Green Skin Chapter 66

The Blood Dagger Clan moved slowly. It wasn’t a battle, but it was a shame that there were no drums to sound off this wonderful departure. Since the Green Skins that always sounded the drums had left together with Goff.

It has been a while since I had last gone on a trip together with Ibar. I sensed she enjoyed the pleasant time as she made sounds of ‘ Kereeeeung, ’ as we walked, while I looked around despite knowing that there were no evil beasts around. Of course it wasn’t just him that was having a pleasant time.

Gark and Hark.

They would always stick beside me with threatening postures as they maintained a nasty atmosphere in the air unlike their normal and stupid faces.

I ran up front and spoke to Mev who was our guide.

“ Where’s the first one? ”

“ The first place is where there are a bit more females Green Skins gathered. It was a pretty nice village . . . I’m not sure if they noticed me or not, but the place was well fortified and guarded. ”

Seeing Mev talk like this, I could already estimate that the leaders that led these groups were not idiots at all. Or maybe they had a lot of fear, but it’s definitely one of the two. As such, we continued to march as we saw the village of the astray Green Skins come into our sight.

“ For Blood Dagger! ”

The amusing part was that as we neared the village, the Blood Dagger Clan screamed louder and louder. When I was thinking about if the villagers were going to flee at this rate, Mev who had entered the village in advance returned with a shocked face.

“ Cap-captain. ”

“ Huh? ”

“ It’s . . . empty? ”

I too couldn’t help but be flabbergasted as well. Entering the village, I couldn’t find any of them. I was sure that there were traces here and there of livelihood. However, seeing how there wasn’t one member of that population meant that they had already known that we were coming. Well, with how much we were shouting and advertising, there was no question they wouldn’t know, but despite that, the fact that they disappeared was shocking nevertheless.

“ They fled. ”

“Fl-fled? ”

Those who run away before even encountering the enemies were definitely those that are not worthy of being called Green Skins. However, I began to be curious. We definitely had no intention to fight. Of course, our stances may be somewhat aggressive, but in their eyes, it seemed as if a great threat was approaching them. Compared to the Green Skins I encountered before, they were completely different.

Looking around, I was able to find that the other Blood Dagger Clansmen had begun screaming.

“ Cowards! ”

“ They are cowardly Green Skins ! How pathetic ! Kereuk. ”

“ Despicable is different from cowardly ! Ggirik ! ”

Seeing some subordinates shout that despicable was different from cowardly, as if it was stabbing their own pride, it was hilarious to watch them act so cute like that. Anyhow, in the meantime, I looked over Mev and continued.

“ Can you find their trail? ”

“ Yup, of course. ”

Although it has been long since they had disappeared from their places, their traces were all over the place in regards to their current growth. Even I was able to discover their traces. Of course my ability was nowhere near Mev’s, but seeing footprints here and there, it was obvious.

“ They fled towards this direction.”

Mev slowly walked towards this direction. It definitely seems that they were fear-stricken as they had really fled deep into the forest. It seemed that they were determined to not allow this village to be discovered by the humans, which was affirmed as the forest became denser the further we walked in. As if they had lost their patience, Hark and Gark began expressing their displeasure.

“ We cannot allow these kinds of guys to be our tribesmen. Kereuk! ”

“ Although I am following the will of Blood Dagger, but these guys are not worthy of being Green Skins! ”

“ These Green Skins are bad! ”

Their advice did have some truth in them.

Their words were not wrong, but it was ideal to meet all of them at least once I thought. Delving deeper into the forest, we discovered a cave, with a small, organized road leading towards it. It definitely seems that they haven’t escaped towards here once or twice. Entering the canyon with little rocks that laid on the edges of the road, we were able to see one Hobgoblin.

Seeing how he couldn’t even make eye contact, it really seems that they were stricken in fear. But seeing how he had arranged his group deep inside the cave, I could sense that he had valued the group very much.

“ Kereeeeeeung ”

At this time, Ibar began to lowly growl, causing the Hobgoblin to tremble once more.

“ For Blood Dagger ! ”

“ For Blood Dagger !! ”

The tribesmen continued to scream, proclaiming their arrival. I raised my hand down, causing them to settle down soon enough. Finally, the atmosphere could accommodate a conversation.

“ What is your name? ”

“ Ha – Hakajin, Blood Dagger, oh honorable warrior. ”

The Hobgoblin replied with his head bowed, causing me to snort once more before resuming my questions. It has been quite a while since I was last called an honorable warrior. Everyone else had called me a defeated warrior, but seeing him add such adjectives, I couldn’t help but sense flattery in his words.

“ Do you know of me? ”

“ Are you not the clan of the West that is rumored to be growing the fastest? The name of Blood Dagger has attained much fame, as it has spread to many other villages including our group as well. There are even rumors that you had become brother clans with the Bl-Black Spear Clan. . . ”

“ I see . . . ”

I was able to deduce one thing from this conversation. Although they weren’t able to be a part of the community of the Green Skins, they were up to date with the current events. Hearing Hakajin’s voice, my tribe behind me began to roar once more. What an amusing situation. This guy was clearing using flattery. Not just me, but also to the tribesmen behind me as he was releasing their frustrations.

“ We are growing the fastest! ”

“ The name of Blood Dagger will tremble under the heavens ! ”

While I was briefly thinking of something else, I heard his trembling voice speaking to me. It seems that he wanted to ask an important question. Perhaps the most critical one.

“ But . . . but what has made you come to this place . . . ? ”

“ We have not come to do harm upon you. I have just come to check and see how your group is faring. It’s more appropriate to call this a visit. Tch. ”

“ Ah . . . ”

Despite that, his rigid expression did not relax in the slightest.

“ I will promise with my lost name. I have not come to put you under harm. ”

If he was sensitive to the rumors, then he would surely know that I had lost my name, since the event of how I was defeated and lost my honor and name in the Sacred Battle against the Queen of the North was already a famous story that circulated among the Green Skins, so there was no question that he wouldn’t know of it. As expected, his expression gradually relaxed, knowing full well just how important it was for Green Skins to put their honor on the line.

“ I . . . I understand, Blood Dagger. I will lead you inside the cave. ”

“ Thank you. ”

“ But why did you leave such a good village and come to this kind of place, Hakajin? ”

From my words, he closed his mouth and did not reply. They fled because they were scared. Those that were born as a Green Skin could not spit out such words. Looking at him curiously, I began to analyze him.

“ That . . . that is . . . ”

His expression was definitely stricken with fear. He seemed to be thinking about his honor. As if he was rolling his head, trying to make sure not to answer with an ambiguous response to displease me.

“ Well . . . you do not have to answer if you do not want to. Everyone has their reasons. ”

“ Thank you. ”

I had roughly assumed the reason as to why, and I did not want to concern myself with it much either. The cave was quite small. Looking to the side slightly, I was able to see the small group trembling in fear, causing me to wonder how they had survived like this to this day. There were about twenty of them. There were definitely a bit more females in this group. Although I saw a few men around, they weren’t ready to fight at all.

Even if I were to recruit them, I could not utilize them immediately. After training them for quite some time would I be able to finally use them. As my large self entered the cave. . .

“ Ggirik! Ggirik! ”

. . . voices began to ring inside the cave. Hakajin was attempting to settle the group down. Since I had promised him no harm to the clan with my honor at stake, he was attempting to reassure his people as best as possible.

Soon, after this guy had brought some food over, we were finally able to have an earnest conversation. A full scale investigation I could say – of whether or not they could be integrated into our clan.

“ How long has it been since you came to this place? ”

“ Ab-about two years. ”

“ It has been long . . . however, it seems that your group has not grown at all. ”

In the case of the Blood Dagger Clan, they already possessed quite a large number of Orc Warriors. For this group though, there were only a few female Hobgoblins including Hakajin. After not being able to accomplish much results in the Tutorial, it seems that after leaving that place, they had never left for a significant hunt once.

“ Yes . . . that is so due to many reasons . . . ”

“ The Warrior Exam . . . ”

“ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

“ Why did you give up the Warrior Exam? ”

From my question, he failed to answer again. He continued to lick his lips as he nervously looked back as if he had heard me say as if why he had become scared and fled from the exam. The other Hobgoblins behind him began to avoid making eye contact with him, causing me to have no choice but to sigh.

Funny enough, they had no desire for battle. For common Green Skins, it was natural to have the spirit to engage in combat, but they had lost complete faith in themselves. The Blood Dagger Clan do run away from battles. However, like my subordinates have stated, to say the least, our retreat was a strategic effort to achieve victory. These guys just fled. Those who have no will to fight have no right to enter the Blood Dagger Clan.

Sighing once more, I began to rise from my seat. Staying here any longer would be nothing more than a waste of time. Turning my head towards the entrance of the cave, I began to slowly walk out of the cave.

“ I will come again once more. At that time, I would like to see you at the village, Hakajin. ”

“ I apologize, Blood Dagger. ”

He guided me up to the entrance of the cave, from where I gave him my farewell with a wave of my hand. As soon as I stepped outside the cave, the tribesmen’ voices began to roar deafeningly.

“ It is the cowards. ”

“ They cannot be called Green Skins! ”

I couldn’t help but sympathize with their opinions. Seeing how my expression wasn’t so good, Hayeon spoke.

“ So it seems they are . . . ”

“ I am not sure. What I am certain is that they do not have the privilege to be join us. But that doesn’t mean my mind is not troubled. ”

“ Yes . . . especially that Hobgoblin, Hakajin. Those eyes clearly convey a look of wanting to survive. ”

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