Chapter 293 Return, the Proud Wolf


The strength of the sword made Yan Zheng afraid to use fire spirit energy against him, and its speed stopped him from using his full strength. When the blue star streaked through his field of vision, he had no time to think, stepping down hard so he could leap backwards with a clumsy jump, managing to dodge. But because of how hasty he had been, he didn’t land well, instead backing a few steps with uneasy footing.




Sparks flew, the Cangming Sword plummeting like a falling meteor, sinking into the incredibly hard ground with the protection of the gods, finally ceasing movement.


In the distance, Chu Jingtian’s hand hung down powerlessly.


Still uneasy, Yan Zheng took a deep breath, charging toward Chu Jingtian. Within a few breaths he was right next to him. Heat waves washed over him. Chu Jintian showed no fear. His brows sunk, fists flying out to collide with Yan Zheng’s. This was a match of pure strength, with no chance for trickery or disguises. One of these men was a seventy-year-old Northern Emperor Sect discipline elder with half a century’s worth of accumulated power, while the other was a man no older than his early twenties…would there really be another match like this?


With the massive sound of explosion, the hard rock beneath their feet started to crack open. Chu Jingtian and Yan Zheng were blown in opposite directions from the sheer force of their collision, surprisingly both just as strong as each other. None of them managed to get the upper hand…at least, so it seemed.


The champions present were incredibly shocked. When Leng Ya appeared, they thought they were witnessing a once in a lifetime genius. But Chu Jingtian had surprised them again and again, teaching them what it meant to be a true genius.


The two flew out at the same time. Suppressing the chaos in his abilities and aura, Chu Jingtian extended his right hand, turning his wrist…just now, he hadn’t used his full power, but had retained enough energy to manipulate his sword.


Yan Zheng, on the other hand, had used up all his strength on one blast. With all his energy gone, he found it difficult to generate more while flying through the air, and could only fly out helplessly, waiting to land. Only then did he suddenly sense an approaching danger. When he finally realized where the danger was coming from, a chilly wind had already reached his back. In another moment, it would pierce through him…


When the Cangming Sword suddenly shot up from the ground to greet Yan Zheng’s body, hundreds of pairs of eyes went wide at once. The three other Northern Emperor sect elders stood up abruptly, but it was too late to stage a rescue. Of course everyone there realized that Chu Jingtian had the foresight to preserve some of his strength even while defending against Yan Zheng’s full blow. This required not just confidence but also knowledge…in the collision earlier, it didn’t come to a draw after all. Yan Zheng had lost.


This youth with the Cangming Sword and the lineage of the God of Swords had given them one shock after another. Some white-haired elders who had attended this Magic Force Meeting with full confidence were now conflicted on whether they should sigh in shame or be excited for the future.


His back to the shooting Cangming Sword, Yan Zheng was currently in a life or death situation. In the hastiness, decades of experience saved him again. Extending his left hand as quick as possible, he pushed it toward the sword. Immediately, the sword stabbed through his palm. Riding off the slight momentum from this blow, he turned his body around, flipping toward the right in midair.


With a gruesome sound, the sword pierced through Yan Zheng’s left hand, shooting up into the sky parallel to him. Staggering, Yan Zheng landed, raising his hand that had a hole pierced through it. His whole body shook because of the unbearable pain. On his left side, his clothes had a long cut in them. A few more inches, and the sword would have cut into his skin.


He knew that he had lost. The discipline elder of the Northern Emperor sect had somehow lost to a young man less than half his own age. It wasn’t that he couldn’t accept his own defeat, but that to the high and noble image of victory presented by the Northern Emperor sect, this was a terrible blow.


But even if he surrendered and admitted defeat, this wouldn’t end. Now that the pure-hearted youth had summoned the willingness to kill, it meant that the other side had touched his bottom line and he wouldn’t stop until one of them was dead. Chu Jingtian no longer cared about the competition, or the Magic Force Meeting.


“Sword Spirit Chant–Seven seals, seven kills!”


A low voice rang from Chu Jingtian’s mouth, the Cangming Sword sinking from the skies once more…unlike the straight line of Flying Dragon, Raging Hurricane, unlike the intense, piercing trajectory of Unpredictable Heavens. Seven Seals, Seven Kills was about an organized chaos: the seemingly random direction of the sword would lock off the enemy’s path, seeking out the opportunity to attack them when possible. When one was engaged with Seven Seals, Seven Kills, it would be difficult to escape. All one could hope to do was avoid and defend, with little chance for retaliation.


If Chu Jingtian were currently facing Leng Ya, he would immediately escape to a hundred meters away as quickly as possible. That was beyond the range of Chu Jingtian’s sword manipulation. There, he would hide his aura and return silently, finding a chance to attack Chu Jingtian from there once more. That’s where Chu Jingtian’s scars came from. Even though his raw power was far greater than Leng Ya’s, if they were really fighting for their lives and not fighting face to face, Chu Jingtian was more likely to die at Leng Ya’s hands.


Now that Seven Seals, Seven Kills was cast, everything was blue, shaking chaos before Yan Zheng’s eyes. The sword’s aura cut through his body with the tiniest movement. His left hand pierced through and through, Yan Zheng was already subconsciously afraid of the blue sword and didn’t dare try to block it. He stepped back quickly–with a single step, the shadow of the sword disappeared from his front, right, and left side, his back suddenly growing cold. He immediately ducked, and the blue sword zoomed close to the top of his head, forcing a cold sweat out of him.



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