officially announced, tribe members felt that something was afoot since their leaders were downcast. The soldiers, Orbo, Gark, and Hark did not mention anything.

They had already estimated that the Great Tribe Leader was dead while not questioning why he did not make an appearance. Of course, Jung Hayeon seemed to understand the situation perfectly, as she seemed to have guessed how things were going these days even though I had not said anything.

She looked at me lying down and started preparing breakfast. While it was a simple meat stew, it was tastier than eating the meat raw or just roasting it over a fire.


“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”


Jung Hayeon was apt at taking care of me, and my weapons and armor were polished clean every day. I had been careful to not father any more children after Mev but thought that she would be a good mother. After she helped me with my armor, I stood up, and Jung Hayeon turned red as I kissed her before going out.


“Again, thank you.”

“No, this is my duty.”

She had left her ferociousness on the battlefield. I went out of the tent to where the meeting was being held. Three days had passed after I had talked things over with the Minotaur, and the meetings were still going underway. However, things were going well, as everyone had agreed to my proposal. Now, they were talking about who would be the best candidate, and we had a few names listed.

More leaders greeted Goff, as he had an outgoing personality and was drinking around with other leaders these days. Green Skins seemed to think that he was a good one to know.

Others also greeted me since Green Skins had been impressed with my proposal in the previous meetings. Black Spear, who was already quiet from first place, was left alone but would greet us happily when we spoke to him. An orc I categorized as a radical in my mind greeted me as I stepped deeper into the cabin.


“Blood Dagger, let’s talk soon.”

“All right, Stone Turtle.”


Green Skins seemed to not care much about tendencies, as everyone greeted or talked to one another regardless of where they were from. Betting honor and receiving it was holy, as I had proposed. However, I felt bitter for having divided the Green Skins into those with moderate tendencies and radical ones. It would have been better for me to not think human thoughts, and now I understood why Jung Hayeon thought me tired. While my body had rested, I had felt stress from all this ordeal. The meeting began after things quieted down.


“We will talk about the candidates decided from the previous meetings.”

The candidates had already been decided, and the elderly Green Skin Dark Moon started talking calmly. The first was the southern org Sand Glave, and I heard that he had survived at the frontlines of battle. There were stories of him jumping on battlefields alone to protect his soldiers, and he had been an apt charger for the Great Tribe Leader. He was loyal and forgave easily but was too rash at times. He was not bad, but not appropriate.

The second candidate was Storm Shadow of the east, a troll that had been the Great Tribe Leader’s closest confidante and had sacrificed much for Green Skins. He looked calm as he stared at me.

The third was Silver Fang of the north, who respected the Great Tribe Leader more than anyone but was hostile to humans. I heard that he had lost some notable tribe members during battle before, and it seemed like he wanted to avenge them.

The last was the Minotaur, but he did not need my explanation. I looked at him, and he spoke out.


“I am grateful for your voices, but I will step down from being a candidate.”


It was as we had talked.


“You have the right to receive the honor, Earth Wave.”

Another minotaur tribe leader spoke with a disappointed voice. However, Earth Wave did not waver and instead spoke in a deep baritone.


“I have spent much time with the Great Tribe Leader, and I believe that I lack much compared to other candidates. I am extremely grateful for all of your support, but I do not believe I can lead you. It is not me who had contributed the most when the Great Tribe Leader had been alive.”


It was not a bad speech, as I had hoped for a unified candidate. While I could not predict the outcome of the election accurately, I thought that there was a high probability that Sand Glave would be the next tribe leader. Storm Shadow would follow, and then it would be the northern werewolf. If Earth Wave stepped out, Storm Shadow would be at an advantage since he would receive the minotaur’s votes. The werewolf and the org would divide the radical votes, but Storm Shadow would receive most of Earth Wave’s votes.

The best thing was to avoid the worst, and I had categorized the Green Skin’s tendencies to guess the probable ratio of the votes.

Also, Storm Shadow was more well known than I expected, as new Green Skin leaders heard his voice first of all.

Now, Silver Fang would play an important role. I saw that he was happy that a rival had stepped down, and it seemed like he would not give up. There was greed in his eyes, and the situation was not bad. Dark Moon nodded at Earth Wave’s words.


“Then, it is decided that Earth Wave has given up on his right.”


“As the candidates are now all decided, it is time to vote as Blood Dagger has suggested. There are seventy-one leaders here, and we will do a public vote after giving you all some time to think.”


While a few went out, most stayed in the tent. The Green Skins’ responses were varied, as some were thinking alone, some were sharing their opinions, some were thinking of their honor, and others thought about their tribes.

Storm Shadow, Sand Glave, and Silver Fang all remained still, and seeing them made me wonder if I would be able to sit there despite not being interested in being the Great Tribe Leader yet.

I saw that Goff was staring at them with fierce eyes and shook my head since I thought he was more suited for that spot. Time passed that way. All seventy-one leaders came back to the tent, and Dark Moon opened his mouth.


“We will begin.”

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