” d.a.m.n it, if we go at this pace, all of us will die. . . All . . . ”

” That can’t be . . . ”

” If we complete the tutorial, do you think we can leave this place? ”

As expected, the situation was a mess. It was as if they didn’t realize that their loud shouting and yelling were ringing throughout the cave.

” That probably is so. The situation isn’t as bad as it looks. Did everyone hear? What the voice mentioned about the quest that is. ”

” Though I only heard of it . . . ”

” It said to kill those monsters that were called goblins that had attacked us earlier. . . That’s impossible. We’re . . . all going to die.”

” No. If we all combine our strength, I’m sure it’s possible. ”

I think there was a similar conversation in the past. Clearly, that Lee Sangjun guy had grouped up with the rest. In the end, he sacrificed many comrades into the jaws of death as he survived alone. if I remember correctly. Though he had somehow survived to enter the continent, afterwards, I could hear no news of him. Probably, the chances of him dying while attempting to do a similar tactic was high, though this doesn’t really concern me.

I could immediately enter and attack, but why is there a need to spill blood if you can avoid it. I wasn’t sure what they were talking about now, for their voices had quieted down. Since they had experienced a difficult day, they’re probably drunk with sleepiness.

” Captain . . when do we go in? Ggireuk . . ”

” We wait a bit longer. ”

” Ggireuk . . Understood. ”

As if the goblins weren’t as foolish as they looked, they weren’t making any noises as the time when we first departed. We withdrew back deeper into the forest and started to wait. After some time, the cave began to become completely silent, as the rustling sound accompanied by swords and shields of four adult men slowly walked out.

‘ Night watch ‘

” Tch. ”

I had hoped that they would all sleep without night watch, but it seems they weren’t so foolish to do so. But, about this much was also sufficient. I slowly raised my hand towards the goblins and extended it out. Immediately, the goblins handed over a dagger.

Thanks to the evolution as a goblin warrior, I was able to grip it tighter than before.

” Hyung. I’m going to settle my thing and come back. ”

” Just in case, let’s go together. It’s much safer with two than one. ”

Luckily, two people began to walk away from the cave. I pointed a direction at the five goblins that were staring intently at me. These 5 were the most loyal.

Making a shush expression with my finger on my mouth, they nodded their heads in comprehension.

When the five goblins were busy concealing their tracks, I poured strength onto my arm and threw a dagger powerfully towards one of the two men. Instantly causing the guy to fall back, the other one, seeing his comrade killed in front of him, let out a shrilling cry.

” AHHHHHHHH ! ! ! It’s an ambush ! ! The monsters ! ! ! ! ! . . . . . . ”


Before finishing what he had to say, a dagger pierced the poor guy’s neck.

” It’s finished. ”

It was an opportune timing for a compliment. However, we didn’t have such time for that. I quickly called over the rest of the clan members and headed towards the cave.

” We’re invading into the cave! ”

” Ggireuk . . . Ggireuk ! ! Ggireuk ! ! ”

” WHAT ! ! ”

” What . . . what’s wrong ! ! ”

From the dusky, dark cave, panicking screams began to surge out. I could even see some escaping out of the cave in urgent shock.

” Hey, you, and you, go take care of those guys that are fleeing. ”

” Understood! Captain! Ggireuk ”

” Leave it to me. Ggireuk ”

Hurriedly invading into the cave, I could see the goblins pushing each other as they tried to enter deeper into the cave.

” Hiiiiik . . . someone save me. . . Save me.”

” Oh Lord . . . Please save me. ”

” Everyone, we must fight together. We have to fight together. ”

The face that wasn’t at the very front, but halfway in the center yelling was definitely Lee Sangjun who I had seen before. Seeing him, you don’t know just how much I wanted to thrust a sword into the guy’s face. Despite time passing by, not much has changed. I saw how he was continuing to push the rest of his comrades forward, not shutting up.

‘ Foolish b.a.s.t.a.r.d ‘

The skill to stir up others wasn’t bad, but in this extreme harsh situation, to think that such methods would work was itself a mistake. It would rather be more effective to stand up front and hold a shield. However, those guys that were full of fear wouldn’t be able to do such a thing.

” If we stick together, we can win. ”

” Those with swords and shields, advance to the frontline, as for the rest . . . ”

” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhk ! ! ! !”

They were constantly screaming, but for those humans filled with fear, such statements naturally fell on deaf ears. Especially, to those outcasts, this method was much more thrown aside.

That dark cave, those screaming humans, and the laughing voices of the monsters. It was as if one wrote a horror movie scene.

Fighting in the front and helping his comrades would be more helpful, but the number of people that were willing to hold a sword was a minority. Lee Sangjun screaming in the back hoarsely had no thoughts of receiving a blow for another as expected.

” If we gather . . . Kuk! ! ”

Annoyed with him constantly screaming, I grabbed a dagger and flung it, causing the mouth to be filled with blood.



Every time we took a step forward, they squirmed trying to take a step back. In this situation, there was definitely a way to escape. Those with shields could push forward and block while allowing the rest of the people to fend off against us with their swords. Though they can’t win this battle, they can indeed open a path. Of course, a few will definitely die. . . I couldn’t confirm for sure whether we will have no casualties it seems.

The problem was.

‘ Who’s the sacrificial lamb? ‘

Even if you were to have a shield, if you were to jump up first, the fact that you would be the primary target was common sense.

If you had the courage to win over your own fear, then you wouldn’t have fled the first battle. As if my estimation was correct, those who were holding onto swords and shields were scrambling to retreat into the group.

Like those people that were trying to squirm their ways into a full subway train.

” Get out ! ! ! Get out ! ! ! ”

” f.u.*.k . . . Please . . ! ! ”

“You . . . you have a shield. ”

” You’re a man ! ! ”

What was worse was that I could hear yelling from the group as if they were fighting. It seems that they don’t know that they will all die one way or the other.

” Ggireuk . . . . Ggireuk . . ”

” Ggireuk . . . Ggireuk . . . Ggireuk . . . ”

The goblins continued to pressure the humans towards the back walls of the cave. The laughter of the goblins resounded throughout the cave, as I could feel that those echoes won’t stop for some time.

Ultimately, the goblins launched their bodies towards the humans.


If you exclude the one goblin that had died from a blind sword, then there were no casualties. Other than the one human that I wanted to experiment on, we had killed as many as 38 people. It was a complete victory.

” We are the Blood Dagger Clan! Kireuk!”

” If we just listen to our captain’s words, we get food during our sleep. Kireuk!”

Thanks to me, as the herd were returning back, the goblins were screaming and singing in praise of me. And after the second battle, there were two more goblins that had evolved in the clan.

One had evolved into a Goblin Archer while the other had chosen the Goblin Warrior. The Goblin Archer that had evolved was the female goblin who possessed deep affection for me. Watching me throwing daggers from a safe range, as if she had discovered a delicious fruit, she was extremely excited holding the very coarse bow. The other goblin that wanted to learn how to be despicable showed quite valor contrary to his intended purpose. It seemed that there would be no problem utilizing the two as our clan’s vanguard for the other goblins.

Thankfully, as if the pride of the clan was already embedded in them, they had no thoughts of leaving. Rather, they were staring at me with admirable eyes. Especially, the female goblin’s look made me very flustered.

” But, captain. Kireuk. Why are we bringing the human? Kireuk. ”

” I thought we were bringing it alive to eat. Ggireuk. I heard that some goblins like that. ”

” Captain doesn’t eat humans. I heard that he only ate the dead goblins from battle. ”

” It’s said that it’s a sign of comfort for the dead goblins. ”

Hearing the goblins’ conversation, I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. I wonder where in the world did they hear such nonsensical rumors about comforting the dead goblins.

Laughing, I continued to gradually move my feet. Beside me was a woman, tied up, staring at me intently. Using a vine from the forest, I had tied her up and placed a gag in her mouth, but tears continued to trickle down her face.

After finishing dinner, I brought the rest of my clan back towards our camp. Let’s walk a bit more. Feeling our presences, the many goblins started to chat excitedly amongst one another.

” Earlier ! It’s those goblins that left outside ! ”

” Ggireuk! They brought back food. They’re carrying humans ! ”

” So many ! Ggireuk. ”

They all stared at us dumbstruck as if they were all staring at a hero. Not expecting to receive such a reception, smiles materialized across the subordinates’ faces.

” We are the Blood Dagger Clan ! Ggireuk ! ! ! ”

” It’s the Blood Dagger Clan ! ”

” The Blood Dagger Clan has returned from its human hunt ! ”

” Our captain is amazing ! ”

As if they were extremely fond of the Blood Dagger Clan’s title, the five goblins from earlier continued to yell in rejoice. Among those was the Goblin Warrior that had evolved. As my members continued to scream, the goblins trailing behind started to speak useless words trying to induce sympathy.

” Mev, you’re quite beautiful. I’m so envious of the Blood Dagger Clan’s Captain. Among the Green Skins, I think you’re the most beautiful.’

” So envious. Kireuk. ”

Realizing, it seems that in the goblin world, she was deemed as quite a beauty. Especially, after she had evolved into a Goblin Archer, her beauty had taken a notch up.

Although it didn’t really concern me at the moment, just in case I could see a good result as she continues to evolve, I decided to keep an eye on this Mev goblin.

Just like that, the 30 or so goblins took the corpses of humans on their shoulders as they entered the campground. For now, I was holding onto the captive woman, whether she was afraid of the goblins’ jubilation or just angry, she continued to squirm her body.

It was nothing but a battle, but the goblins appeared to have the form of a general as they entered the campgrounds. From those silly poses, I laughed.

Anyways, though the other goblins were continually staring at our side in curiosity, they didn’t touch our possessions at all. If they were hungry, then it might’ve been a different case, but it was as if they were displaying a sign of recognition to us as if they were already full. Of course, the rising power and strength of our Blood Dagger Clan can also be a reason.

While the goblins were celebrating their safe return for some time, I could see a large goblin walking towards me.

TL Afterword

All you goblin lovers that want to learn how to be despicable. It’s a very complicated procedure. Ahem, let me speak it in goblin language to simplify it.

Ggireuk, Ggireuk.~ Kireuk.


Example: Look at what happens when a normal despicable man tries to face against Captain Despicable. It was already a lost cause. Goodbye Lee Sangjun~

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