Seeing the man running away, I secretly turned my head back to the battlefield.  Though I was initially concerned that they would all run away seeing this as a trap, it seems that they didn’t have such courage to do so. Especially, to see a girl in that appearance, once, twice, you couldn’t help but look again. I called for Mev and opened my mouth.

” Mev. ”

” Yes, what Captain? ”

” Tell Goff to not kill the woman. ”

” Ah . . . . Okay . . . ”

Her voice was somewhat uneasy, as Mev expression looked ominous. That look made it seem as if I really had some sort of special taste. As such, I opened my mouth to Mev.

” It’s not a special taste at all. Stop thinking about those things and just relay the message and come back. If you keep working hard, I’ll really take care of you well. ”

” Ah ! . . . Okay ! Ggireuk ! Ggireuk ! I’ll work hard ! ”

Not sure if it’s because of the influence of being in a goblin’s body, but I found Mev’s figure of happily Ggireuk Ggireuk quite cute. As such, I brought my subordinates and started to follow the fleeing man.

” Captain . . . don’t we have to fight as well? Ggireuk . . . I want to fight. ”

” Let the others take care of this side here and follow me. ”

” I want to fight though, but I will follow Captain. Ggireuk ”

Although they had some complains, but my mouth fell in awe after seeing the figure a moment after. The guy that was mindlessly running while consistently changing paths. It seemed that he was holding a sword and shield as if he had finished evolving into an ordinary warrior. But, his sense of awareness wasn’t too high as he didn’t notice us.  Maintaining a set distance, we followed him intently.

After running for quite some time, we arrived at a camp.

‘ Bingo ‘

I couldn’t help but laugh in this situation. The goblins, as if knowing they had to keep their delight in check, they tried to conceal it to the best of their abilities.

” We’re waiting here. ”

” Ggireuk  . . . Ggireuk . . . Understood. ”

While we quietly watched from the side, as expected, the first guy to run back screamed loudly.

” We need to leave this place ! We need to leave this place now!

Not a bad decision. Since they were outnumbered, maintaining distance was the correct decision. Since they had brought their most useful fighters, they should be lacking in power. As expected, they were hurriedly packing up. They were coming out of the entrance. Frankly, the goods that they secured were just majorly fruits and food, and some other useful things.

They were definitely willing to fight, as nearly all of them had a sword and shield, while others who didn’t have one had a crude wooden spear.

Mev, who soon caught up, took an arrow and started pulling back the bowstring. Although they crazily attempted to stop the arrows with their shields as if they had already evolved . . . they weren’t prepared to face against the goblins dashing towards them.

” Charge ! ! ! ”

” Ggireuk ! ! Ggireuk ! ! ! We are the Blood Dagger Clan ! ! ! Ggireuk ! ! ! ”

” Ggireuk . . . I’m rushing in ! ”

Amongst the 5 most loyal goblins, the first one that had evolved rushed out first, causing the ones who were holding onto the wooden spears to be frightened. As I threw daggers, the assault had caused the human formation to collapse in an instant.

Within the bushes the goblins who were smaller in height were continuing to throw knives and daggers, causing them to be frightened out of their wits. It was already crazy enough having to deal with these green skinned monsters, but as they were camouflaged, they were perplexed as to where these attacks were flying from as the death toll rose.

” Ggireuk ! ! Ggireuk ! !”


Unlike fighting covertly in the back like the first battle, at times, it was also a fine decision to attack from the front. Thanks to me, the rest of the goblins were able to run as if they were playing in the environment. I quickly thrust a sword into the guy’s neck who was trying to attack me with his spear as blood splattered onto my face.

Then, picking up the wooden spear, I flung it at a man a bit further at the back. Due to my increased arm strength, it was able to punch through one of his eyes.

” AHHHHHHHHK ! ! ! ! ! ”

” Our Captain is strong ! ! ”

The goblin that was cheering while seeing me do that suddenly had his head cut off his body. The one that killed the goblin was the crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d that had evolved. Taking my sword, I immediately ran towards him.

The physical compensation that I received from evolving wasn’t bad. Since both of us hadn’t trained after evolving, the human should be a tad higher than me in terms of stats, but in terms of experience, this guy can’t compare. Three decades’ worth of experience, seriously. Even though I was weak, roaming around the continent for over 10 years, I was different from the goblin that was rolling on the ground.

” You dog-like monster b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s ! ! Die ! ! ! ”

As if he instinctively knew that I was running towards him, he swung his sword at me clumsily. I clenched the grip of my sword and deflected the sword blow away. Then, I pierced through his neck.

” Kek . . . kek . . . . . . . kek ”

” You need to always keep your shields up, stupid fools. ”

” Captain ! ! We killed the human leader ! ! ! ”

” The Blood Clan Captain has killed the human leader ! ! ”

Continuing to slash through the other humans and biting them were the goblins that were furiously battling up front. Looking back, I saw Mev deftly aim a barrage of arrows. Wondering how many I had killed, I checked the information in my head.

[ Quest – Go Hunting! : There are still many humans alive in the forest. Please continue to hunt these humans ( 29 / 30 ) ]

Fortunately, there was just one person missing. Quickly moving my body, I killed off a guy trying to resist with my sword.


Although his scream ran through my ears, a moment later, I was more expectant of the voice that will speak in my head.

[ Quest Complete. ]

[ Quest – Go Hunting ! There are still many humans alive in the forest. Please continue to hunt these humans ( 30 / 30 ) ]

[ Excellent! You have killed an evolved human with your clumsy strategy! A special class has opened. You have successfully completed the second quest. The Quest reward is a Rank Up. Please choose one of the following to evolve. ]

[ 1. Goblin Intermediate Warrior[ 2. Goblin assassin ][ 3. Hobgoblin Warrior ][ Special. Goblin Commander ]

As expected. The fortunate aspect was that I didn’t have to live as a goblin forever. Right now, it was a Hobgoblin, but if I were to continue stacking experience, then I could soon evolve into a decent individual class. Not like evolving into those ignorant trolls or ogres. A class that had close resemblance to a human being would be advantageous. It was best to construct the most similar proportions from my past life’s body. Since I might have to sneak into the city, I will most definitely evolve into a similar class. Ogres for burning, energetic goblins like Goff wouldn’t be a bad choice, but it wasn’t my style.

From the choices, I placed them in front and quietly began to contemplate. In the past, my class was the ‘ Intermediate Swordsman. ‘

If I continued to ride the path of a warrior, the chances of me becoming a third-rate warrior like before was highly probable. The bonus compensation could be just ‘ Evolve ‘, no. It was certain that the bonus were attached to evolving. The problem was would it be fine if I went like I did before? With my past experience, it was already an inevitable truth that I would be stronger, but I who had constantly struggled through limitations had already felt much uncertainty.

But, it wasn’t like there was a really attractive, different selection. The first option, for instance, would continue to upgrade your abilities as a goblin specie, but your physical body will be limited. Currently, I need to do whatever I can to evolve into a higher species.

The assassin was likewise the same as you would have an inferior body than of a human, but as a goblin assassin, you can still survive quite long and become somewhat strong. But, it’s not like I can live in a goblin’s body forever. Frankly, I did not want to live in a goblin’s body in the first place.

The remaining ones were ‘ Special ‘ Commander, and the upper species evolution of Hobgoblin warrior. The selection was obvious. It wasn’t like the title commander didn’t attract my attention, but I didn’t have a strong point in commanding from the beginning. First, I need to be physically stronger. The goblin intermediate warrior would similarly make you stronger as of right now, but as one who had undertaken a lot of experience, it didn’t hold a lot of other merits.

Right now, choosing a higher species would be most advantageous. Without any further contemplation, I chose number 3 and started to listen to the crashing sound. My muscles widened as my body suddenly as if it drank water became heavy in an instant.

” Uhk . . . ”

But the evolving process was fast. Soon, I could start to feel that my body was a bit larger than a goblin’s body. My line of sight had risen as well. Compared to earlier, a darker green skin greeted me. Of course, my biceps became much thicker. My equipment, though it looked like it didn’t change, didn’t have much meaning right now. Later on, once I leave for the continent, I can begin to use decent items then.

” Ah . . . . . ”

My voice had changed a bit too. I could clearly feel myself becoming stronger. If I had evolved into a Goblin Intermediate Warrior, I could be able to move faster and nimbler with magic.  It seems that hobgoblins can’t move with magic just yet. Although I could feebly feel the magic inside due to my experience, it seemed that my proficiency wasn’t quite there yet.

Although it was difficult, if I train, then I could probably evolve into a intermediate warrior.

Stealthily looking around, I could see a few that were jumping around in glee after evolving. . . All of them chose either a Goblin Warrior or a Goblin Archer.

” I evolved into the former captain ! ”

” Like the captain from before, I’ve become a despicable and brave goblin warrior! ”

” I became an archer like Mev ! ”

I had expected a few to select the mage at least . . . it was a bit of a shame, but I didn’t feel that it was proper for me to order something like this. If I were to forcefully encourage them to pick a mage, those without ‘ aptitude ‘  will probably be unable to become efficient in it. Although Mev was a bit smarter, in comparison, the rest belonged to the rather stupid side.

No, it was itself a disaster for those guys to become a magician.

Anyways, rising my body, the goblins stared at me with shock. As expected, they were exaggeratedly praising and singing.

” Ggireuk ! ! Ggireuk ! ! Our captain changed into a Hobgoblin! ”

” Our captain is a Hobgoblin ! ! ”

” It’s the Goblin King ! ”

These cute guys were harmoniously singing as I sat back and watched these guys start. Regrettably, one of the 5 loyal goblins needed a few more before evolving, and Mev, as if she was a step away, was blushing.

However, seeing that she was approaching me, whether she was glad or sad, it seems she’ll come to me either way. I opened my mouth to the clan members.

” Retrieve the humans and let’s tidy the place. Let us return. ”

” Ggireuk . . . ! ! Ggireuk ! ! ”

” Understood ! ! Understood ! ! ”

” Victory ! Victory ! ! ”

I quietly walked. It seems that my growth was faster than I expected. It was a part I was definitely glad about. In this tutorial, if I continue to make good evolutions and hopefully get a unique ability, then I shouldn’t be treated as a weakling in the continent.

TL Afterword

G.o.d I just love these adorable goblins. These lovely despicable goblins!

Oh and human, you deserve to die. How can you possibly kill such a cute goblin like that?! (I’m becoming inhumane).

Oh and I laughed so hard when one of the goblins shouted ‘Like the captain from before, I’ve become a despicable and brave goblin warrior!’

PR Afterword:

No human can suck-up like a goblin: ” It’s the Goblin King ! ”

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