In the stat window, there was a new acquired item called the essence of the Guardians, and there was also a sign of 1/5. This is definitely a new feature of playing as an ordinary character.


There are a total of seven Guardians in the game.


It said that if I want to be the transcendent being, I have to kill 5 of them like today. But when I looked at the following message, I realized that it was not just a matter of killing.


<The existence of the Guardians are actually like a seal that restricts the dark army. If you kill a Guardian, the world’s seals will be weakened instead of taking their power away.>


What an exquisite constraint. It was about becoming a transcendent being and at the same time I might be releasing the demonic transcendent existences into the Empire.




I laughed unknowingly. The situation that is like walking on a tightrope stretched over a thousand-meter cliff. But the whole situation was so interesting that I couldn’t hide my smile.


It was just frustrating, it seemed there was no way to win. But now I felt instinctively that there was a path towards the good ending beyond the challenge which was unfolding.


<The Guardians themselves couldn’t be called true heroes if they protect the empire by merely existing. Each of them has their own goals and ambitions.>


<You need to build a close relationship with them. The Guardians are sometimes more dangerous to humankind and to you than the Demons.>


I know why Aquila mentioned the importance of relationship with the guardians. I need to meet the rest of the guardians to know, but there’s going to be enemies and allies among them. I have to distinguish between the good and bad.


“This.. should be done with deep thought…..”


One vampire asks if I wish to be left alone.


“Lord, are you okay? Your complexion doesn’t look good.”


“Is an undead vampire concerned about my complexion? I’m fine.”


I think my face looks troublesome because I came across a great secret.


“I’m glad you are okay…. But why aren’t you referring to yourself as Jim?”


“I did that intentionally to mock Philip, the Prince-Elector. I am not a king or an emperor, but I could be condescending while calling this severed head Jim my master, Jim who gets to decide on Philip’s death sentence.”


By the way, surprisingly, being called Jim by the vampire amused me. And suddenly his eyes got weird, as my dignity became breathtakingly overflowing.


“This servant’s lowly brain couldn’t understand, but suddenly facing the Lord’s visage was as hard as looking at the sun.”


It seems it was because of the skill that I just obtained, ‘The Dignity of the Great Leader’. Originally, because of my job was the Hero without Blood or Tears, so it was absolutely right for the undead to revere and obey me, but when the skills were superimposed, the vampires seemed to have a hard time raising their heads.


“Was it?”


“Yes. Besides, my lord is the king of the dead. You are our creator, our progenitor. Please show your dignity of a lord before your lowly servants. It’s hard for us to bear it if you treat us as peers.”


The vampire got down on one knee and the other vampires shouted in unison.


“Show us the majesty of the king!”


“Show us the majesty of the king!”


“Show us the majesty of the king!”


Haha, these things really, there’s a very cute side of these bloody bastards who live on sucking blood. They’re going to be successful wherever they will go because of their skill at sucking up to their superiors.


“If you say so, would I become one?”


“Your grace is immeasurable! Lord!”


It’s like I washed my face with gold (Ed Note: could do no wrong). These guys even poured the 24K gold in a bucket for me to wash my face in.  I was overwhelmed by this newly opened Killing the Guardians scenario.


“By the way, What is your name?”


Now that I mention it, the vampire who spoke to me was vampire who had handed me the wheellock pistol. And it was the officer vampire who had beaten his men when he was cutting open the Land Drake.


“It is Gottfried Heinrich from Papenheim.”




Papenheim? I was surprised and looked closely at his face. And after confirming my guess was correct I was appalled. He was still young, but he is definitely the face in my memory!


Count Gottfried Heinrich of Papenheim.


To be exact, this was right before he became a count, but he must be the Papenheim, the empire’s greatest cavalry captain who appeared after the Great War. He, who was injured and died on a saddle, was a cavalry man until the last second of his life.


It was not merely one or two devils who fell to Papenheim’s cavalry assaults. His cavalry was a horror for the demons. If Papenheim was coming, even a devil like the ‘crazy’ Halberstadt, who regarded the empire as if it was his own personal playground, turned his army around and ran away.


So, the empire’s greatest cavalry captain died and became a vampire under me? What is this….. Originally, he would not have died at the Battle of Hofheim.


I realized that history was twisting.


That was that…. Even in the days when he was an ordinary human being, Papenheim was the greatest cavalry captain. But now that he is a vampire with superhuman powers, so I was really excited about what he is going to do in the future.


I quickly raised the level of the Hero without Blood and Tears then I vowed to make him a daywalker (a vampire that could be active during the day).


“Lord, am I doing something wrong?”


“No. It is not so. You serve me with commendable integrity. I expect great things from you in the future, Gottfried Heinrich.”


When I spoke his name, he was thrilled, he had no idea what to do and he put his forehead to the ground.


“My second life-in-death only belongs to the Lord!”




I raised him by hand. The vampires around him were amazed and murmured. The original necromancer class is heartless and cruel. When you deal with death, it was a hard and cruel road and you have no choice but to bear it.


It’s more than me bringing them back from death, their destiny was no different than being tied to me forever as my slaves. And yet, they’re moved when I treated them lovingly.


I laughed while using the SS-grade Mephistopheles’ acting skills.


“There are many servants in the world who serve the king, but I see that the most loyal are gathered here!”


The vampires looked at me in awe at the moment I said it, and they all cried out in unison while their foreheads rested on the ground.


“The second life-in-death only belongs to the Lord!”


“The second life-in-death only belongs to the Lord!”


“The second life-in-death only belongs to the Lord!”


The demonic acting and the dignity of the Lord overlapped and totally captivated their minds. Absolute Loyalty. I felt it and I was satisfied.


“Great. So, let’s look at what Philip left behind.”






Editor’s Notes: This is Jim from chapter 23, the talking severed head.  Since he talks, he’s much better than “Wilson” from “Castaway”.  😀 (note, as far as the Translator and I can figure, Valler created Jim just so he can mock Phillip before killing him)


Editor’s Notes: In chapter one, it was revealed that everyone chose to start as a “Guardian” character, due to the notorious difficulty of “Guardian of Humanity”, instead of a “normal character”.


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