234 Customizing

When I heard the explanation, I heard that it was a mythological object, but I never imagined it would have been really customized. First of all, it’s very good to be able to change this and that according to your taste. The interesting thing was that it wasn’t just my image that came to mind.

I also felt the emotions I’ve collected so far. If I were to convert it into points, about 3 million points…

As expected, it can’t be free. I thought I’d absorbed quite a lot of emotions since I got a seat, but this is how much it feels to me.

[The Left of Sorrow is sad. ]

I sighed because I heard a useless voice. Perhaps I could change my body by consuming these emotions I have earned so far, but I thought I had no choice but to be a little more careful.

First of all, the body given as a basic base is the body of a blood dagger, a top-notch demon.

I didn’t intend to change the basic base of the race to a human, but just in case, I remembered the body of Kim Tae-seong from the past, and I immediately felt the amount of emotions consumed.

More than 1/3 of the emotions, in fact, to compare the body of the former Kim Tae-seong with the body of this top-notch demon, I feel very sorry for Blood Dagger.

I can’t believe I’m this emotional even when I’m downgrading… Going back to being human is not a choice, nor a choice. It is probably a counter-evidence that the gap between the races of demons and humans is that great. For example, when I think of Oak’s body, which was much stronger than Kim Tae-seong’s body in the past, there was much less point to be consumed.

It wasn’t that Base couldn’t choose another race at all, but it seemed a bad choice to change.

The one chosen as the base was, of course, the body of a demon. What I realized in the fight with Goff was that I relied too much on the effectiveness and inherent ability of the item. I wasn’t terribly weak, but compared to him, it’s ridiculous.

I’m just making up for the difference with the vast amount of magical power I possess, but in reality, my body is not enough to contain this amount of magical power. Perhaps, when compared to the specifications of the pure body, my body would be lower than Gark or Hark.

Therefore, all you need is a strong body. It is a strong body that can withstand the output of magical power
The skeleton is a strong oak skeleton, and it is an image of Garc.

The skin is tough and hard like an ogre, and the image is Goff.

The muscles are resilient troll muscles, and the image of a black spear.

As I kept thinking about what I wanted, I felt the amount of emotion being consumed. Little by little, I began to see myself in my head. The appearance has not changed, but the amount of emotion consumed is enormous. My feelings are far from enough.

Of course it will. Now they are all characters in some degree. If you are imagining the bodies of such people, it is natural that enormous emotions are used.

The body can train not only them but also me. It can’t be like them, but for now, it reconstructs the body with tough, hard skin, elastic muscles, and strong bones. It’s a little bit of stealing the properties of Ogre and Troll Oak from my basic base body.

The amount of points spent is very reasonable. Here, I thought of a body that accepts magical power a little more smoothly, but there was less emotion than I thought. It is probably because it is a clan characteristic of the Ma tribe.

I’m starting to feel that the body I have definitely risen before. About 800,000 points to do so far, and it was uncomfortable because the horn was too big, but I decided to leave it alone for now because reducing the horn also consumes emotions. This is because there were some parts that were helpful when fighting.


It takes longer than I thought. If it was an item store, it would have been okay to spend any time, but when I looked outside, I could already see it getting dark.

As I made my way back to where they were, I kept thinking in my head. Seeing my serious expression, no one spoke to me, so I was able to enter the castle a little more comfortably.

Another thing I coveted was good eyesight.

When I pulled my concentration to the limit, I thought that this phenomenon, which seemed to slow down time, had a significant impact on the eyes.

Just in case, I thought of magic eyes, who was only coming out of comic books, but in an instant, I felt my emotions fall below the floor. I couldn’t imagine how much points I had to earn to get this kind of eyes.

For now, it is enough to have eyes that have better eyesight, eyes that can see more closely, and eyes that can detect minute movements of muscles. I felt like I was turning into a little dull eye. But the performance looks pretty good.

Emotions still have more than half left. You can raise your body a little more or you can tweak other things a little more, but it didn’t seem bad to have wings like Mev. It immediately brings to mind the majestic large wings, but lacks emotion.

Wings that can be used as a substitute for a shield rather than a burden, it looks a bit childish, but it is still not enough to make efficient wings.


I let out a sigh of relief.

Although it is called customization, there are too many restrictions. Being able to fly freely in the sky is a huge advantage. It is no wonder that enormous emotions are consumed. Thought this was a simple side grade if it ended in this state.

Therefore, I had no choice but to think about it a little more.

What you want is a tail, a long, strong tail, you will surely catch the opponent off guard. When looking at each other from a close distance, they should be long tails that can hit the back of the other person’s head. Not only can you move freely, but you also need a tail that can prevent strong attacks.

It is no different from having another weapon in battle. I thought about what if a fire came out of the tail, but I didn’t bother to try it because I remembered the monster from the animation I watched before.

When I immediately recalled the overall appearance, I began to think of a fairly balanced appearance. It’s not a bad look. It was similar to the devil, but it was quite attractive overall. Points are still available.

I looked at myself from a distance and began to grow my feet a little.

Kicking isn’t often, but it’s important. Especially for me, who has to think about the center of gravity when using weapons, the stepping stone that gives strength is very big.


I thought it would be nice if my hands were a little big, too. It needed just the right hand to hold the weapon. The grip of arms should also be stronger. I thought it would be better not to touch my nails and toenails, but I reduced my nails a little.

In addition, the whole body began to be finely adjusted. I definitely felt strong. Thanks to this, it took some time to move on to the next part.

Another thing that needs to be done is the face. I’ve completely adapted to my current appearance, but as I can’t help but think about meeting Choi Seul-ki, I started to change my face to Kim Tae-sung’s face little by little.

But it wasn’t without problems.

‘It doesn’t look good on me… ’

The perfect devil’s body and Kim Tae-seong’s ambiguous face don’t match. I felt like I had to make him look more handsome. In the end, I had no choice but to touch a little more. Then I heard a voice from outside in the room where I was sitting.

“Mr. Tae-seong?”

It was Jeong Ha-yeon.

“What’s going on?”

“Ah…that’s what I prepared for breakfast. ”

I couldn’t help but be surprised for a moment. I thought it hadn’t been long since I entered the castle and came into my room, but it was already morning. Time went by incredibly fast. I thought it would be nice to show my face at least once, but I wanted to keep this concentration, so I opened my mouth to the outside.

“Leave it and go.”

” Tae-seong, do you have any concerns… ”

I opened my mouth moderately because I couldn’t say I stayed up all night while customizing.

“There’s just something to think about for a moment. I’ll go out myself, so don’t let anyone in. In the meantime, manage the tribe. ”

” Yes… All right. Tae-seong… “

I thought it was like a drug. I kept adjusting my face here and there. I took out my fangs and lowered my ears a little, but it seemed very awkward that there were no fangs in the body of the Ma family.

Make the bridge of the nose a little higher, the eyes a little bigger, and the pupils feel heavier. The words were Kim Tae-seong’s face, but it was completely different.

Fortunately, the points didn’t seem to have been spent much if it was just changing the outskirts, but thanks to this, I was able to try quite a variety of things.

Rather, it felt like it took more time than making the entire body. I was putting that much effort into it. I could not complete my face until two hours later, about nine hours later, but around this time, I was very tired, so I started eating breakfast that Jeong Ha-yeon brought.

The next place to fix is the alter ego. It wasn’t that I wasn’t dissatisfied with the ability of my current size, but I didn’t hate the relationship, so it didn’t seem bad to make it a little more elaborate.

First of all, I started to make it a little bigger, and then I started to make a precious one as if I were combing pottery. I adjusted it to my taste because I thought a little hideous would look more dignified than too beautiful.

In the meantime, the relationship with the women of the tribe has been satisfactory enough, but it is good to be able to be more satisfied with what you do. I wanted to make it into a tentacle, but the point doesn’t hold out. In the end, it felt like it had become a golden key when I remembered my previous memories and started making it step by step.

What I chose after nodding my head was the overall skin color, white skin like Jang Yeri, or human skin, but I just thought the dark green color of the past would be better.

It is unreasonable to say that he has abandoned all of his humanity, and although his life as Kim Tae-sung has been longer, he is more familiar with Blood Dagger as a greenskin than as a human.

The image in my head is quite satisfactory. I nodded once and once again I chose a body that I made with all my heart and soul.

There was always some pain every time I changed, but the moment I thought it would be the same this time, I suddenly had a tremendous pain in my body.

To the point where I bite my lips without realizing it. Although the base was placed as the body of a demon, it felt like raising the skeleton again as much as I had done a lot of work on this and that.

The face began to change little by little, and the alter ego continued to change shape. It was when a large tail popped out that was the most powerful.

Blood was splashing out of my lips.

The length of the tail that popped out in an instant was quite long, so it could be seen with the naked eye. It was painful, but it changed in a flash.

“Whoo… Whoo… “

My reflection in the Elf’s mirror, when I breathed heavily, was certainly the image I had previously recalled.

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