Green Skin Chapter 61

Green Skin – Chapter 61: Revenge (6)
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As such, she cut off the woman’s arm.

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhk ! ”

Seeing that it was the main dish, she tried to slowly enjoy it as much as possible. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say the two preceding guys were just practice targets. It seemed, she roughly learned from the previous experience of how to torture and delay death as much as she could.

After that, she arrived at the legs. Clumsily, she began to thrust her dagger down onto the thigh area.

“ Ahhhhhhhhhh ”

She may be desperate, swept away in rage and madness, but she didn’t hurry. With her reddened eyes, she began to make a mess out of the Wind Magician’s body.

“ Sp . . . Spare me . . . Pl . . . Please . . . Please . . . . ”

“ Unni would have thought the same. Save her . . . Right? To stop . . . ”

“ I’m . . . sorry . . . No . . . I apolo . . . Ahhhhhhhhhhhk! ”

In the midst of her speech, the dagger sliced against across her face. It seemed Ahyeon didn’t want to hear Mina’s voice as she sliced it into her face again.

After cutting off all her fingers, afterwards, she began to plunge the dagger onto her chest. In the end, she didn’t penetrate it that deep. Just painful enough, so that it can eat away at the flesh of the magician.

“ Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! ”

As if excited for being able to exact sweet revenge, she plunged the dagger down in wild laughter. It felt similar to watching Hayeon in the past. Looking at Hayeon, she shyly looked away in embarrassment.

“ Sp . . . Spare . . ”

“ Die ! My Unni’s archnemesis ! ”

As such, after a few hours; screams could still be heard throughout as her voice began to quiet down. Vice versa, Ahyeon’s breathing became heavy and more rough.

“ Haaaa . . . . Haaa . . . ”

With exhaustion suddenly overtaking her, she nearly collapsed when trying to stand up, causing me to quietly advise her.

“ You are a human. ”

“ I . . . I understand Savior. “

It wasn’t a sudden question-and-answer exchange. Though, I may not know the mechanisms that lie within evolving from a human to a monster, but thinking back to Hayeon. The will to be on the side of monsters allowed her to change species, becoming a monster. What we needed though, was Ahyeon to remain as a human. If she were wanting to join, something absurd might happen again, so I reminded her that she was human.

As soon as I finished saying, Ahyeon’s equipment began changing.

‘ Evolution. ’

It seems that even humans can accumulate experience from killing other humans. Of course, I haven’t checked if it was as efficient as earning experience from killing a monster, especially with the example of Hayeon. Perhaps, you’re given a class based on your experience. It might be an abnormal growth, but she needs to grow as a human, so we can continually receive help from her.

“ Sa . . . Savior. ”

Ahyeon who had finished changing classes began to look at me with a grand smile.

When I wondered what class she had obtained, it was then that Ahyeon spoke.

“ I . . . . I became an Apostle. Savior’s apostle . . . ”

It seems that the class that Ahyeon had changed to was a special class. Since she had changed classes through an uncommon way, I thought that she at least would attain a slightly different class. It seems that she attained a class related to this encounter. It was definitely affiliated with the magician class.

[ Pagan. ]

That was the class title that Ahyeon had newly obtained. As expected, it was of the Magician type, but that was in name; at least in similarities to the dark priests. Of course, since she recently acquired it, I cannot determine the positives and negatives to this class so far. Yet, it was definitely a first that I had heard of regarding this class. I was somewhat anticipating how she’ll grow in the future.

“ Good job. Kereeeeeuk. ”

Patting Ahyeon on the shoulder once, I soon moved on. Ahyeon was reverently elated, as she was smiling. Since she has a class of the priest denomination, she shouldn’t be rejected like before in the past. No, she would rather be welcomed I thought.

After walking over to the back of the Dungeon Master’s room, the Treasure Room was within my line of sight. There were a lot of artifacts and treasures that were buried here by the ancient soldiers in the past.

The item I must have is of course the Covenant Ring. Walking towards the Treasure Room, Ahyeon and the rest of the Green Skins started to follow along.

Slowly opening the door, a great coffin welcomed me. It was a fairly small coffin considering the Ancient Warrior that was here. Approaching and opening it, many treasures could be seen within. Of course amongst them, there was one that looked quite appealing.

The most notable one was of course the dual Covenant rings.

[ Covenant Ring. ]

[ Imbued feature that allows communication among two targets. A forgotten ancient magic. The rings that the Ancient Warrior Dodrok and his lover had equipped daily. ]

[ Mana +2 ]

Since the Green Skins had not much interest in accessories anyways, so I will be the one to equip it. The remaining one will be given to Ahyeon. Since I had to continuously communicate with her from afar.

“ Take it. ”

Throwing the ring over, Ahyeon promptly caught it.

“ Tha . . . Thank you so much ! Thank you! ”

Blushing, she kneeled before me. As if not pleased with this, I could sense the glares targeted at Ahyeon by Hayeon, but it couldn’t be helped.

As such, I began to distribute the items. It may be obvious, but the authority to distribute the items was in the hands of the chief. Although the guys were running around with weapons in glee, they were not pleading for weapons nor were they claiming ownership of it. But, there was no question that we needed to prepare one for Black Spear.

Since he had predominantly utilized the spear, I threw him a spear that was stuck on the wall, causing him to be extremely pleased.

[ Ancient Spear. ]

[ This is the spear that was used by a nameless spearmen under the command of the Ancient Warrior. This nameless spearmen would be buried together with his spear. It was used for a lifetime once the Ancient Warrior had died. ]

[ Dexterity +1 ]

It was very ambiguous to label it as rare, but despite that, the ability was nice.

“ My thanks. I’ll use it well. ”

It seems that he’ll probably use that spear as a javelin, but it does not matter. There are none in the Blood Dagger Clan that uses a spear anyways.

When I realized that it wasn’t just this nameless soldier that was buried, a pile of weapons began to emerge from within the place. There were so many Common and Uncommon weapons that it was impossible to count.

And among those, a bow that could be labelled as Rare was handed over to Mev. Although it wasn’t an item that came from the coffin, it was a bow that was acquired from an Intermediate boss in this dungeon. Just like how I obtained my sword from the Dungeon Master. It seems that a human archer was using it, so I just allowed Mev to take it.

The other weapon was held by the goblin sister with the longsword. Funny enough, originally, I was planning on giving this to Gark, but it seemed that he was more proud of using the sword of Youngdon. Upon receiving the sword from the treasury, he then promptly transferred it over to his younger sister.

Although there were a lot of decent weapons, we couldn’t carry all of them back.

And a few of these rare items will be given to Ahyeon to advertise about this dungeon back at Legius.

[ Shield of Dawn. ]

[ A shield that will emit heat when blocking an enemy’s attack. It was used by a nameless friend who knew the name of the Ancient Warrior ]

[ Vitality +2 ]

Especially handing this item over caused me to cry blood, but it had to be done. In order to attract advanced, intermediate, and even beginner adventurers to Legius to fatten the city, thus completing Black Spear’s quest.

Equipping the Covenant Ring on, I began imbuing it with my mana. It was to explain the function of this ring. Naturally, Ahyeon’s ring also faintly responded in reply. It was a little funny seeing how she had put her ring on the third finger of the left hand. I slowly recalled what I wanted to say in my head.

[ You will take these items to Legius. ]

“ Yes…?! Huh . . . What . . . do you mean. ”

Her expression was that of despair. It seems that she was so taken aback by this that she forgot about the Covenant Ring being currently on. If I were to have not said this, she definitely would have tried to follow us back to our tribe. Or maybe she was worried that she would be abandoned, as she began to bite her nails and tremble.

[ You will take these items to Legius, and you only have to say that you had acquired these items to the other humans. ]

She would understand what I’m saying, but she will be probably be asked a lot of questions. The process of how she was the sole survivor of the expedition. Information regarding the dungeon as a whole . . . it doesn’t matter if she hands over these items, even to those of authority in the city or sell it at an appropriate price. Since there is some law in the city, she would at least be safe from theft. Of course, the fact that she met the Savior or that she is in affiliation with a monster was of course omitted.

As long as she was able to lure humans here using whatever means possible, it was fine.

[ I . . . I understand. May . . . May I ask as to why you request me of this, Savior. ]

I couldn’t think of proper words. So, I just roughly stated.

[ Offerings. ]

Instantly, Ahyeon brightened. The fact that she was not abandoned, and was able to do something for me brought her extreme joy. Thanks to that, it seems that her trust in me had increased, but since I was somewhat worried, I constructed a few conditions.

Obviously, the first one is not to say anything regarding the Weapon Merchant. By acting as if she didn’t know me would be convenient.

Secondly, the fact that she would have her Covenant Ring constantly activated. Unless there’s a special exception, she must have it activated at all times. By injecting mana into the ring, I understood that as an artifact, it didn’t require that much mana.

It seems that it’s based on a system where it can last for quite a long time, with a limited amount of mana assuming you do not block the flow of course.

With the second condition, Ahyeon’s expression became extremely pleased, even making me wonder that possibly she wanted it more than me.

And the third condition is that she would come when I call.

Of course it would be difficult for her to imagine. For Ahyeon not to come when I call her, since we are connected together by the Covenant Rings, but since I should see her a few times, I laid down the condition. Likewise to the second condition, she wanted it more than me.

As such, I gradually nodded my head and began heading out of the dungeon. Erasing the traces of battle here was a preceding priority. I began pushing the limit of my mana to the sword, causing flames to erupt from Ancient Flame. I began sweeping away the room with the flames.

This room that was able to help someone exact their revenge, comfort the aspirations of a clan, and allow one the opportunity to become stronger.


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