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Heavenly Star

Chapter 317 Root of Hatred


Just like that, Ye Wuchen’s terrifying guess turned into a reality as it all unfolded in front of her cruelly—— She had been calling someone, who was not her own father, and who was most likely to have harmed her biological father, “father,” for more than twenty years. She also showed her talents for him, even willing to marry someone who was twice her age to firmly control Sky Dragon Kingdom—— Who could bear such deception and blow? What kind of daughter could bear that her father was imprisoned in such a place for more than twenty years?


From a young age, she knew that there was a lunatic in the sect. When she was maturing, she accidentally approached the area where she would often hear the growls of the lunatic and run away, terrified… But, she would never have thought that he was actually her own father.


There was tearing pain in her heart. It was almost impossible for her to breathe. She hurriedly stepped forward, completely ignoring the mess that she usually could not touch, and grabbed the golden chain wrapped around him, trying to forcibly disconnect it. However, she had used the Art of Water Jade to the extreme till both her palms turned ice blue. Ordinary chains would be easily broken, but the golden chains showed no signs of being damaged. Moreover, she clearly felt that the power of the Art of Water Jade disappeared without a trace when she came into contact with the gold chain.


“It’s useless. This is the most treasured magic chain that the Southern Emperor left to my Southern Emperor Sect back then. Aside from the Southern Emperor’s sword, there is nothing else that can put it off. But, to us, even the power from the Southern Emperor will be blocked when being entangled by the magic chain… Otherwise, how can they feel at ease leaving me here alone, never worrying that I will escape or be rescued?” He shook his head. His hair remained dragging on the ground as his head swayed, still covering his face.


“Who are… they?” Shui Mengchan gave up. She stood there helplessly as she could not feel any sense of smell or visual discomfort. She was in a trance and just wanted to know the truth of all that and why it happened. After that, she had to do everything possible to rescue her father.


The sword of the Southern Emperor…


Ye Wuchen, you have won… You once again used a few words to stir up a big wave that you must be willing to see. Should I admire you, blame you, or thank you… I, Shui Mengchan, had already become a pawn in your plan, but now, I have no choice but to go in the direction you pointed.


To you, I will always be a loser.


No matter if it was good to be timid, or good to know the truth, in that life, she did not want to be his enemy anymore.


“Who are they… They used to be my best partners, friends… my most respected elders… Shui Yunlan, Shui Yunpo, Shui Yunsui… Shui Xuanfeng, Shui Xuanzhong, Shui Zizai, Shui Wutian… these people, even if I turn to ashes, I will never forget their names!!”


He uttered more than thirty names in a row, each of which he announced with an incomparable resentment that could pierce one’s heart. In a short time, the atmosphere in the dark underground space was filled with a strong aura of hatred. His resentment for them has long been deeply engraved into his bone marrow. For twenty-three years, the weight of hate was heavier day by day. Even by eating its flesh, smashing its bones, cramping its muscles, and drinking its blood, would not calm him down.


Thirty people were a number that meant nothing to the Southern Emperor Sect since a large number of people kept coming to and fro. However, every time Shui Mengchan heard a name, her heart would beat violently. When he finished speaking, her heart had been filled with indescribable horror—— Those people were actually those who hold important roles within or outside the current Southern Emperor Sect. There was no exception!


“Who is… Shui Yunlan?” That was the only name she had never heard before. However, he said that name first, showing that he had the strongest hatred for that person. Could it be…


“Shui Yunlan… Shui Yunlan… a person who looks exactly like me!!!”


Shui Mengchan’s body shook violently.


Shui Yunlan… The person she called her father for more than twenty years… It turned out that they looked exactly identical. No wonder, no wonder…


Meanwhile, the person in front of her, her father, was the real Shui Yuntian.


“Father…” She finally called out in grief, and began to cry… She could not remember the last time she cried, maybe a few years ago, maybe more than ten years ago… With tears in her eyes, she remembered when she was a child, he was always showing his happy smile, always spoiling her and letting her play tricks, letting her make all kinds of excessive demands to him… It was a very warm and beautiful childhood memory. After the age of two, her “father” has changed. It turned out that since then, her favorite father has already left, suffering inhumane pain and torture in the absence of the sun.


Sadness, pain, hatred, shame… She was already sobbing. Crying for her father, she also cried for her life that had been completely deceived and played with.


Shui Yuntian slowly closed his eyes upon hearing the word “father.” His cold heart, that was almost dead, was instantly filled with intense warmth. It was something called “family love”. He had waited and endured for so many years. God finally opened eyes and gave him back part of what was taken away.


“Father, tell me… I want to know the truth… You have been pretending to be crazy here, but you refuse to fall. You used that false madness to scream every day to let people know your existence. You must have been waiting for me… Tell me, Father, we can take revenge together… I, I can get the sword of the Southern Emperor soon, and then I’ll get you out… Father, they all said that you had already cut off your tongue and could not speak. You can only make strange noises, but why do you…”


Shui Yuntian slowly raised his head, and his eyes were still covered with a mist of sadness or joy. He said hoarsely, “They did cut off my tongue back then, and I thought I would never be able to speak again… But human calculations are not as good as the heaven’s calculations. In just a few days, my tongue automatically regenerated… It was also at that time that I realized that the blood of the Southern Emperor we have is worthy of the blood of God. Not only can it heal wounds quickly, but also to regenerate lost limbs or organs… With the pure blood of God, after all, we are not comparable to ordinary human beings.”


“So… this is actually the case…” Shui Mengchan muttered absentmindedly.


“Your mother… is she fine? My son… your brother, is he called Wuque? How old is he this year? How tall is he…” Shui Yuntian’s voice suddenly became rushed. When the long-awaited dawn came, the longing in his heart and the heart-wrenching concern were like a raging tide, impacting his heart.


Hearing him ask about her mother, Shui Mengchan’s heart ached sourly. Now, she finally knew how much pain her mother had endured all those years. She had always known all that, but she had to hide it from them and bear it silently. Her husband was not far away from her, but they could never see each other. She had to commit herself to someone who harmed her whole family. What kind of torture was that?


In the dull and peaceful life that lasted for more than twenty years, it turned out that such a cruel reality was hidden.


The unspeakable hatred in her heart swelled again.


“Mother never smiles. I knew from a young age that her life was not good at all. Only today, did I know the reason. Wuque was rebellious since he was a child. He… never listened to that person’s words. At last, he did not even want to speak with him. His relationship with the people in the sect is generally very tense, and many people tend to cast him out. Later, when he was a teenager, he left the house to somewhere far away, wandered outside alone, and threatened that if all the members of the Southern Emperor Sect had forgotten to pass on the legacy from generation to generation, he must retrieve the sword of the Southern Emperor. Over the years, Wuque has kept in touch with me from time to time. However, aside from occasionally visiting Mother, he never wants to stay in the Southern Emperor Sect.” Shui Mengchan said sorrowfully.






“Hahahaha, hahahaha… Good, good! Wuque, you really are my son, you really are my, Shui Yuntian’s son. Since you have this heart, even if I die right away, I can still be at peace…” He softly whispered the name of the son he had never seen, and laughed with tears. He suddenly felt that hearing such news after the twenty-three years of torture, was enough to put him to peaceful rest immediately.


“Father, tell me what happened back then… Tell me!” The longer the torment dragged on to get an answer, the more her emotions wanted to lose its control. Facing everything in front of her, she did not know where to go for a while. After that day, what choice should she make, and what would she face? But, even if her life would take a cruel turn after knowing the answer, she still had to know its entirety.


The surroundings went silent for a short time. Shui Yuntian suppressed his rushing tears, and his head was still lowered, sorting out his completely confused thoughts under various shocks. After a long moment, he spoke slowly, “That nightmare was born twenty-three years ago, when you just turned two years old.”


“Although my Southern Emperor Sect has always had power and strength far superior to that of all living beings, what we need is never to overlook the world, but to search for the sword of the Southern Emperor and its owner for a lifetime. For hundreds of years, thousands of years, ten thousands of years where a generation has passed onto another generation, the Southern Emperor Sect has been disappointing each generation. Amid this repeated disappointment, some other voices have become more and more frequent. Gradually, changes have begun to appear within the Southern Emperor Sect, and a dangerous trend of needing a change emerged.”


“When a normal person has a power that others can’t hold, there is a power around him that can sweep the world. However, due to this so-called mission of a lifetime, he can only search for something that no one knows really exist. It is indeed not easy to accept mediocre life. Especially after too many failures, even the so-called mission has begun to be regarded as a lie. Over the years, various voices of doubt and signs of changes have appeared numerous times, but every time, they were all suppressed. Unexpectedly, a hundred years ago, a mutation in the Northern Emperor Sect greatly stimulated the hearts of most of the sects, and the situation about change became more intense. Too many people want to rule the whole world and claim all power. Nobody wants to only be a person who has extraordinary skills but can only stay out of the world.”


“It’s because of this… As expected, I knew it would be like this…” Thinking of that “Shui Yuntian”, Shui Yunlan’s wild schemes and everything he had done for his ambition over the years, the flaming hatred and regret in her heart was accumulated to the extreme.


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