Chapter 230 Give Mercy on Your Pathetic Life

Ye Feng went near Long Wan’er who was seriously injured, but she felt something strange when saw him.

‘Why there are two Ye Feng? Is the Ye Feng in the iceberg before is a fake?’ thought Long Wan’er

She hadn’t thought clearly about it, suddenly Ye Feng shot his blue ray gun. At the same time, he pulled Wan’er to his side.

“Humph, damn girl, I give mercy to your pathetic life this time.” Said Long Mo Ran

As Long Mo Ran saw Ye Feng walked near, his face suddenly changed.

To  Long Mo Ran, now, Ye Feng was a danger. If Ye Feng used his void sword, he would have died. That was a flash, who could handle it?

For now, his level couldn’t beat him, but what if he took the Mysterious Thousand Years Ice energy….

Long Mo Ran didn’t think to much, he ran to the Ice and cracked it up.


The Mysterious Thousand Years Ice was taken by Long Mo Ran.

Ye Feng who saw this situation was shocked, but, why didn’t the ice respond? The Hell, this is nonsense, it’s supposed to turn him into block of ice, does the ice only respond twice?

“Hahahahaha” (Long Mo Ran)

Long Mo Ran laughed until he was choked by water, this made him very embarrassed.

Long Mo Ran quickly swam to the surface, he had already held his breath very long, if he stayed longer, he would have died, but he kept thinking, how did Ye Feng and Long Wan’er hold their breath so long?

“I give mercy to your pathetic life.” Ye Feng said in returned for his words before

He didn’t chase Long Mo Ran, instead, he checked for Long Wan’er injury, she was hit by the ice which in its inside had a strong inner energy, her vital had already been seriously injured, if she  wasn’t treated quickly, she could have died.

Ye Feng suddenly thought ,’Immortal Power, the Healing Magic!’

But his inner energy had run out, he couldn’t help her. Now, he had to take Long Wan’er and Su Fei Ying back together.

“Ye…Ye Feng.” Said Long Wan’er with pale face.

Long Wan’er relived when she saw Ye Feng was alright.

“Hang on, we’ll go home right now.” Said Ye Feng

Ye Feng was really intense, but he didn’t show it on his face, he didn’t want Long Wan’er to have more burden.

“Hmm… what about master?” said Long Wan’er

“She is right here, don’t worry.” Said Ye Feng

Ye Feng could feel her injury was getting worse, he didn’t think that Long Mo Ran would attack her until her meridians broke. Now, she couldn’t even use her basic power, teleport.

Now, they could only depended on Ye Feng.

One hand, he brought Long Wan’er, and the other hand, he brought Su Fei Ying’s frozen body. And just when he wanted to walk away.


Many guns were pointed at them and at the same time, the guards reported them to Niu Feng.

On the ocean, they were surrounded.

“We’re going to die.” Said Ye Feng

Ye Feng was mad at himself, if he didn’t come back to rescue Long Wan’er, he wouldn’t face this condition. If he was alone, at least, he could use his invisibility power, using the water to help him get out from this situation. But now, he’s not alone, he had to take Long Wan’er and Su Fei Ying out too. Even when he used his invisibility, it couldn’t win over the bullet’s fast. They were too many people and each of them brought a gun and  Long Wan’er couldn’t move anymore, if she did, she would die.

But now, what could he do? Surrender?

“Don’t worry.” Said Ye Feng to calm Long Wan’er. At first, he thought he could go to land and use Ji Yan spells to save his master, but, he had to do it now on the ocean.

He didn’t want to be caught by the guards to be taken as a sample for scientists. He wished Su Fei Ying could wake up now, so that everything would be solved.

Ye Feng’s inner energy had run out, but he still could make a small Ji Yan fire ball, slowly the energy started to fill in his hand, in small amount. Every guard was on guard, but they didn’t notice that Ye Feng moved, they still waited for Niu Feng to come.


Niu Feng had caught the beard old man, at the same time, he received news that they had caught Ye Feng too.

Xu Xiao Yu stared at Niu Feng coldly, but he could do nothing, he was accused by Niu Feng for killing two man. He couldn’t even use his energy anymore now.

He would find out who was the one caused the trouble, he would gather Shen Quan’s squad and take revenge. He wouldn’t forgive him/her.


Niu Feng was on his speed boat as he went toward the ice mountain. At the same time, the battleship came closer to him. If there was someone who didn’t obey them, they would release the missile.

The ship length 150 m, wide 20 m slowly came toward he ice mountain. The leader boat had a very high class cannon, it represented how powerful they were.

At that time, Lei Ming and his squad were in the upper deck, from far, they saw Niu Feng on his speed boat went toward the ice mountain and stopped in front of it.

“Eh? What was that?” said Lei Ming

One of his friend also looked towards the ice mountain, and he saw that the speed boat had a label.

“It’s one of the Long family’s.” Said one of them

“Long family’s?” He was confused, but now, it’s non of his business, and he didn’t want to care about it too, the ship definitely was safe,  who had the guts to attack this battleship?


Suddenly, someone jumped out from the ocean, it was Long Mo Ran.

“Let’s go now!”

He jumped to the speed boat which he called from Long Zi and Long Qing, the boat then went to the south with high speed.

“Attention, attention. The white speed boat, please stop now, or else, we’ll attack you.” The sound came from the battle ship, it would be shameless, if they let them went away.

“Just keep forward, don’t mind them.” Long Mo Ran smirked, with the power of the Mysterious Thousand Years Ice, the battleship couldn’t bother them.




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