The white speed boat with Long Mo Ran, Long Zi and Long Qing onboard head southwards at high speed. They didn’t go westwards because both the military battleship and the people from the NSA were there ready to intercept them.

After a distance, the gunfire ceased, and the reason was simple. Just as Long Mo Ran said, the power of Mysterious Thousand Years Ice was powerful enough to divert even the most powerful missile away from the speedboat. The military knew that ordering more firing was merely a waste of their ammunition.

“Once this matter comes to an end, it will be fun day at Wang Wu San Dong.”, said Niu Meng still staring at the white speedboat. He didn’t chase, and neither was he worried. Long family may be gone, but the Long family home was still in Hua country. And even though, Niu Meng didn’t obtain Mysterious Thousand Years Ice, he might still have the frozen maiden of Mysterious Thousand Years Ice, Su Fei Ying.

The thought of Ye Feng under the sea excited Niu Meng. He wondered if it was finally time to reap his rewards.

After the arrest of Xu Xiao Yu, Niu Meng plus 4 other NSA members put on their diving suit and dive into the sea one after the other.

Niu Meng excitement turned into concerned after about a hundred metre into the sea.

His electronic eyes had detected that Ye Feng and his men were in a state of shock. Niu Meng own men continued diving and it wouldn’t be long before he knew what was happening.

Deep down in the sea, the ice Su Fei Ying was frozen in was burning with rage. The fire was strong enough to heat up the freezing sea water surrounding it. There was no sign of the fire dying.

Normally, the heat given off by burning a piece of paper is about 200 degrees but the spell that Ye Feng cast, had caused the surface temperature to reach between 20,000 to 30,000 degrees.

Though it was a quick burst of energy, under such high temperature, the ice surrounding Su Fei Ying began to melt.

The NSA guards were motionless. Whether it was the fact that Ye Feng had dived deep under without any diving gear or the sudden burst of Ji Yan fireball spell, this scene was out of the ordinary for any of the NSA guards in the water. Being members of the NSA, it was not uncommon for them to fight with people from the underworld. But even the most powerful immortal didn’t possess such power as Ye Feng.

As Niu Meng got closer to Su Fei Ying, the last piece of ice surrounding her finally melted. The flame started burning Su Feng Ying snow white dress.

Following a loud cracking sound. Su Feng Ying eyes opened with furore and swept through the people surrounding her and saw straight through the invisibility spell that prevent people from detecting Ye Feng. Su Fei Ying mastery were way beyond Ye Feng.

“Master”, said a shocked Ye Feng. He didn’t expect his immortal technique Ji Yan Fireball spell would melt the ice so easily, neither did he expect his teacher to wake shortly after the ice melted.

“Yes”, responded Su Fei Ying.

She glanced at him with cold-eye and frowned slightly.

Su Fei Ying saw the young man in front of her, holding on to a seriously injured young girl. She couldn’t think where she had seen him.

“I am Ye Feng.”, Ye Feng saw her frown and remembered that his appearance was different from when he was in world of the immortals.

Su Fei Ying nodded. Feeling all comfortable, she stretched herself in the ocean without the water touching her, displaying her graceful and beautiful figure under her snow-white robe.

The Master was awoken.

Her immortal techniques were still intact.

Ye Feng could not hide his joy. His luck had been bad since he arrived in the East sea, but now it seems like his luck is about to change.

Seeing Su Fei Ying in her graceful and yet cold self, Ye Feng reminisced how she fought her enemies with vim in the world of the immortals.

Long Wan Er, who was injured in Ye Feng’s arms, forced open her eyes and caught a glimpse of Su Fei Ying and murmured to herself happily that the Master of Ye Feng was finally awake.

She let out a couple of coughs and felt a sharp pain in her chest.

Healing Spell, Sheng Liao Su.

Su Fei Ying decided to use her immortal power to heal Long Wan Er. She raised her hands lighted with energy and placed them on Long Wan Er’s chest, bringing Long Wan Er’s injury under control.

Su Fei Ying then glanced over at Niu Meng and the NSA guards with cold-eyes. That coldness gave Niu Meng and his men a shiver down their spine.

In fact, Niu Meng and his men were shocked that the maiden frozen in the ice was alive. And that cold stare from her gave them a dangerous feeling.

Niu Meng wanted to raise his hands to fire at Su Fei Ying, but his body just wouldn’t move, his throat was dry and he was unable to utter a word.

Then a white slender jade arm lifted in the water.

Bang, Bang, Bang.

No longer able to take such pressure and intensity, two NSA guards lost control and started firing towards Su Fei Ying. Just as one thought that this would be the end of Su Fei Ying, the bullets from the blue ray guns came to a halt 5 metres from Su Fei Ying.

Using her immortal technique, Chen Xing Zhi Dun, Su Fei Ying waved her hands and created a powerful protective shield, around her. A shield so strong even Long Mo Ran’s Killer Song would not be able to penetrate through, nevermind these blue ray guns bullet.


Su Fei Ying collected all the bullets with her jade hands and crushed them to bits without saying a word.


“Where is Mysterious Thousand Years Ice?”, she asked Ye Feng.

“It went Southwards.”, Ye Feng answered as a matter of fact.

Ye Feng felt a huge stone off his chest. This was indeed his Master, Su Fei Ying, judging from the coldness in her manners and speech.

“Let’s go.”, she said, retracting her jade arm as Long Wan Er almost recovered from her injury.

Long Wan Er finally gave in to exhaustion and fell asleep in Ye Feng’s arms.

“Open fire! Open Fire! Fire the missile.”, shouted Niu Meng who was pushed to breaking point by Su Fei Ying. If he didn’t fight back, he would probably be finished off by Su Fei Ying anyway. He didn’t know where this woman came from. But Niu Meng gathered that Su Fei Ying may be related to Ye Feng. That meant that, just like Ye Feng, Su Fei Ying was also Niu Meng’s enermy.

Su Fei Ying glanced over at Niu Meng with that cold-eyes. Niu Meng posed no threat to her. Moreover, she had seen and killed so many people like Niu Meng when she was in the world of the immortals. So, she couldn’t care less.

She raised her jade hand and gather her inner energy around her hand.

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