Green Skin Chapter 95

[Sa…savior-nim. Choi Younghoon is dead.]

[Well done, my disciple. Soon, I will arrange a time for us to meet.]

[Yes… yes! Th…thank you! Savior-nim!]

Hearing the daily news, I disconnected. The event occurred one year earlier than in my past memories. I considered that it probably was the same as before. Though there were no exact details of who had killed him, but there were many people who had grudges against the West, so it was quite difficult to predict.

What is important to note is: Sword Saint would now take over the regime. In the beginning, attacking the Holy Order was a difficult task, but after seeing her rise up, I started feeling indignation. I had already decided on the day I would fight against Sword Saint. The most ideal timing was when the Queen of the North and the Sword Saint would fight directly. Until then, I had to raise my strength greatly as I walked ahead.

Heading towards the wooden prisons created a couple of months ago, I saw a few tribesmen. The moment I revealed my presence, their bodies immediately trembled.

“Kereeeeeeeeuk For Blood Dagger!”

The Orc Swordsmen guarding the prison saluted as I peered inside. There were a total of three people. At first, there were five, but two of them were not able to withstand the torture and died on the spot.

While trying to enter, something hit me, which I realized were my horns had grown bigger.

After evolving into an Intermediate Asmodian a few days ago, I still wasn’t accustomed to walking around with my prolonged horns. Though my body frame was definitely smaller than that of an Orc, the body of a Demon with their long horns caused quite a bit of discomfort walking around in these kinds of confined areas, making me wonder at times if the body of an Orc was much better. I shook my head once more before standing in front of them.

“Do you remember a bit now?”

“That… that is…”

The guys I had captured were the regular members of a murderer clan called the Hound Clan. They were Humans who I had coincidentally come across while trailing after Park Hyeri of the Spider Clan. I had mainly utilized Ragia’s assassin squad to try to ferret out my enemies which allowed me to obtain these prisoners… Sadly Park Hyeri was not in that place, but instead I was able to find the so-called Hounds.

There were only five who were captured during the clan raid. Of course, we did not capture the whole Hound Clan and the Spider Clan, but discovering how closely related the two are was a huge achievement.

“Spider…where is she.”

“We…we do not know. We only know that the Sp…Spider is located in the East…other than the executives…we don’t…”

Unfortunately, the guys we had captured were on the bottom end of the spectrum. Though I had attained a lot from their torture, that information proved to be quite useless overall. What I had determined was that the Hound Clan have now gone into hiding and couldn’t act as openly now due to opposition targeting in the East.

As if my glance had made them nervous, they were trembling. Soon, Hayeon’s voice echoed from behind. She understood that I had no need for these guys any longer.

Without even chanting a spell, roots immediately appeared and began to plunge through them.


Terrible screams escaped as deafening cries filled the air. No, they weren’t able to scream for long. With the roots plunging through their orifices, their bodies began to burst open as they died on the spot.

I headed outside where I found Prime Executive Ragia waiting for me. As usual, she was waiting patiently with her head bowed.


“Are finished.”

“Good work.”

It was not only Ragia who was waiting for me, giant wolf Ibar was wagging her tail and panting. Funny enough, but this-she wolf had also evolved. I had never realized that a wolf species could change, but Ibar’s size had become a bit larger. Her canines had become larger, and her physical strength had increased immensely. If it was a normal Summoned Human, they wouldn’t even be able to deal with her. I mounted Ibar as she shook her body once in delight before heading towards the place where the clan had gathered.

After that previous events, we had left the Black Spear village and returned back to the Green Goblin Clan’s encampment. Rather than adventuring outside, I had judged that it was best to raise our strength from within. Of course, it wasn’t like we stopped hunting to accumulate experience, but with the clan now becoming much stronger and unified as a whole, we spent most of our time training with Green Goblin.

I had personally grown a lot, but I was still somewhat lacking. There were many times when confronting Green Goblin that I was left beaten senseless. However, I did not lose so miserably nor as quickly as the first time we dueled so my growth was tolerable. In the most recent battle, by utilizing my Unique Ability, I had endured over 50 moves from him, so at least I had crossed the bare minimum.

It wasn’t just me that had grown over this year.

Gark and Hark continued to grow stronger. Despite not having chosen to Rank Up to a higher species, it seems that they were keen on staying true as Orcs throughout, as they continued to evolve into higher classes while their abilities also increased.

Especially, Gark, who had shown explosive growth. He was so incredibly strong that it was hard to believe it considering he only had one arm.

Though he did not hold any authority within the clan, his strength was second only to my own. It was no wonder that I trusted him more than even Ragia. All of the ones who evolved into an Orc Swordsman followed his command very well.

‘Half Blade is strong. He’s a loyal Orc who has overcome huge suffering. We must all follow Half Blade!’

Many spoke thus. I did not know why, but the one-handed Orc had induced a deep sense of admiration in the Orcs. The anecdote of Gark losing his arm to save Blood Dagger had spread out becoming a legend, causing Gark to receive an explosive amount of support.

Mev had also evolved. Unfortunately, she was not able to change species either. Whether a satisfying species had not appeared or that there was none, I was not sure, but what was important was that she had selected a Special class in place of having a Rank Up in species.

Her class was now called an Elemental Archer, and though it was somewhat awkward, she managed to succeed in contracting with the Elements. With how few Humans on the Continent became Elementalists, it was a great achievement for her to reach this class.

It wasn’t simply her combat power which increased, her potential had as well. She couldn’t fully control the Elements of fire and wind yet, but with growth she would be able to achieve significant results. With recent signs of resilience, I believe that she will probably change species the next time, given the opportunity.

Anyhow, I rode Ibar towards the gathering ground.

They were all waiting for me, Orcs holding large and small loads of provisions stared at me, led by Gark, who bore my flag standard on his back.

“For Blood Dagger!”

The moment I arrived, Gark loudly proclaimed the Clan’s battle-cry. Soon, the other Orcs and Goblins also began to yell.

“For Blood Dagger!”

I walked through them filled with pride and pleasure. They parted like the Red Sea had for Moses, and cleared a path for me. Green Goblin began to smile brightly at the end of the path. From here on in, I thought that it would be impolite to ride Ibar, so I quickly dismounted and began to walk towards him.

All of the Orcs and Goblins were looking towards me.

The Three Goblin Sisters, Hakajin and countless warriors cheered and saluted, their hands firmly placed on their chests as I passed by.

Even Green Goblin smiled, standing and welcoming me as I walked up him. Soon, Green Goblin spoke.

“Time is fast, is it not? Ggirik.”

“To be honest, I felt that it was much shorter. I still have many things to learn from Green Goblin.”

“Well… with Blood Dagger being a Green Skin like this, I’m sure that you’ll become a great one. I guarantee it. Ggirik.”

This time, it was my turn to give him some face.

“I thank you, even if they are empty words, Green Goblin.”

From my remark, he laughed speechlessly. It seems his thoughts were somewhat complicated.

I saluted with my hand placed firmly on my chest and bowed, kneeling on one knee, but recognized that it wasn’t enough. I lowered my head even more, and finally his arm was able to reach my face.

He bit his own finger with his sharp canines. As he had bitten it strongly, blood started to trickle out and he smiled. Then he began to draw on my face; the symbol of the Grand Patriarch.

This ritual was bestowed upon Green Skins who proved their eligibility for independence after three years. As soon as Green Goblin reached out to me, there was now only complete silence in the air.

“Strength, Wisdom and Honor.”

“Strength, Wisdom and Honor!”

I became curious and wondered what this drawing would be. He had only drawn on me twice, yet I still remembered Najin. However, unlike Najin’s skiled and steady hands, Green Goblin seemed uncomfortable with this task and his hands wavered. The drawing wasn’t coming out as well as he had expected, it seems.

I slowly closed my eyes.

Once he had finished drawing the symbol of the Grand Patriarch on my forehead, he withdrew his hand as I simultaneously opened my eyes.

“Mmm…we…well it wasn’t easy to draw because of the horns.”

As expected, the drawing did not come out well but I smiled.

“Thank you.”


“I thank you in many ways, Green Goblin. If I once again stood at the crossroads with the same options before me, I would have no doubt selected you again, Green Goblin.”

“That is very gratifying… No… the best compliment, Blood Dagger. Strength, Wisdom and Honor.”

“Strength, Wisdom and Honor.”

He did not reply to my salute. His nose touched my nose once, before he spoke to me again.

“My task is complete, Blood Dagger. Now you are a dignified Green Skin. You have passed the test of Strength, Wisdom and Honor, and have learned patience over these three years. You can now set up your glorious banner anywhere on the continent. No…Now…now you are…free…free to leave.”

Even his voice was beginning to stutter. Seeing him become like this, it was quite a refreshing feeling. I replied to him with a smile.

“I owe you a debt of gratitude.”

It was then that loud cheers began to erupt from behind me.

“For Green Goblin!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger! For Green Goblin!”

It really has been three years. I opened my mouth to the ones who were wildly cheering. It was a cliche, but I spoke with a sincere voice.

“Let’s go, my brothers and sisters.”

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