Green Skin Chapter 74

Some time had passed since Hakajin had joined the Blood Dagger Clan. I thought there would be some friction, but in contrast to my thoughts, they were adapting extremely well. To conclude, it was a really good choice to accept them into our clan.

Although they haven’t garnered any achievements as of yet, but like the complete clan they were, they were adapting well. With the clan’s only shaman being Hakajin, many of the archers and ranged attackers formed around him, elevating the status of the leader of the archers, Mev, by a level. In addition, as the Mistress, all of the newcomers followed and regarded Mev as the, ‘Big Sister’, of the clan.

Not only that, but a small number of the melee-combat Green Skins were already put under training by Gark and Hark. Since the new recruits lacked proper training methods, they were passionate, and it seemed they would rise up to a respectable level.

Amongst them, I had the most expectations for Hakajin. But the results were not that good.

I learnt through Black Spear that Hakajin’s, ‘potential’, as a shaman was normal. Even if he were to develop, it would be hard for him to be classified as one of the elites, which caused me to be a bit disappointed, but I was still thankful that we at least had a shaman.

I was previously thinking if the clan had a shaman back in the Tutorial days, I would recommend them to the position of Commander of the special classes.

As such, I was pondering on how to make him into a Shaman Commander. With every possible opportunity, a special class should open.

What I was most fond, was how much he resembled me. If he truly changed classes to a Commander, he would attain huge results. I did not doubt it.

Even with the process of integrating his group within our clan, I did not stop visiting Ragia’s tribe. After being informed by Hakajin, I began to start watching around my surroundings a bit more.

Truly interesting.

“Where are you looking so intently?”

“Kereeeuk, it’s nothing.”

Despite being somewhat uneasy, after checking the status of her tribe, I could not respond. This group was definitely divided. Those who had evolved into human-like appearances and those that didn’t evolve into human-like appearances. These two factions did not necessarily have a good relationship with one another.

In other words, it was on the verge of collapsing. In my eyes, they had not gathered because they had lost one’s honor, but because they truly needed this group to survive.

As such, it was no wonder why Ragia was becoming increasingly urgent.

Slightly chuckling, I looked at Ragia.

Seeing me, she lowered her head and blushed.


Though my face was pretty good looking for a Green Skin, whether she was truly abashed or not, I was extremely curious.

“Let us enter.”

Speaking, Ragia went past me and entered the tent first.

This woman had no ability to control her group. She was definitely smart. However, being an intelligent Green Skin doesn’t mean they can all be a Chief. In Hakajin’s case, he could be qualified to be a Chief, but I couldn’t feel the same for this woman at all.

Since she wasn’t foolish, she probably knew of this fact as well.

As such, that was why she became so obsessed with me.

That is to say, if she were to join the Blood Dagger Clan, she would desire to become a new center of this clan. Entering the tent, I drank and laid down.

Another day passed like this.

And another.

As time went on, they began to bite the bait. It took longer than expected, but I could definitely feel the humans in the surroundings. It seems they were already well-informed of the force and strength of this side, as a Superior Archer had scouted this place before returning. Ragia did not know of this fact. When Mev had discovered this place, she left behind traces that were located at quite a distance from the tribe. Of course, I had not forgotten to clean up after the human Archer, just so that Ragia’s group had no way of discovering these tracks.

Thanks to that, I communicated with Ahyeon, and was relieved to hear that nothing had happened to her after the Hakajin Blood Dagger Test event.

[Baek Ahyeon]

[Yes…Yes! Savior-nim…]

[How is the second situation proceeding?]

[Ah! If… I were to directly participated, then I would have known… but… I’m not so…]

[It doesn’t matter. Tell me what you already know. I somewhat wanted to praise you for doing well, especially for not delving too deep this time.]

[Th..thank you. Savior-nim… If…if I were to update you on what I know so far, it would seems as if they are making preparations to attack the second tribe. It’s the first time I have heard of this, but the second tribe was one that a small clan was originally looking for… I think that finding the location alone was a great achievement for them in itself, as they are now strategizing.]

As expected, it seems that this tribe previously engaged in human hunting. Since there were a lot of brooding clans, the situation became more interesting, as I calmly anticipated the time for the Blood Dagger Test. I then nodded my head and continued.

[If you notice them departing, send a signal and report it it to me. Is that much possible for you?]

[Yes…Yes! I will do my best.]

Soon, I disconnecting the line and began to merrily laugh. Leaving the tent, seeing everyone’s eyes wide open and glittering with anticipation, I spoke.

“It’s a battle.”

Unlike the first Blood Dagger Test battle, we had no need to leave anyone alive. This was not only the last time, but the chances of having Ahyeon suspected were slim. With that anonymous rumor that had been spread, it would definitely be difficult. As long as she’s not involved, we could lay down our worries and fight. Of course, before that, taking the Blood Dagger Test came first.

Despite that, the Blood Dagger Clan seemed excited.


“It’s a battle!”

“The Blood Dagger Test!”

“I will fight together with Blood Dagger!”

“Test and battle!”

Seeing the emotional side of the original clan members, Hakajin’s group also raised their weapons fearlessly and screamed. But this had to be a battle without casualties. If it was his original Blood Dagger Clan, he wouldn’t worry, but Hakajin’s group could come into danger.

“The new arrivals will stand at the rear lines.”

“Ah…I understand. Thank you for your consideration.”

As if he knew of this fact, he humbly accepted it. With Hakajin’s current strength, this was the most appropriate decision. As long as his group stayed in the rear, they wouldn’t be swept away by most attacks.

Like I had originally planned, I decided to briefly visit Ragia’s tribe. Mev and Hayeon were displeased, but it couldn’t be helped. Soon, everyone was prepared for battle. Raising my body up while pondering the pros and cons of the coming Blood Dagger Test battle, I headed over to Ragia’s tribe.

“You’ve come after a long time.”

“There was some work recently. The women of my clan are not favorable in me coming here…”

“Is that so.”

“I feel like a refuge here with you Ragia. It is thanks to you.”

“It is an honor for you to think like this.”

It seems she was happy that things were going her way.

“This time, I will be here a bit longer before returning.”

“I feel…thankful.”

From my words, she blushed as she lowered her head. To be honest, despite having been a while since I saw this side of her, I knew that this woman would never move hastily. If she were to move hastily, she knew that a prey like me could escape. So she would slowly bind me with her top-quality ventriloquism.

It wouldn’t end with her being a subordinate. As a woman, this troll was extremely beautiful. Of course with the premise of having no knowledge of this woman’s identity, everything was on the line. Nevertheless, I decided to move around and spend my time a bit leisurely, as I waited for Ahyeon to communicate to me.

Some time later…

[They have departed. Savior-nim.]

The moment I’ve been waiting for had arrived.

[Scale of the expedition?]

[A bit similar to last time, but there are quite a number of talented ones this time.]

With a few clans having brooded over these monsters, it was natural that they would send some competent people, but our side was also tough. In the beginning, this was intended to be a test, but once the test was done this would also be a trap for the humans.

[Good work. I hope to see you again. I will arrange a separate place for you.]

[Yes…Yes! Thank you!]

Since it would take a while before they arrive, I decided to quietly bide my time, and soon shared a conversation with Ragia before lying down to sleep.

It was then that a unruly sound begun to be heard from the outside.

“Ugh….why are there humans…”


“It’s the humans!”

“Ra…Ragia-nim. There are humans!”

It was the same repertoire back with Hakajin’s group. With the discovery of humans from afar, there was still some time to afford, so I thought I should quietly close my eyes. With the chaos ensuing outside, I could hear Ragia running over. She quickly opened the tent before cautiously speaking to me.

“Hu…humans. The humans have come, Blood Dagger. They are in the immediate vicinity. In a moment’s time, they will enter this village.”

From those words, I quickly opened my eyes and spoke in a low voice.

“Kereeeuk. It seems we have to prepare for battle.”


After completing the script I had memorized, I monitored Ragia’s reaction. She had a confused look. She definitely wants to run away. There was no Blood Dagger Clan in this place, and the humans were right front of her nose. It was only a matter of time before the humans and their group would clash against one another.

Even if it was me, I could not overcome those countless humans by myself. I was growing to an Elite level, but, that doesn’t mean I was an Elite. If I were to fight in my current state, even I would surely die. In other words, it meant that both Ragia’s group and myself were exposed to the risk of death. But, I was truly enjoying this moment. These kind of battles spurred me on. Thus, I got up and began to arm myself.

My equipment consisting of the, ‘Greatsword Too Large to be a Sword,’ and my, ‘Ancient Flame.’

Ragia was staring back at me with a puzzled look.

Seeing those eyes, if it were Hakajin, he would surely run away. No, he would definitely run away.


Interestingly enough.


With an expression full of fear, and a panic-stricken voice.

Nodded her head with a worried expression.

“I will follow your will.”

TL Afterword

Calvis: Yes! Make that woman submit to your almighty rule! Anyhow, dang she’s brave. Willing to fight those humans by herself just with having Blood Dagger beside her.

PR Afterword

Sai101: Hmm. It still remains to be seen.. Such a good for nothing Chief runs to MC first instead of organising the tribes defense etc..

BM: Ragia… I feel like this will go horribly wrong.

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