[ Excellent. You have killed an evolved human with your clumsy strategy! A special class has opened. Please choose one of the following to evolve. ]

[ 1. Hobgoblin Intermediate Warrior ][ 2. Hobgoblin assassin ][ 3. Orc Warrior ][ 4. Kobold Warrior ][ Special. Hobgoblin Commander ]

‘ Nice ‘

Automatically, a smile appeared. The next evolution would be quite far away. Anyways, I was able to evolve once more during the tutorial.

Seeing that the commander would receive a buff in camouflage and ambush, I immediately skipped the special.

It’s best to upgrade to a higher class, so I skipped the warrior and assassin. The remaining two were the orc warrior and kobold warrior.

They’re in the same level, but the paths for orc warriors and kobold warriors were a bit different. I had thought that I would be able to evolve beyond species entirely, but it seems a direction similar to those of the aquatic species could appear someday.

I wasn’t exactly sure, but I thought that if I were to choose kobold, I would open the paths of a werewolf of a werebeast like high-level species. Although it wasn’t bad, but what was more attractive than a werewolf was precisely ‘ Orc ‘.

Some of you may cross-examine me on why I would select an orc, but orcs here are completely different from those that appear as common extras. They don’t have the head of a pig, but rather, they depict a face similar to those of western orcs.

Those that love to fight and protect honor, honest and strong.

Of course if you were to compare, orcs were perfectly higher ranks than humans. Although orc mages were kind of uncertain compared to those of humans, but in terms of warriors, the orcs were truly strong, like the time I barely slayed an orc while fighting one versus one in the past.

They don’t tire well, and their skin was durable. Their skin could completely fend off light daggers and swords, and their strength couldn’t even be compared against a normal human. An orc warrior that was accustomed to fighting can battle up to 3 ordinary human warriors. Although how you want to grow is your choice, but it was a race that was worth pushing until the end due to their balance of their species.

And I didn’t want to have a dog head as well which made me not hesitate to choose orc.

‘ Orc Warrior. ‘

As something strongly surged out of my chest, soon a ripping pain accompanied by excessive swelling started to rise. A hobgoblin was smaller than a human in size, but in an orc’s case, it’s size was much larger. Suddenly, I could feel my body becoming large.

And when I opened my eyes. I could feel the strength.

Circling the magical powers in my body, I could tell it was quite different in how my body reacted to when I was a hobgoblin.

‘ Good. ‘

It seems that I wasn’t the only one who had completed an evolution. Goff Clan’s leader Goff was becoming larger as I saw that he too chose the orc.

” Ahhhhl! ”

Following his scream, I could see that this guy’s body was swelling and rising much larger than me. I could feel the sharp molars sticking out. I slowly looked around my surroundings.

All the goblins were staring at me with surprised eyes. And as one started to shout.

” Our Captain has become an Orc! Ggirik! ! ”

” It’s an honorable Orc ! ! ! No Despicable Orc ! ! ”

Those simple-minded goblins, despite fighting bravely without hiding, still had that hardened stigma of me. Oh well.

Self-interested, I thought that orcs weren’t that bad as I chuckled touching my molars.

”  Our Captain has evolved ! Goff Clan’s Goff has changed into an orc. Ggirik . . . Ggirik ! ! ! ”

” Such an honorary brave orc ! ”

I’m sure I was as brave as Goff . . . I was bitter that the praises were a bit different. Wondering if Mev and the loyal 5 goblins had evolved, I looked over, but it wasn’t the case yet. I opened my mouth at Mev.

” Mev, not yet? ”

” Huh? Ah ! Ggirik . . . ugh . . . yeah Captain. I’m . . . not there yet. ”

It seems that she was somewhat dazed.

” Is that so? A shame. Can you bring that human woman here? ”

” Ugh . . Okay ”

With an unsatisfied expression, she quickly brought back Jung Hayeon. As expected, sitting down, she started to speak with an alarmed expression.

” So . . .so you’ve evolved again. ”

I didn’t necessarily answer and raised her up. Since it wasn’t ideal to have a tribe stay in one location, we moved our village around every time. It seems that everyone was busy setting up in the place that we were planning on staying for the day.

” Are . . . are we on the same side? Sa . . . same side ”

Normally she was quiet, but I didn’t know why she had so much to ask lately as I began to gaze at Jung Hayeon. Whether she didn’t like that she was alone here, or was curious as to what will happen to her in the future, I wasn’t sure, but it was an expression quite absurd like Mev’s.

Seeing her trembling like that, I thought it wouldn’t be bad to say a remark.

” It depends on what you think ”

A slightly brightened face. As such, we started walking back. Seeing her resolute face, I was wondering what kind of thoughts she was having. While I was having miscellaneous thoughts, I could see the shabby tents of the goblin into sight.

‘ I need to survive ‘

Jung Hayeon was born in a very normal household. Once her father had passed away, she was left with her mother and her two younger sisters. The financial situation wasn’t that wealthy so she had to be responsible much earlier than the others as she worked. Working in the factory, she would work and sleep, supporting her family’s expenses.

Although it was extremely unfortunate that she couldn’t see her two younger sisters, seeing them send letters to her, uplifted in spirit, she worked every morning arduously.

It was exactly July 7th, 2016 when she had entered this world. Not understanding what was happening with the situation at hand, she could hear a strange voice. It wasn’t just the people that were summoned here. Everyone in the vicinity were looking around with an expression saying that they didn’t know English as they continued to listen.

[ Starting from now, the Tutorial will now progress. There will be goblins that will be summoned on any random location. The safety zone will now be deactivated. ]

[ Tutorial Objective: Survive for 100 days. ]

[ Your character will be activated. ]

[ The Quest Window has been activated. ]

[ Quest – The First Battle: You who have been suddenly dragged to an unexpected place without reason. You may be quite perplexed, but surviving is the priority. Kill the summoned goblins. ( 0 / 10 ) ]

And then the battle. She had mindlessly run away so in truth, she couldn’t remember what had happened in result. All she could hear were the deafening, frightening screams. The slippery ground from the spilt blood. She couldn’t understand at all how she had ended up in this place.

Though many people had died, Jung Hayeon had ‘ luckily ‘ survived.

Even when she was hiding in the cave with the comrades she decided to live with, after the night ambush, only Jung Hayeon lived. How far was her ‘ good luck? ‘

Afterwards, even when she met the goblins, she thought likewise. How far did she live on by ‘ luck ‘ to be selected among the many to live. It was only by chance that she was the last person alive.

The clan captain that had so far as spared her life if you see it wasn’t her own will, but instead the goblin’s fickle whim.

Before knowing what that man was about, or how had he come to know about South Korea, she had killed a lot of people regardless of her will and concern.

In a situation where nausea is likely to emerge, the thought that was even more prevalent than the ensuing h.e.l.l occurring beneath the flagpole.

‘ Survived. I survived. ‘

If I just endure for 100 days, I can return back. If I just endure 100 days, then I can return and see my younger sisters was what she truly thought, but she still had questions as to whether she could really could go back.

It definitely said ‘ Tutorial ‘. The end of these 100 days may not be the end, but actually the start. The man beside me is definitely preparing for something as well. He continues to move without resting.

Watching that man’s image, she couldn’t help but think like this.

If she loses a part of herself, her guilt, then she can definitely live on.

That kind of thought was clubbed away when she first met that man’s eyes. It was as if she was some kind of toy as her whole body shuddered. Despite both being human, his expression was as if she was looked down on as some kind of insignificant bug.

‘ I must survive. I must survive. ‘

Not knowing where such courage appeared from, she, in the second battle, recklessly ran and grabbed a dagger as she thrusted it down on a dying human.

” I’m sorry ! I’m sorry ! ! I’m sorry ! ! ! ”

” Sp . . . are . . . . . . . . . . . . . Spare . . . . ”

The blood splashed over her face as vomit started to arise from within, but Jung Hayeon continued to plunge the dagger into the dying woman’s stomach.

” I’m sorry ! ! . . . Sorry . . . ”

Luck won’t help her anymore. She needs to be recognized. She needs to prove that she’s useful. She needs to survive. That surprised look staring at her from that man’s expression was definitely not the same bug-like look. Looking at the man, Jung Hayeon smiled as she opened her mouth.

” We . . . We’re on the same side right? Same . . same side. ”

And after a few battles like these, I heard a voice afterwards.

[ Your mental fortitude is praiseworthy. A special class has opened. Please choose one of the following to evolve. ]

[ Special. Alaune ]

Although she wasn’t aware of what was happening, she knew that something had changed. Jung Hayeon certainly didn’t know what monster an Alaune was at all. As she thought of the word Alaune, a window containing information of the Alaune class slowly and naturally began to materialize.

[ Special. Alaune ]

[ The lower body of the human body is covered by a large flower. The skin is green. It is a type of monster that produces pheromones which attract humans, sucking the life energy of humans afterwards. ]

A monster that attracts and kills humans, wasn’t that something that was perfectly matching with what she was currently doing? Jung Hayeon could only instinctively realize this. If she chose ‘ this path ‘ she can never return to ‘ that path ‘ again.

It basically means that she will not be human.

As a result, she had no choice but to address that person who evolved into an orc.

” We’re  . . . we’re on the same side right? Same . . . same side ”

” That depends on how you think. ”

A decision she had no choice to make. Even if she were to live past 100 days and not return, then ‘this group’ was advantageous for survival. She must not die before returning back to her world. Even if that means that she will have to give up her humanity, it was much better than dying foolishly somewhere else.

The skin was clearly green. In the ‘ group ‘, excluding herself, everyone had green skin. Can she really call herself a human? She had indirectly killed so many people, and had directly killed over 10 humans herself.

‘ I’m the same as them. ‘

‘ I must live on. I need to live . . . somehow for my younger sisters . . .

As such, Jung Hayeon closed her eyes and thought.

It was a decision that she could possibly regret.

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