Green Skin Chapter 91

Green Skin – Chapter 91: Spider (3)

‘I’ll kill her.’

I will definitely kill her. Though I had no hope of ever surviving, if I were to escape this situation, I thought to myself no matter what; I will kill this woman. To be honest, these Goblins should be sacrificial pawns, ones who no one should’ve cared about; even if they die.

But my heart was aching. It wasn’t because they had died for me. There was the sense of incongruity from the clan members lost in the past countless battles, but from this recent matter; I just realized.

I thought of them as my family.

After realizing this, an immense desire for vengeance soared inside me.

“So monsters have this…”

Swinging her sword into the sky, she was slowly approaching this way. Knowing what she roughly meant, it was clear that she was completely a depraved individual.

“You b.i.t.c.h…I will definitely kill you.”

“Huh? You know how to speak my language? Is that why? No… you’re a bit different…”

Despite being really surprised, funny enough, she didn’t really care. Perhaps whether I can speak or not was not really important in her eyes.

“I will definitely kill you.”

“It’d be nice if you had a chance to.”

The woman who finished speaking suddenly extended her sword out into the empty air. No, rather than stretching, she was blocking an attack.


Simultaneously, I heard a roar.


Gark soon appeared in that instant.

“Stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.d…”

Subconsciously, I screamed. Soon, from the forest, Hark appeared, put me on his back, and began to flee.

“How dare….”

These guys also returned directly here to rescue me.

They will die a useless death as well.

“If you think my words are not like words…”

I muttered with my powerless voice, but Hark soon replied immediately.

“I am not Hark! I am the new Hark!”

From that ridiculous reply, I couldn’t help but laugh in the end. I knew that Gark was in an unfavorable situation fighting against her, but after failing his first attack, he immediately hid his body. At this time, I begun to worry about the other clansmen.


“They are returning to the village. Only the new Hark and Gark returned. Captain cannot just die yet.”

Probably, Mev was leading the tribe back to the village. Gark and Hark turned their backs to save me during the midst of all this.


It was not a shout, but a scream. Looking back on top of Hark’s back, I saw one of Gark’s arms rolling along the ground. Fortunately, I did not see him as he quickly activated his Unique Ability, but that woman amusingly walk over to grab Gark’s arm as she looked over to me.


They were the ones who would lead the clan in the future. They must never die here. That woman instantly began to leap this way, and Hark seeing this immediately flung me into the air. Then, I felt Gark grabbing me out of nowhere.

The role of new Hark was all about making time. Without much resistance, his head flew off in an instant. Though his form scattered into the wind, that damage would definitely return back to the original.

“The Captain cannot die. You must lead the clan!”

The guys said basically what I wanted to say to them…though he was running as quickly as possible, but it would only be a matter of time before they were caught. As expected, the woman began to run this way.

It was then.

“Ggirik. Ggirik.”

The sound of a goblin was heard.

It was not from our clan.

But it was a voice that I had heard countless times.

It was voice that was so welcoming.

“Tch… your condition is not very good. Ggirik.”

“Green Goblin…”

“Three years have not passed yet. Blood Dagger… Once I had lost contact with my goblins for a couple of days, I came here just in case, but it seems this was the case.”

Due to losing contact with the Goblins who had watched over us, he had eventually came in search of me. While we were inside the cave, it seems that the Goblins were looking for us. With the appearance of Green Goblin, the woman hesitated in shortening the distance between us.

Even a twisted woman like her knew how to sense danger properly. The Green Goblin was also a superior Elite. No wonder she was on her toes. Interestingly enough, I still had her sword. Green Goblin lightly struck my powerless feet with his feet as he came forth.

“I did not think this situation would reach these dire heights.”

Despite her hesitation, the Green Goblin began to rush after her with a Ggirik. Gark, seeing that, began to run once more. The flashbangs of Green Goblin began to ignite, as the scraping sound echoed through the air, causing me to bite my lips and turn away.

Green Goblin will definitely not lose. Though I dare not judge the outcome, but they were equals. It could be seen that Green Goblin was a bit stronger. Holding onto my fading consciousness, I pleaded silently in the hopes that Green Goblin will not kill that woman.

Just like that, my vision became darker.

The first thing I saw as soon as I opened my eyes was a familiar tent. Looking around my body, I was surrounded in cloth bandages. I did not realize at the time, but my wounds were quite sever. I wanted to move, but I felt pain immediately surge through my body.

Once I woke up, those painful memories that I did not want to remember began to emerge in my head. The images of the two Goblin assassins sacrifices for me, and of the Goblin Who Draws Maps who wasn’t able to become honorable yet asked me to say sorry to his daughter.


Subconsciously, I began to swear.

It was then that I began to hear voices from outside.

“Did you wake up?”


They were the voices of Ragia and Hakajin. Of course, wondering how much time had passed and what had happened in the meantime, I asked them to come in.

“Come in.”

They immediately entered. Becoming wary of me, they began to walk towards the interior of the room. The only Shaman of the tribe, Hakajin, rushed over and began to pour healing magic into my body, but despite that, I did not feel that I was recovering any better. This was how severe the wounds were. Ragia was looking at me with an extremely worried face. Unlike the previous time where she had seen me in the cave, she was extremely worried as her eyes were swollen red. It seems that she was very relieved to see me sitting up.

“How long has it been since I have collapsed?”

“You were asleep for about three days. It has been just over a day since we have arrived at Black Spear’s village.”

What I was most curious about were the conditions of Gark and Hark. Gark had one of his arms cut off, while Hark probably suffered from the shocking backlash of having his clone’s head chopped off. Despite that, the fact in which they carried me while fleeing in those conditions, I couldn’t even begin to imagine it.

“Gark and Hark are…”

“They are still unconscious. Though I have roughly finished their treatment…”

Concluding his report, it seemed that their lives were still in danger. At this time, all I could wish for was for them to live. Then, I looked at Hakajin and Ragia.

“Tell me everything that has happened before we had returned to the village.”

Hearing my words, Hakajin looked at Ragia before speaking first.

“I will tell you in her stead. After receiving the command of Chief-nim, we immediately headed towards the village. Though the Plant and Human struggled incessantly, Gark’s unit immediately took them under their wing and ran.”

“When we did not see Chief-nim for a bit, the Prime Executive told us that she would go in search of Chief-nim, but hearing that, Gark and Hark stepped forward instead.”

It was a simple summary, but I was able to understand what roughly happened.

“So she did not stop them…”

“Yes. That is so.”

Now I know why Mev was not here. It was a serious crime and sin to disobey the words of the Clan’s Chief. Gark and Hark, and even Mev had blatantly rejected my orders.

“There are three dead Goblins……. No before that, where is Green Goblin.”

“After Chief-nim had arrived, a half a day later, Green Goblin had returned. He reported that the Human he was fighting had fled in the middle of the fight, and afterwards, he called and ordered his assassins individually collect the bodies of the fallen Goblins.”

I began to recollect their stupid faces.

“Tell me their names.”

From my words, Hakajin and Ragia were both shocked. Usually, Green Skins thought of names as being quite important. Just like how it was an honor to reveal one’s name to the Grand Patriarch, it was the same in a clan of a smaller society.

“The Goblin with skilled craftsmanship was named Najin, and the other two Goblin assassins names were Kurajin and Gaon.”

My heart began to ache since I didn’t even know their names until now…

I began to recollect the situation once more. If I had researched about this more carefully, I would have not been trapped inside the cave, nor would those guys have died. Ultimately, if I was more stronger, then I could have been able to cope with these accidents.

‘I’m still lacking. Both the clan and I are still lacking.’

While I was lost in thought, I noticed that Ragia was needing to say something. Hakajin as well. I guessed I knew what they were probably wanting to say.

It was obviously regarding the treatment of the Green Skins who did not follow orders. I also was thinking about that as well. They had definitely saved me, but there was a big problem arising from them not obeying my orders. As such, this is the first time that happened within the clan, if you do not set certain precedents strictly, the clan will definitely lose its way. That was how Ragia’s tribe was, and with how intelligent Hakajin is, he was also worried about this matter.

If the Patriarch loses his dignity, then the tribe will definitely collapse.

“Where are they?”

“Gark and Hark’s treatment was priority, so I have stabilized their bodies as they are currently in the Prime Executive’s tent.”

“I wish to be alone for a bit.”

“Yes. I understand.”

“I’m glad you’re safe.”

After indicating that I wanted to be alone, Ragia and Hakajin both bowed before leaving while I was lost in my careful thoughts. To be honest, I was reaching my limits due to all of these sudden events. What I thought first of were the ones who have lost their lives for me. I started to mutter their names once more.

‘Najin, Kurajin, Gaon.’

The treatment of these subordinates who disobeyed my commands was under question. After summarizing my thoughts, I rose up from my seat and told the Goblins outside to gather the clan. It was time to conclude the finishing touches of this expedition.

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