Green Skin Chapter 50

Green Skin – Chapter 50: Black Spear (1)

[ You lack proficiency in the bow. If others see how you throw though, probably anyone would want to hold a javelin as well] – Black Spear

I could definitely feel that he was there just from the ‘ indication ’. But if he were to continue evolving his Unique Ability or use his other techniques to refine it, he will definitely become strong.

A while later, I saw him appearing baffled at what just happened. It seems that it consumes a lot of mana as he looked a bit exhausted.

“ Woahhhhh . . . ”

Alarming. Extremely alarming. I was lucky to awaken my Unique Ability, but this was really lucky. And I can compensate for that statement with my 10 years of experience.

From what Green Goblin had said, it usually takes about three years before one can awaken a Unique Ability. Just from wanting to follow me, he had overcome his boundaries and did something that’s hard to figure out and explain. In fact, I thought that after me, it would be either Mev or Jung Hayeon that would awaken a Unique Ability next. Of course the Loyal Five Siblings were strong. But compared to those two, they were a bit below in power in my honest estimation.

But, that estimation had been completely reversed.

It was a welcoming event that my subordinate had become strong, but with his usual talent and for him to awaken an ability like that, I started feel a sense of crisis.

Anyhow, grasping the situation was a priority so I spoke.

“ The G.o.d of the Battlefield has given you an ability. What ability is it? ”

“ Kereeeeuk. I’m not too sure Captain ”

Seeing me pay great interest to the First, cold sweat began to flow down the face of the Second. Although it wasn’t confirmed, it seemed that the sense of victory and defeat had slanted to one side.

“ Try to think about it in your head. Kereuk. ”

From my words, he worked hard to bring the information up, and soon I was able to confirm his ability description.

[ Wind Walk ]

[ You can hide your body for a while. Movement Speed does not change. The ability is immediately deactivated once you wield the sword. ]


It was extremely nice. The fact that movement speed was not affected was notable. Although it was unfortunate that the ability would be immediately deactivated once you swing the sword, but he had already obtained an ability that shouldn’t be possible to gain as a warrior.

“ Kereeeeeuk. ”

He stared at me full of expectation.

To be honest, I wanted to take the Second with me and leave the First, but with how this situation transpired, the First was someone that could not be left out in PK. In the end, I looked on at everyone and announced.

“ In this hunt . . . Gark will go with me. ”

“ Woahhhhhhhhhhh ! ! ”

As soon as he heard my voice, Gark pounded his chest and cheered. On the contrary, Hark had a gloomy expression. His face looked so gloomy and disappointed that I approached him, grabbing him on the shoulder and opened my mouth.

“ The remaining warriors, I entrust them to you. I believe in you. Hark. ”

Since they were simple guys, this should be enough to make them happy. As expected, Hark replied with a large voice.

“ Blood Dagger believes in me! I want to go with you . . . but I will reward Blood Dagger’s faith. For Blood Dagger ! ”

“ For Blood Dagger ! ”

In the end, with hot tears running down their faces, they gave their farewell partings, and the selection announcement was roughly completed.

I had decided to take Jung Hayeon with me in the end. I thought that if she stuck as close to me as possible, there shouldn’t be any problems. Although it is of a different race, she does have a plant body, which was why I was able to take her with me.

I still could not forget that elated face of hers when she heard her name at the end.

If we were human, there would be a lot of goods we had to take, but we only had to prepare two things. Food and water. Compared to humans that had to prepare for several days in advance for an expedition, Green Skins were very comfortable. After informing Green Goblin that I was going for a long hunting trip, seeing him nod, we were able to depart immediately.

“ For Blood Dagger! ”

The voice of ‘ Hark ’ resonating in the distant village caused it to be a very heartbreaking night.

The distance wasn’t far, but it wasn’t short either. I had heard from Green Goblin that there was an independent Green Skin village nearby, so I had decided to present my greetings. It was because we needed a place to hide our presence, while waiting for the human group to enter ‘ Ancient Warrior’s Grave. ’

The portion of the tribe that settled beside the small city ‘ Legius, ’ has a chief called Black Spear, of the Black Spear Clan. From what I had heard from Green Goblin, I heard that he was quite a wise Troll, so I started to expect a little.

Since we were advancing through a large forest, we weren’t able to encounter any humans, but after the miserable death of Lee Youngdon, I thought that it might also be the catalyst to this. It’s highly likely that ‘ Aia ’ was busy supervising the adventurers until the situation settled down.

I also have received such supervision in my past life, so I had a rough idea of what was going on in the city.

After thinking of such useless things, eventually; over three days, we began to see the village of Black Spear Clan. As if they had already known that we were going to visit, I could see Black Spear coming out in person.

“ Welcome to the village of Black Spear. Warrior who has lost honor,  Blood Dagger. ”

“ Thank you for your hospitality, Black Spear. ”

He stretched his arm out and placed it on his chest.

I, too, repeated the same gesture in greetings.

“ Power, Wisdom, and Honor. ”

“ Power, Wisdom, and Honor. ”

Green Skins that had passed the test of the Grand Patriarch’s would greet like this. I slowly began to inspect the Troll called Black Spear. Inside a large, quiver-like basket was full of many things, including a black spear.

It seemed to be made for throwing, and not for fighting. His body was not full of muscle, as if he was a bit slim, but he looked as sharp as ever as his somewhat black skin showed that he wasn’t some ordinary Troll.

What was most notable were those wise looking eyes of his. He was a bit different from the mischievous Green Goblin.

“ I have heard a lot about you. I had heard that the Green Skins that had stepped into the Land of Glory this time were all special. The large warlike warrior named Goff, and the warrior that lost his honor called Blood Dagger. You two were the center of the topics. ”

“ Kereeeeuk. I am undeserving of such praise. But Black Spear. I don’t remember seeing you in the Land of Glory . . . ”

“ It has not been long since I had settled this village within this land, so I could not go. ”

It is not certain, but it seems that his clan was exempt from our selection; considering it hasn’t been long since they had become an independent clan. No wonder tribes that stood independent were relatively lacking in specifications. Assuming that it was a process to make the new entrants in the Land of Glory grow more securely, I began to automatically nod.

In fact, I was hoping to raise Green Skins after being independent as well, but it is a bit unfortunate.  As such, Black Spear and I shared a conversation as we entered the village.

What stood out most were the pile of skeletons piled up at the entrance.

As if they were flaunting that this was the domain of the Black Spear Clan. Whether beast or human, there were countless skulls surrounding flags. It wasn’t like I hadn’t seen this from the Green Goblin Clan, but this clan was quite frank.

But, it’s something that does not concern me. Continuing on, what caught my attention were the captured human beings locked naked in wooden prisons.

“ Kereeeeuk, Humans. ”

“ It is food. ”

It seems that the Black Spear Clan hunt humans and bring them back to the village alive. Not sure if it’s fortunate or unfortunate for the locked humans, but there doesn’t seem to be a ‘ Special Taste ’ for this clan.

Seeing quite a lot of humans, I was able to understand why Green Goblin referred to Black Spear as a wise troll. From a human’s perspective, this was definitely an appalling view, but for Green Skins, it was not necessarily so.

This was not necessary in the case of Western City where there were many human beings and beasts, but such was not the case in a relatively-small sized city. If you were not lucky, it would be difficult to encounter humans. Curious of his intention, I couldn’t help but ask.

“ You are collecting them . . . Kereeuk. ”

“ That is so. Blood Dagger. Our Black Spear Clan had experienced harsh hunger in the Warrior’s Exam. A lot of our warriors and subordinates had fallen while traversing through the wilderness to the desert as we barely arrived at the Land of Glory. ”

“ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

“ Of course battle is important, Blood Dagger. However, I had learned something equally important from the Grand Patriarch. That’s why I had to nod in consent when I heard your story. Most Green Skins are not so wise. You can be a great chief. ”

He was inspiring me, but in fact, he was also great. There were definitely Green Skins that couldn’t realize this simple fact. Moreover, although the targets were humans, he was basically ‘ Rearing ’ humans, something that normal Green Skins would never think of. Although he had praised me, this Black Spear could indeed become a great chief. I nodded back.

“ Black Spear, you are already quite an impressive chief. You are one that realized the flaws within you, and is a chief that moves with his subordinates accordingly. It is I that have a lot to learn from you. Thank you. ”

He was rather shy from my words. From our first meeting, I could begin to feel that we could become very close.

Anyhow, I once again began to look towards the humans. Despite seeing the shaking humans as if they might become the sacrifices for the newly entered Green Skins, I could not feel any sort of emotion as I stared at them, confirming that I had indeed changed.

Noticing the murderous intent flowing out of Jung Hayeon’s eyes, it seems that she was of the same mindset as well.

Black Spear once again spoke thinking that I was staring at the humans from hunger, but I shook my head.

“ Do you need food? Blood Dagger? ”

“ I appreciate your goodwill, but I will decline Black Spear. I could not be a nuisance to you, when I am already very thankful of being allowed to stay here. ”

“ I will give you a few clan members anytime you want. Then, I will show you where you will stay and rest. ”

“ Thank you, Black Spear. ”

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