Heavenly Star – Chapter 280 – Interrogation


He suddenly looked at the prison guard who was pale, and asked, “when General Lin died, were you here?”


“Yes, I was.” The prison guard replied slyly.


“What’s going on?” Long Yin’s gaze became furious. The “prison break” of Lin Zhan made him angry, but he’d never thought of killing him, and after Lin Xiao died, Lin Zhan followed. In this case, the Lin family would surely be alert; how would he commit such an unwise act?


His cold gaze became a warning sign for the prison guard, who trembled even more, “I…I am going to reply to the Emperor. At night…Master Lin was shouting endlessly that he felt sorry to the Emperor. Then, he started…drinking something, and I had no idea that was poison. Otherwise, I’d…I know that I’m useless. I deserve to die…” He knew that he wasn’t making any sense, and his whole body was so weak that he almost fell to the ground.


“Well, since you’ve been careless enough to let him in prison. You do deserve to die, and you deserve to be cut open…someone come and kill him!”


The prison guard felt stiff all over his body, and his eyes widened. Although he had already anticipated that he’d be killed after being used, he had no idea that it would come so soon… Fortunately, it would be him only, and his family was left out.


“Emperor, wait…” Lin Kuang, who had been crying all the time, made a sound all of a sudden. He climbed out of the cell and said, “I request the Emperor to hand this person to me. I… I want to kill him myself.”


Long Yin just wanted to speak, yet Black Bear interrupted, “the Emperor, since one has passed away after another in the Lin family, why don’t we agree…” While he was saying, he wiped away the tears in his eyes.


Long Yin knew that Black Bear has always been filial, he looked at Lin Kuang who’d lost all his hope. After a long sigh and full of sorrow, he said, “although I was out of my mind yesterday, I’d never thought of making this heavy punishment. General Lin, why did you do this to yourself…Sigh, old General Lin, this is my fault. I am guilty, and I know what consequences this will cause to your family…”


“No, the Emperor, this is not your fault. It’s the fault of Zhan’Er. I didn’t expect him to feel so guilty, to the point that he ended his life. I am full of shame…and I want to bring the body of Zhan’Er back home.”


“Everything will be done according to the wish of old General Lin.” Long Yin said weakly. When he looked at the bottle of poison on the ground, he felt a bit suspicious. He didn’t understand why Lin Zhan had to take this euthanasia with him before being placed in the dungeon. What alerted him more was that the death of Lin Zhan would certainly create resentment of Lin Kuang. No matter what reason that could be, this incident didn’t make sense to Long Yin. And he wasn’t ready for this scene either. He’d never doubted the loyalty of Lin Kuang, and there were only a few people whom he could trust. Also, Lin Kuang knew too many secrets of the Palace, and he might now do something against it, after the death of his son.


“I have sent people to inform the Lin family. Someone will come in a while, General Lin, for the incident of today, we will definitely give you an explanation. People can’t resurrect; we still need your support. You must take care of yourself.” Long Yin tried to comfort him.


“The old minister thanks the Emperor for your concern…rest assured, my Emperor, I still have many things to take care of, and I can’t collapse now.” Lin Kuang said expressionlessly.


Long Yin nodded, turned around and commanded, “you all may leave now. The Lin family will take care of the rest, and none of you should interfere.”


The prison guards all retreated, leaving only the unfortunate prison guard who guarded Lin Zhan the night before. Before Black Bear left, he suddenly said to Lin Kuang humbly, “Old General Lin, although he made a mistake, I think he did not do it on purpose. Old General Lin, you will get rid of him alone, but there’s no need to hurt his family.” After he finished, he glanced at the prison guard with a gaze, and there was a flash of anger in his eyes, which was caught by Lin Kuang. Lin Kuang smiled bitterly, “the biggest misery in the world is an old man seeing his son pass away…if I put myself in his shoes, why would I cause any more sorrow to his family?”


Black Bear was satisfied with the answer, and he followed Long Yin To leave. After all, Long Yin believed that Black Bear had a kind heart, and he didn’t pay too much attention to what he said to Lin Kuang. The past few days, it was not only exhausting to the Lin family, but for Long Yin also. Ye Wuchen’s return and all the sudden changes were like a massive stab in his heart, and he couldn’t get over it. His last hope was on the Southern Emperor, and that’s why he’d been urging the marriage with Shui Mengchan. The Southern Emperor, Shui Yuntian once said, as long as they found Shui Mengchan, everything would be fine. And Long Yin hadn’t seen a hint of Shui Yuntian these years.


The Lin family members soon came, when they saw Lin Zhan and Lin Kuang who looked empty, they all rushed forward and started crying. Then, Lin Kuang suddenly shouted, “shut up, all of you! Bring Lin Zhan home…and bring that person too!” He pointed to the prison guard. After struggling to get up, he swayed a few times then fainted. After his grandson and son died, it was impossible for him to withstand anything anymore.


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