Heavenly Star

Chapter 301 – The Red Arrow (Part 2)


In the face of Yan Tianwei, he felt a subtle pressure that could not be resisted. He sighed again.

The performance of the father, grandfather, and two grandfathers and grandmothers had ended. The purpose of this meeting at the Tianchen Magic Wu Conference had also been reached. Yan Gongruo had nothing else to worry about, she took a step forward and yelled, “Grandpa, daddy, please help me to dig out the stinky monk’s eyes…he was looking at me in a dirty way! I am the master’s woman!”


Women like to hold on to grievances, that’s their innate nature. And on women like Yan Gongruo, this character is more vividly reflected. What he knew what that the Wuhua monk was looking at her with sinful eyes.

They have become accustomed to the way Yan Gongruo was. But this time, they didn’t ignore the last thing she said. They focused their gazes on Wuhua monk whose gaze was uncertain. For them, everything of the Saint master mustn’t be offended.

The Wuhua monk was notorious in the Kwai Shui Country, but only he would provoke the others, no one would do the same to him. Although he was short and fat, he has a strong hard Qigong. An ordinary sword could not leave a scar on him. In the broken fan in his hand, there were several tricks hidden in it. In the hands of the opponent, the poisonous arrows would be shot in an instant, it’s incredibly hard to prevent.

But even if he became ten times stronger, he’s still not strong enough in Yan Tianwei’s eyes. Just when he fought with the four god-level masters, his turbulent blood had still not completely calmed down. At this time, his chest felt empty, and he’s very uncomfortable. He was suddenly locked by the breath of the four God-level masters, so one could imagine the pressure and weight of their momentum. It was a terrible feeling when you couldn’t even move your fingers, and when you couldn’t move one bit. It’s like being pressed by the Tai Mountains.



In the sky, there was suddenly a very slight sound that’s hard to be noticed, but people present there were not ordinary people, and of course they noticed this slight change immediately. They looked up into the sky but saw that there’s clearly nothing in it, and there’s nothing strange either…even the clouds dissipated quickly in the collision of the God-level power.

For sure, the sound just now did not come from the wind.

Yan Tianwei and the four people noticed it at the same time, and they all took back their momentum. The four breaths that had locked the Wuhua monk disappeared entirely, making his tightened body take a few steps backward, and he almost lied on the ground.


“Who are you?!!!”


The second senior of the Northern Emperor Sect’s gaze was like a hawk.  He was staring straight above. Under his resounding reminder, everyone has used their power to roll their eyes, and they now all looked at a higher altitude. Sure enough…at a height that they could not imagine, they saw a tiny shadow, and their hearts started beating crazily again.


After the volatility reached the God-level, it can be done easily. Those who’re cultivated specially might be able to do the same, those masters cultivated with Wind Magic with spiritual high-level power could also do the same. But…no one has ever heard that, and no one has ever dared to think about it. It turns out that human beings could actually float so horrifyingly high.


It is extremely difficult to float, and the higher someone floats, the greater the difficulty becomes. The increase in difficulty is not as simple as an easy mathematical equation, it’s actually a geometric question. The position where the shadow was floating was a height that they couldn’t believe at all. This height also made the greatest masters of the Tianchen Continent forget about his existence.

They would rather believe that it is not a person…but if it is a person, who would he be…Is it a terrifying god-level master? At that height, maybe only the real God could reach…

Under the looks full of suspicion, the second senior’s yelling finally got an answer. A scarlet-streaked light was pointing at the blurred figure and shot downward. The target was Wuhua monk who had just raised his head.


A sharp airflow hit the top of his head, and even before he got close, he already had a feeling of his body being stabbed through. Wuhua monk had no time to wonder why he’d be attacked. He turned around hurriedly and his right hand was waving crazily, he tried to use his fan to block that red light…

The red light collided with the seemingly fragile broken fan. After a harsh scream, Wuhua monk took two steps backward, and his hand holding the fan trembled uncontrollably. He couldn’t think too much, so he quickly took the fan. He was horrified and found that this fan that had been cast by black iron, and had not been damaged for decades, now suddenly had a gap of a knuckle’s size.

Under his defense, the red light completely disappeared there.

Turning the Qi into arrows!!! Everyone exclaimed in his heart. Except for this reason, there was nothing else to explain the strange scene of the disappearance of the red light. And the person who claimed to be “Xie Gongluo” had just performed a miracle by turning Qi into arrows. But…if this was really an arrow, why was it in red?


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