Green Skin Chapter 83

From their words, my eyes began to glisten, as my will to fight churned on due to my innate nature. Unexpectedly, the one who was most pleased was Hayeon, as it seemed that she had accumulated a lot of stress as of late.

“Let’s go.”

In fact, I had already told the clan that a battle will arise soon. Thanks to that, everyone was on standby. Of course, there was some time until the actual fight, but Gark and Hark were extremely excited, despite the wait. After leaving the tent, the clan began to scream and holler. Since I had not told them to be quiet, it did not matter much, but thanks to that, the village became even more clamorous.

“It’s battle time! Blood Dagger has declared that there will be a fight!”

“What a glorious battle it’ll be with Blood Dagger! He says pregnant women could not go!”

As expected, the village became lively in a flash.

“A real battle! It’ll be a true fight in one week! Ggirik!”

“Ggirik! Ggirik!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

It was extremely noisy, and even Mev was smiling, as she merged with the tumultuous crowd. Hayeon, after looking at me, soon followed behind, as Mev began to announce loudly.

“Do not be disappointed if you cannot participate in this honorable battle! Your missions are also great! For the revival of the tribe!”

It was quite kind of her to take care of her subordinates and console them. As such, I did not say anything as Ragia, Hakajin, and Three Goblin Sisters, all burst out from the tent after saluting me.

“Let’s go! Ggirik! We must collect food in the meantime! Ggirik!”

Originally, the village was full of energy and vitality, but it was overflowing at the moment during this boisterous scene, I could hear supplies along with equipment being packed and prepared. When the tribe was a bit small, I had helped out with these errands, but with the growth of the tribe now, everyone, including Mev, did not allow me to take part in that kind of work.

Having the authority of the Chief was the problem.

As such, I slowly left the tent area and began to monitor and check out the camp to see if there were any supplies or belongings that might be missed during the preparations.

“For Blood Dagger!”

The clansman greeted me when they sensed my presence.

There were those who were happily moving the supplies and provisions, but there were also Goblins carrying some of the larger loads which normally the Orcs would carry. I even saw a group of six Goblins carrying this gigantic bag. Despite no one ordering them, seeing how they were busily preparing and contributing to the clan in their own way, I found their appearances quite cute.

“Ggirik! This way! The meat needs to go here!”

“Bring the Human meat over here! Separate out the food which the Chief will eat!”

Among them, there was the Goblin who painted. As expected, he was preparing the flags blissfully. As if he would miss out on precious time with his newly born daughter Nicole, he was continually looking back at his tent.

I approached him.

“Do you want to be with your family?”

“I…don’t. I will become a glorious father who will win the battle for Nicole! Ggirik! For Blood Dagger!”

I had asked a useless question. His will to fight was bountiful enough. It was the same for the other Green Skins who were fathers-to-be. Just like humans, they were all carrying on with their obligatory duties.

After everyone had busily moved around, preparations were complete just like that. Gark and Hark raised the flag standards high into the air by my sides as I stroked the fur of Ibar. It was then that a figure began to walk over. It was Black Spear. I had told him in advance that there would be a fight, but having noticed the loud and bustling noises here, it seems he had come in search of me.

“You’re heading out to fight.”

“Yes, Black Spear. Will you join us?”

It was natural to poke at this. I was able to invite him with a much lighter heart than before due to our relationship being closer, and, with him along, the battle would proceed much more smoothly, and as such, I stared at him with a bit of anticipation.

“Hmm… I would like to go, but it seems that I cannot accompany you this time, Blood Dagger. It seems that there are new Green Skins who are currently taking the Warrior Exam. Hmm… I am not trying to boast, but we have received the right to aid them.”

“Oh… Congratulations, Black Spear. It is truly good news. Very honorable, indeed.”

It was unfortunate, but it couldn’t be prevented. It does not match his personality, but it did seem like he came to boast, even though he said he wasn’t trying to. Seeing the truly pleasant and bright expression of his, that’s what I felt. Probably, while we were engaging in our battle, he’ll be heading over to the Land of Glory.

“Strength, Wisdom and Honor.”

“Strength, Wisdom and Honor.”

So I mounted Ibar and we began to slowly ride out. Although Mev had not pinpointed the exact location, we, wanting to be around the vicinity, and as such, we headed over. While we were marching, a Goblin Archer quickly rushed over and began to guide us.

As if they knew I was desperate for time, they quickly located the place where we could start constructing – a quiet, barren place hidden far away from the narrowed-down position. Since we were moving underground anyways, it seemed that it wasn’t hard for them to find a suitable base.

Just as Mev previously mentioned, their base was quite far away. I had known originally how large the forest was, but I realized now just how much larger it actually was with this journey. But the path wasn’t boring. We were able to hunt some Evil Beasts, and I also began to anticipate the foreboding battle.

Soon, after a day or two, we discovered the location that Mev had found.

“Is it here?”


“I checked with the Plant’s roots. Though they’re a bit far away, if we dig a hole here, then we will definitely reach their base.”

If Hayeon had checked with her roots, then it was definitely true. Even if she were to connect us to the end of their tunnel, it wouldn’t matter. Rather, it would be comfortable, since it would allow us to move more stealthily in our operation. Not only that, but with the news that the Holy Order had not departed yet, it seems that we had enough time to afford in this operation.

Perhaps if it were hasty Summoned in charge, then they would have left immediately, but it wasn’t so with the Righteous Knight. As one who demanded perfection, he wanted to do things in an orderly manner. There’s no mistake that it was an opportunity for us.

I slowly began to scour my surroundings, as there were large trees and rocks surrounding us. It was a perfect scenario in proceeding with our plan. The chance of Evil Beats appearing here was faint, and it looked like it had been quite a long time since Humans had last came here. What was most appealing was that there was a river nearby. We had indeed brought water, but it was still joyous news.

“We will unpack and construct our temporary shelter.”

“Everyone, unpack! We’re constructing a temporary shelter here!”

From my command, Hark resonated the orders down to other clansmen, as the Goblins and Orcs began to busily move around.

After a bit of rest, the Blood Dagger Clansmen proceeded with the operation. Though we had no digging tools, the operation quickly advanced. It was because Hayeon had continued to move her roots and dig out the ground below. The Orcs also continually shoveled out with hurriedly-made tools which did not look anything like a shovel, and the Goblins kept transporting the soil and dirt from what the Orcs dug out.

Everyone got covered in dirt, but they were working merrily.

“If it’s with Blood Dagger, then even this kinds of work is joyous!”

“It’s work for battle! How could it not be joyous!”

“Dirt and Battle! Tunnel and Battle!”

If Hayeon’s roots were like a forklift, then they were workers who did not know what exhaustion meant. Thanks to that, I subconsciously thought that they were guys who were specialized in labor. If they were taught the techniques and skills in constructing buildings, they would really be able to build one in an instant.

Even after the cave was dug, Hayeon’s roots continued to display their brilliance, with Gark and Hark beginning to construct shelters with the already chopped up wood they acquired from the forest. Since too many people inside the cave might actually be ineffective, Mev and Hakajin were outside, as they were trying to plan and engineer a blueprint for the interior of the cave.

Of course, I would be able to understand once I see it myself, but it seems that they were planning on roughly setting up an entrance and exit, while also studying the ecology of the Earth Worms to make a path.

Of course, the goblin who painted was assigned to draw up a map. Funnily enough, the map was slowly being completed by one who was used to just drawing tattoos and making flags. Of course, the map needed a bit of work and minor details had to be updated, but this much was enough.

After some time had passed, the tunnel we dug out was continually heading over to that goal. At this time, I sent a message to Ahyeon.

[Baek Ahyeon.]

[Yes! Yes! Savior-nim… I have waited.]

As usual, I could hear a bright and cheerful voice of Ahyeon. Before I was going to ask the purpose of my message, Ahyeon spoke first.

[I’m…I’m sorry, Savior-nim. It seems that the sacrifices will depart after a bit more time.]

[They’re late.]

[No…normally, they were going to depart now, but after receiving further news about information of the cave’s interior, it caused a bit of delay.]

[So they have discovered their base.]

It was a joyous fact that certainly met our expectations.

[Bu…but the exact location… even though I had asked while laying low, I did not receive an answer…So…I’m sorry.]

Recently, the guy seemed to have truly fallen for Ahyeon. Despite that, he did not reveal the core contents of the subject at hand. It was what I thought would happen from a cautious guy like him, but it was still a bit disappointing.

[No. Do not be disappointed my disciple.]

[Yes…Yes! But please rejoice! I have succeeded in dispatching the martyrs as Porters! Pro…probably, if the disciples were to see Savior-nim, they would genuinely be happy.]

[I can’t wait.]


Despite not relaying a command, with how the operation was advancing smoothly, it was quite pleasing seeing Ahyeon. It was definitely correct in assigning her this task. As I previously mentioned, the Holy Order was coming with a company of small to middle-sized clans, so it was necessary to bring some workers or Porters. The fact that Ahyeon had placed some disciples there wasn’t a hard task at all.

The fact that she had done this to meet any unexpected circumstances which might occur, it was a job where she should be praised for by itself. In proportion to her blindly changing, she was also growing and becoming wiser.

[My young lamb. The day we meet. You will receive what you want.]

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