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Haunted Duke’s Daughter 43



After leaving Tina’s room, Lilia returned to her own bedroom and dropped to the chair by her desk.

Tina and Sera just wouldn’t stop praising her. Lilia had absolutely no idea why they were doing that. At first, she was feeling embarrassed, but as time passed she started to feel nothing but shock.

In the end, Lilia didn’t actually talk that much, and she excused herself from Tina’s room along with Sera. She also felt as if she had wasted her time, but was glad that Sera appears to have gotten a good impression of Tina, though she may not acknowledge that that was because of how they were praising her.


— The progress is still unknown, but… This should be fine, right? Sakura…


— Yes. This is perfect. You did a great job this week as well, Lilia.


— You too, Sakura. Ah, this whole thing got me so tired… especially that last part…


— Ahaha. It’s much better than being hated, though. Let’s keep at it.


Sakura said that as if it was nothing. Lilia wondered if Sakura really knew how anxious this whole thing actually made her feel. She thought about telling that to Sakura but ended up thinking that it would be pointless, so she kept it to herself.


— Well, well! Tomorrow’s our long-awaited weekend! It’s a day for self-study! Let’s go out!


— You… do you really know the meaning of the word “self-study”?


Despite still feeling a little shocked, Lilia was actually planning to out the following day, so her reply didn’t come off as harsh. The place she’s going out to is already decided: The surrounding area of the south district, which she couldn’t visit last week because of the evening party that took place back then. This time around, Alisa and the others had asked for her help in advance. Having no particular objections about it, Lilia had decided to cooperate with them.

Although it didn’t look as if it was well-received, so she gave up and smiled bitterly.


— You can explore to your heart’s content tomorrow, Lilia. Oh, I want to eat Strawberry Mochi.


— But I’m the one who’s doing the eating…


Having conversations such as these, even Lilia herself was getting all worked up about the next day.


Then, the next day, Lilia left her room together with Alisa, and went to a room similar to the classroom where she had changed her clothes last time. Here she changed her clothes again, and after Alisa saw her off, Lilia headed for the gate. And just like the last time, Alisa had seen her off with a smile.


— Let’s go a little farther away today!


— Fine by me, but make sure to remember which road to take. After all, I’ll be busy eating.


— You’ve become quite defiant, huh? Still… Understood. Leave the road to me, and in exchange, make sure to eat plenty of tasty dishes!


And so, Lilia started walking together with Sakura. They planned to have anything that looked delicious. Unlike the last time, their exact path wasn’t set in stone, so they’d be eating anything that would catch their eyes. Lilia had completely lost her way by the time they reached their fifth place, but she thought they’d be fine anyway since Sakura was in charge of keeping track of their whereabouts.


— Whew! The last one wasn’t that good, but now this is yummy! I’m so happy…


Lilia was a bit worried, but still thought they should be fine.

They kept on going around and trying the food at various places, trying to remember which of those seemed to have the most delicious dishes. There were many flavors that Lilia had never tried before, so it was a very fresh experience for her.


Then, in the afternoon, just as they were about to head towards the school…


— Lilia, stop!

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